The Daily Astro for November 20, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 20, 2012

The Moon entered Pisces at 11:55 AM today and quickly joined with Neptune (ruler of Pisces), taking us out of the realm of the ordinary and into the mystic. It’s reinforced by the asteroid Pallas stationing at 23 degrees of Pisces today. Pallas associations include: father/daughter relationships (Pallas Athena certainly had a very powerful dad), wisdom, understanding, seeing the “in-between”, and the intersections where things connect, discovering the “weave” of life, its DNA. Today’s a day when we may feel we are finally seeing the big picture and understanding how things really work on a very deep level. Pallas in Pisces is the spiritual warrior, taking a stand for an unyielding belief in a compassionate and caring world.

Since we’re in a First Quarter Sun-Moon phase, which brings in a feeling of crisis, we may encounter some obstacles, but if we make good use of later-in-the day aspects (Moon/Mars, Moon/Uranus, Moon/Saturn) and push a bit, try something unusual, and stick with our tasks, we will make progress today. We’re at the last degree of Scorpio, so there’s an explosion of intensity as we feel the need to “sum up” things. The final degree of a sign holds a great deal of tension as we feel we’re looking back and moving on, but as haven’t quite progressed to the first degree of a new sign yet, we’re still on some level mired in the old, caught in its clutches.  The end of this month is going to slam us with some powerful aspects (not easy ones, alas), so take time now to center, relax and reflect before stepping out into the fray again!


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A university professor lecturing to his students.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ EFFECTIVENESS. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “PERFORMANCE. ”

The Kozminsky Symbol relates to the transmission of knowledge and enlightenment in a congenial environment. The professor needs to appeal to the students and hold their interest, so there’s obviously a fair bit of theater involved in the teaching profession. By drawing them in and making higher learning appealing, he helps them progress in knowledge and understanding. He’s passing the torch to the next generation, so they begin to understand the foundations of their culture and society. This brings in today’s Pallas in Pisces station–we learn to “crack the code” with the help of a skilled guide, someone who knows how to interpret the signs.

The Sabian Symbol, like the Kozminsky, emphasizes a form of persuasion, speaking for those who cannot. The Indian woman is trying to save the lives of her children. This image, of someone standing up for the rights of those with little power, is perfect for Pallas in Pisces and reflects the compassion and empathy found in a Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune. This is universal love, fighting for others without thinking of ourselves. We may find ourselves in a situation today where we need to intercede for others, or put ourselves in the middle of a polarized situation in an attempt to calm things down.

Since Pallas is stationing today, let’s look at its degree as well: 23 Pisces.
The Kozminsky Symbol is: “ A heap of broken arms and military trappings lying in a muddy pool”, and the key word is MILITANCY.
The Sabian Symbol is: ”Spiritist phenomena” and the key word is SENSITIVITY.

If you combine these two, it’s a bit of a warning on the order of “the glories of Rome”. It’s as though the spirits of the past are coming back to warn us that there’s no value in militarism and endless war,  that we’re going down a path that leads to nothing but ruin and destruction. Pallas in Pisces is, as mentioned above, a spiritual warrior, and that’s the path to the future.

There’s also a sense of “the ghost in the machine”, or being haunted by what we’ve set into motion, the things we’ve built. We’re also being warned that things can change at any minute when you set the gremlins free.   There’s something we’re missing. We need to look behind the veil to understand the mystery. All these disruptions are trying to give us a message and force us to look at things in a new way–if we only can decipher the signs.



Maximinimus (Roman Emperor), Bassui Tokusho (Zen founder), Otto von Guericke (invented the air pump), Peregrine White (child born on Mayflower during journey to New World), Oliver Wolcotrt (signed the US Declaration of Independence), Tipu Sultan (Indian ruler), Pius VIII (Francesco Castiglioni, 253rd Pope), Wilfrid Laurier (7th Canadian Prime Minister), Queen Margherita of Italy, Selma Lagerlof (author/first woman to win Nobel for literature), Kenesaw Mountain Landes (Judge/1st Commissioner of Baseball), Norman Thomas (socialist US Presidential candidate, 1928-48), Reginald Denny (actor), Chester Gould (cartoonist, “Dick Tracy”), Alexandra Danilova (ballet star), Otto von Habsburg (nobility, head of Habsburg house), Judy Canova (actor/comedian), Emilio Pucci (fashion designer), Kon Ichikawa (director), Ferdinand AM van der Ham (Dutch WWII resistance fighter), Robert C. Byrd (Democratic party majority leader), Nadine Gordimer (South African author), Judy Woodruff (news analyst and commentator), June Christy (jazz singer), Dick Clark (TV mogul, host, “American Bandstand”)), Maya Plisetskaya (prima ballerina, Bolshoi Ballet), Don DeLillo (author), Jack Linkletter (TV host), Bob Einstein (comedian), Meredith Monk (choreographer/performer), Norman Greenbaum (singer,”Spirit In the Sky”), Dan Mc Bride (musician, Sha Na Na), George Grantham (drummer/vocals, Poco), Joe Walsh (guitarist, The James Gang/the Eagles), Richard Masur (actor), Gerry Green (musician, Gentle Giant), Dan Powers (guitar, Michael Stanley Band), Mark Gastineau (NFL player), Sergei Gayevich Severin (cosmonaut), James Brown (singer/drummer, UB40), Jill Thompson (comic book writer/artist), Tehoman (Turkish rock singer), Ming Na-Wen (actor), Kimberley Walsh (singer, Girls Aloud), Beryl Sprinkel (economist, Council of Economic Advisers), Corita Kent (artist/educator), Fran Allison (worked with puppets in “Kukla, Fran & Ollie”), Thomas Chatterton (English poet), Shalini (Indian actor), Barbara Hendricks (operatic soprano), Henri-Georges Clouzot (French film director), Albert Kesserlring (Luftwaffe General, air force commander), Alexandre Stavisky (financier/embezzler, “The Stavisky Affair”, 1927), Charles Berlitz (linguist/language teacher), Benoit Mandelbrot (mathematician, “father of fractal geometry”), Jared Followill (guitarist, Kings of Leon), Phil Joanou (film director, works with Us), Suze Rotolo (artist, Bob Dylan’s girlfriend 1961-64), Kinnosuke Nakamura (Japanese kabuki actor), Tusshar Kapoor (Indian actor), Phife Dawg (rapper, A Tribe Called Quest), Kirill I of Moscow (Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church), Gail Ann Dorsey (bass guitarist/vocalist), Josh Turner (country singer), Davey Havok (singer, AFI), Alistair Cooke (author, host “Masterpiece Theater”), Edwin Hubble (astronomer, space telescope named after him), Josh Turner (country singer), Bo Derek (actor), Richard Dawson (comedian, “Family Feud” host), Robert F. Kennedy (U.S. Senator, Attorney General, brother of US President John F. Kennedy), Duane Allman (guitarist, Allman Brothers Band), Joe Biden (current US Vice President), Kaye Ballard (singer/comedian, “The Mothers-In-Law”), Dick Smothers (comedian, musician, half of “The Smothers Brothers”), Estelle Parsons (Oscar-winning actor, “Bonnie & Clyde”), Mike Diamond (drummer, Beastie Boys), Sean Young (actor, “Blade Runner”), Dominique Dawes (Olympic gymnast), Dierks Bentley (country singer), Boris Becker (tennis champ), Joel McHale (comedian), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush),



8 of Cups/Hanged Man

Here’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Pallas in Pisces combo! Water, water, everywhere and a feeling of total release. Let go, forgive yourself and others, move on when you know deep inside that it’s time, heed inner urgings, be patient, use your time of suspended animation to enter other realms,  release the past. Both cards relate to a feeling that we cannot stay where we are any longer or we will suffocate or disintegrate. The timer’s going off, we are ready to take the next step, even if we have no idea where that will lead. Extreme stillness can clarify if we’re open to absorbing everything around us without fear or expectations. We face the truth and even if there are things we regret, we realize we can’t linger in that place where there is no peace.


—Valerie Sylvester, November 20, 2012–


















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