The Daily Astro for November 12, 2012

So is this the 9 of Pentacles, or what?

The Daily Astro for November 12, 2012

The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:10 AM EST today. Today has a super-fated-“karmic ooze” feel to it. We need to cut the ties that bind us, once and for all. This may be the day we decide to finally let go. The Moon conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio, so we’re focused and willing to work at exploring what’s really going on deep within our psyche. We examine our patterns, especially the ways we ways we merge (healthily and unhealthily) with others. We may be surprised at  how much is “stirred up” from the depths today.

The Moon also trines Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, so we might feel as though we are expunging some kind of collective trauma or guilt. Remember to forgive yourself and others as things rise to the surface. Later in the day, the Moon contacts Uranus and Pluto, inspiring us with a  jolt of ingenuity and the ability to “see in the dark”. We may finally get to the bottom of things that have been plaguing us for some time. Finish (or finish off!) things today;dump what you don’t need. Time to exorcise the ghosts of the past. There’s no room for those relationships or situations that drain us dry and sap our energy. The Saturn/Moon in Scorpio contact is telling us we need to strip down to our essence and to determine what we really need. How do we make this new life of ours work? Not by doing the same old thing or putting up with dysfunction, that’s for sure!
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A soldier derelict in duty.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A double-headed giant, in his right hand a great club, in his left a tree–roots and foliage.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Deviation”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Forcing”.
The Kozminksy Symbol is meant to show the dual nature of humanity through the connection of spirit with matter. This brings all things forth. All beginnings have an abruptness to them, a heady rush of vitality and animation. The giant is “larger than life” and through sheer force makes the important connection that guide the spark into being-ness. He’s sure-footed and in full control of his power. This Symbol reflects the Moon/Saturn emphasis of the collision of the spirit force with the laws and rules of nature and worldly matters. There’s a fatedness and inevitability about this combination, which shows us a difficult path to manifestation that may expose all of our fears and vulnerabilities. But what we build from this will last.

The Sabian Symbol points to today’s theme of letting go of things that do not resonate with our core values. We can see the AWOL soldier as being negligent or irresponsible, or we can see him as someone discovering their own pathway, which diverges from the collective journey. Maybe we’ve entered into some commitment that we now regret and wish to leave behind. The key here is to understand the consequences of your actions. Being “derelict” may mean exposing others to great harm if we leave without a plan. This Symbol is about tying up loose ends before leaving..make it right, don’t let others clean up after you. Do the right thing both for yourself and others who may depend upon you. Taking responsibility is a very Saturnian theme–we need to look seriously at our commitments and obligations to others. We may also find that others may “abandon ship” today and leave us in the lurch because they can’t withstand the pressure, so be flexible if things take unusual turns (Mercury is still retrograde).

Born on November 12:

Bartomolomeo Bandinelli (sculptor), Qi Jiguang (Chinese general), Claude of Valois (French princess), Edward Vuillard (painter), Alexander Borodin (composer), Sun Yat Sen (First provisional president of the Republic of China), Gloria Hemingway (born Gregory Hemingway; youngest child of Ernest Hemingway), Kurt Hoffman (film director), Michael Ende (writer of fantasy/children’s literature), Lucia Popp (operatic soprano), Charlotte Mac Leod (mystery writer), Booker T. Jones (songwriter/producer, Booker T. & the Mgs), Joseph Coors (CEO, Adolph Coors Co. Brewery), Roland Barthes (literary critic), Bukka White (steel guitarist), Harry A. Blackmun (100th Supreme Court Justice), Jack Oakie (actor), DeWitt Wallace (publisher/founder of Reader’s Digest), John W. Rayleigh (physicist, discovered argon, awarded Nobel Prize, 1904), Mirza Husayn Ali Baha’u’llah (founded Baha’i faith), Elizabeth Caddy Stanton (suffragist), Letitia Christa Tyler (First wife of US President Tyler), Carlos IV (King of Spain), Juana Ines de La Cruz (poet/nun/feminist), Richard Leo Roberts (Christian evangelist, son of Oral Roberts), Richard H. Truly (head of NASA 1989-92), Benjamin Mkepa (3rd President of Tanzania), Jalal Talabani (Kurdish politician/President of Iraq), Mikhail Chigorin (chess player), Sandar Park (host/singer with 2NEI girl group), Lily Kronberger (Hungarian figure skater), Euc Estang (writer), Buck Clayton (jazz trumpeter), Sam Jones (jazz bassist), Tracy Kidder (author/journalist), Naomi Wolf (journalist/author), Donna Adama (pro wrestler), Mayte Garcia (dancer, Prince’s ex), Evan Yoo (Taiwanese pop singer), Cecilia Attias Tyler (2nd wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy), Maurane (singer), Leo Mc Keown (singer, Bay City Rollers), Arthur “Pooch” Tavares (musician), Errol Brown (vocalist, Hot Chocolate), Donald Roeser (guitarist, Blue Oyster Cult), Brian Hyland (musician), Jimmy “Boo” Hayes (Persuasions), John Maus (vocalist, Walker Brothers), Ina Balin (actor), Ruby Nash Curtis (singer, The Romantics), Mort Shuman (singer/songwriter/pianist, wrote for Elvis Presley), Terry Johnson (Flamingos), Bob Crewe (singer/songwriter of Top 10 singles), Kim Hunter (actor, “Planet of the Apes”), Richard Quine (actor/director), Ryan Gosling (actor), Anne Hathaway (actor), Omarion (rapper, B2K), Grace Kelly (actor/Princess of Monaco), Neil Young (musician),. Tonya Harding (ice skater who had Nancy Kerrigan attacked), Auguste Rodin (sculptor, “The Kiss”,“The Thinker”, Wallace Shawn (actor), Sammy Sosa (baseball), Nadia Comaneci (Olympic gymnast from Romania), Jo Stafford (singer), Radha Mitchell (actor), Charles Manson (leader of “The Manson Family” killers), Kathleen Hanna (musician), David Schwimmer (actor, “Friends”) Dave Ellefson (Metallica bassist), Megan Mullally (actor), Rhonda Shear (comedian, “Up All Night”).


8 of Pentacles/9 or Pentacles

Both of today’s cards are Pentacles, so the focus is on things of the earth, things that manifest, what’s “solid” in our lives. As there’s a progression here from the 8 to the 9, we see our efforts rewarded. The 8 of Pentacles tells us we have talents and abilities that can be utilized if we’re willing to start all over again and see things with new eyes. We learn to set ourselves free through creativity. Sometimes this means going ‘back to the drawing board’, to zero, starting at the bottom without thought of our status, just a keen interest in the work itself. We find our meaning and value by immersing ourselves in what we’re doing. We don’t need to impress anybody or prove anything. By doing this, we are free (9 of Pentacles) to live on our own terms, to come to peace with our past. We’re self-sufficient, we’re “enough”, we don’t need external validation, and we no longer obsess over what others think of us. We learn from our past mistakes, but we also forgive ourselves. We don’t carry negativity with us into the future. This card always speaks to me of karmic resolutions, of putting things right, achieving balance/control  and achieving inner peace by working with the forces of nature rather than against them. We give up the struggle. We are able to give to others once we really “feel” our own abundance.

–Valerie Sylvester, November 12, 2012–

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