The Daily Astro for November 8, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 8, 2012

The Moon’s in Virgo, making quite a few aspects early in the day. Since the first aspect is a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, and the last a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, it’s a good time to be selective. Pare it down to the essence. Determine what’s really important and what’s just dross. Focus, organize, prioritize. We may feel a little recessive early in the day as we just need a block of uninterrupted time to sort things out. Mercury’s retrograde, so some of this focus may involve past matters that we need to revisit–especially things we’ve left hanging or neglected. The Moon also aspects Venus, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus, so we may feel like we’re in the middle of an extended mood swing festival today! Venus is moving to trine Jupiter so we may be inclined to let it all hang out. Expand your social circle; associate with positive types who have an abundance of “oomph”–it’ll cheer you up. Those of you who are writers or work in the communications field may find this aspect inspiring. Venus and Jupiter are considered benefics, so take advantage of the “good vibes”. Don’t just sit there and wait–promote yourself, network, socialize, get the word out!

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A woman the father of her own child. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A dagger, with a jeweled hilt, stuck in a document.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Nucleation”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Romance”.
Clearly, the Sabian Symbol is meant to be understood as a metaphor for the blending of male/female, spiritual/material, head/heart, so the key is integration and the creative blend of “opposing” forces. It implies harmony, union, and a Hermit-like ability to be complete and self-contained. It’s a good image for today’s Moon in Virgo, as Virgo is associated with the Hermit card in tarot. It’s about making magic on your own, using the resources available, crafting something new from whatever ingredients you have available in your environment. (Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, loves tinkering, and Virgo people are often skilled craftsmen-and-women in whatever field they choose). This Symbol also can indicate a time when we are busy with the details of life and have many tasks to complete, so we have to “do it all” without a lot of external help. The down side here is that we can cut ourselves off from others, or become hermetically sealed. Remember that creating anything involves opening up to that little “spark” from outside ourselves, so don’t become so focused on the details that the big picture evades you!

The Kozminsky Symbol brings in a touch of romance, poetry and mystery; it’s oozes with that “it was a dark and stormy night” feeling. This depitct overwhelming force that pierces through anything extraneous and reveals the truth. It has a very Scorpionic tinge (the Sun and Saturn are in Scorpio now) and we may find that secrets are unearthed or we can zero in on the “missing pieces” we’ve been frantically searching for. We may also find that people are communicating very forcefully, especially about urgent matters.  Keep your antennae up because there are many messages floating through the ether if you’re open to absorb them. There’s poetry and power in this Symbol. Note: given some of the astrological aspects today, those of you who write about esoteric subjects or who are working on suspense/mystery/thriller books, movies, or projects may find yourself particularly inspired today!

Born on November 8:

Nerva (Roman Emperor), Julian of Norwich (English saint), Vlad II The Impaler), Karl X Gustaf (King of Sweden), Edmond Halley (astronomer, Halley’s comet), Sarah Fielding (British writer), Bram Stoker (writer/theater manager, “Dracula”–note he’s born on the same day as Vlad II The Impaler!), Herbert Austin (British automobile pioneer), Hermann Rorschach (Swiss psychiatrist, inventor of the famous test), Tomoyuki Yamashito (Japanese general), Prajadhipok Rama VII (King of Thailand), Dorothy Day (author/activist), Marie Prevost (actor who met a tragic end), Katharine Hepburn (actor), June Havoc (actor), Peter Weiss (author/dramatist, “Marat/Sade”), Gene Saks (actor/director), Roy Wood (musician, The Move, ELO), Rickie Lee Jones (singer), Michael D. Brown (US FEMA director during Katrina), Kazuo Ishiguro (author), Jeannette Mc Gruder (musician, Pfunk), Courtney Thorne-Smith (actor), Diana King (Jamaican singer), Christie Ann Hefner (CEO/Playboy and Hugh Hefner’s daughter), Larry Burnett (musician, Firefall), Dale A. Gardner (astronaut), Minnie Ripperton (singer), Margaret Seddon (astronaut), Rodney Desborough Slater (Bonzon Dog Band), Gerald Alston (singer, Manhattans), Edward Gibson (astronaut, Skylab), Joe Flynn (actor, “McHale’s Navy”), Edward Bulwer-Lytton (British statesman), Stephane Audran (actor), Virna Lisa (actor), Shyne (rapper), Philip Sedgwick (astrologer/author), Herculine Barbin (French hermaphrodite, 1838-1868), Marc Penfield (astrologer/author), Jack Kilby (Nobel Laureate, inventor of integrated circuit), Jean Casimir-Perier (5th President of France’s 3rd Republic), Abdelaziz Belkhaden (Prime Minister of Algeria), JT the Bigga Figga (hip hop producer/rapper), Gordon Ramsay (that guy that curses and resurrects restaurants on TV), Margaret Mitchell (wrote “Gone With The Wind”), Masahi Kishimoto (manga artist), Leif Garrett (singer/teen idol), Esther Rolle (actor, the mother on “Good Times” TV show), Jack Osbourne (Ozzy’s son), Mary Hart (“Entertainment Tonight” tv anchor), Bonnie Raitt (singer/songwriter), Lou Ambers (boxer, “The Herkimer Hurricane”), Mark Harle (singer/actor, “V” boyband member), Boaz Davidson (director/producer/screenwriter), Ted DiBiase Jr. (pro wrestler), Chris Rankin (actor, Harry Potter films), Mikael Nyqvist (actor), Felix Hausdorff (mathematician), Raja Rao (writer), Shahran Amiri (Iranian nuclear physicist who vanished in 2009), Bill Joy (co-founded Sun Microsystems), TechN9ne (rapper), Desiree Clary (once fiancee of Napoleon, became Queen of Sweden & Norway), Patti Page (pop singer), Tara Reid (actor), Parker Posey (actor, independent films), Christiaan Barnard (pioneering cardiac surgeon), Alfre Woodard (actor), Morley Safer (“60 Minutes” news correspondent), Angel Cordero Jr. (Hall of Fame jockey), Alain Delon (actor, in French films for 50+ years), Gretchen Mol (actor, “Boardwalk Empire”), Bonnie Branmlett (singer/songwriter, “Delaney & Bonnie”),


Page of Wands/5 of Wands

We’re bombarded with new information zaps our inner demons and gets them wriggling. We know it’s time to move on but there’s resistance. Old mental constructs may prevent progress right now. Don’t get trapped in the shadows of the past or the limitations of your own mental processes. It’s time to suit up and go fight that dragon–don’t cower in fear in the corner of the cave.  A burst of bravery, an impasse  suddenly clears, or events change to give us an opening. Breaking free, a new start, sudden changes, a chance that’s only available for a limited time, a blast of luck, finally regaining our spirit and inner fire. Being excited about something after feeling trapped for a long period. Spring has sprung after a grueling, tedious winter.

–Valerie Sylvester, November 8, 2012–

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