The Daily Astro for October 22, 2012

The Daily Astro for October 22, 2012

There are two sign changes today. The Moon enters Aquarius  at 1:02 AM EDT and the Sun enters Scorpio at 8:14 PM EDT. A Moon/Saturn square emphasizing the fixed signs Aquarius and Scorpio hits at 4:30 AM EDT, so it might take dynamite to blast us out of our slumbers today, but the 11:00 AM EDT Moon/Uranus sextile opens up our sluggish brains a little, so be open to the unexpected! Since we’re moving from Libra to Scorpio now, the focus will shift and the atmosphere may feel “heavier” as we enter the beginning of the end of the yearly cycle. Fixity abounds with the Sun entering Scorpio and the Moon in Aquarius, but this can also be a power combination if you can look beyond the friction these two can cause (and remember it takes a spark to start a fire). Fixed signs are determined–Scorpio always gets to the bottom of things and Aquarius sees the big picture, with a focus on the future. Aquarius energy can provide the necessary detachment to decipher the patterns that intuitive Scorpio digs up. The Moon in Aquarius reminds us to join with others who share the same philosophy and interests in order to expand our worldview. At 9:16 PM EDT, a Moon/Mars aspect lifts our spirts and helps us see the big picture. Remember to lift up your head and look at the stars tonight!

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Three mounds of knowledge of a philosopher’s head.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A boy moping over his book in a schoolroom.”

Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “PRESCIENCE. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “SLUGGISHNESS.”

Two sides of the same coin! The Sabian Symbol emphasizes intelligence, knowledge and integration of talents, while the Kozminsky Symbol points to the misuse (or under-use) of that power. The boy in the Kozminsky Symbol has lost interest in learning his lesson (now there’s a metaphor for you). He’s not paying attention and will be left behind if he continues on this path–he may have to repeat the lesson. He needs to wake up and pay attention. He may be intelligent, but is not using his capacities and is easily distracted. This can relate to the Moon in Aquarius and the Moon/Uranus aspects today. The implication here is that there’s a great deal of native intelligence, but the person’s mind is elsewhere. Part of it may be that the scholar feels there’s no challenge and that the mundane nature of the “book learning” is not as interesting as other things going on. We’ve all seen children who don’t do well in traditional classroom situations, but who thrive when they’re placed in classes which focus on individual attention (i.e., what’s unique about each person–which is a very Aquarian/Uranian concept). The Sabian Symbol, a bumpy-headed philosopher, focuses on integration, on seeing patterns and the higher order. The three bumps show the integration of the physical, emotional and intellectual natures so that the person is operating “on all cylinders”. The symbol also emphasizes intuition, insight, foresight, and a certain measure of psychic ability. The key is to broaden the focus, pay attention to messages or anything that seems unusual (here’s the Aquarius/Uranus influence again), and look for messages. There are changes coming that may bubbling be under the surface now (The Sun in the early degrees of Scorpio), but there will soon be an emergence (or eruption)!

Born on October 22 (22 is a Master Number, so it’s interesting to take a look at some of the people on this list to see how they expressed the Master Builder energy of this number):

William IX (Duke of Aquitaine/poet), Emperor Junfoku of Japan, Nadir, Shah of Persia, King John V or Portugal, Maria Amalie of Austria (Holy Roman Empire Empress), Louis Joseph (Dauphin of France), Bao Dai (last ruler of Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam), Catherine Deneuve (actor), Deepak Chopra (doctor/writer), Jeff Goldblum (actor), Dory Previn (singer-songwriter), Alan Ladd Jr. (film executive/producer), Curly Howard (of Three Stooges fame), Ichiro Suzuki (baseball pro), Jimmie Fox (baseball power hitter), Marvin Pierce Bush (younger brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush), John Reed (journalist, “Ten Days That Shook The World”), Jan de Bort (producer/director), Giovanni Martinelli (operatic tenor), George Brassens (French singer/songwriter/cabaret), Franz Liszt (Romantic pianist/composer), Joan Fontaine (actor), Timothy Leary (Harvard professor/writer/psychologist), Robert Rauschenberg (artist), Valeria Golino (actor), Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme (Manson Family member), Lord Alfred Douglas (poet/partner of Oscar Wilde), Zac Hanson (musician, Hanson), Saffron Burrows (actor), Derek Jacobi (actor), Shaggy (reggae singer), Annette Funicello (actress/original Disney “Mouseketeer”), Christophe Caze (French terrorist), Christopher Lloyd (actor), Shelby Lynne (country singer), Charles Leconte de Lisle (poet), Robert Capa (wartime photographer), Doris Lessing (author), Jonathan Lipnicki (actor/the kid in “Jerry Maguire”), Herschell (astrologer), Bobby Seale (activist/Black Panther), Edmond Dulac (French book illustrator), Brian Boitano (figure skater), N.C. Wyeth (illustrator. Andrew Wyeth’s father), Plan B (rapper), Sarah Bernhardt (actor), Ivan Bunin (Russian poet/novelist), Charles Glenn King (biochemist, discovered Vitamin C), Damaso Alonso (poet), Karl Jansky (discoverer, cosmic radio emissions, 1932), Ray Stern (mother of radio personality Howard Stern), Ray Jones (musician, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas), Joaquim Chissano (former president of Mozambique), Bobby Fuller (musician), Leslie West (musician, Mountain), Eddie Brigati (vocalist, Rascals), Lee Meredith (actor), Stiv Bators (musician, The Dead Boys), bobby Blotzner (drummer, Ratt), Spike Jonze (director/film producer), Patti Davis (daughter of U.S. President Ronald and Nancy Reagan), Adolf Joffe (Russian revolutionary/writer).

Today’s Card Draw:

Today’s Deck is “The Sirian Starseed Tarot” by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

There are some images and a review of this deck at Aeclectic Tarot:

Today’s Card is: XV–THE SHADOW

This card correlates with The Devil in traditional tarot decks. It’s the perfect card for today, the day the Sun wends its way into the sign of Scorpio. We’re in the Fall, the Shadow Zone, nearing the thinning of the veil, and it’s time to take a look at what’s tying us down or holding us back, time to winnow the dead material in order to prepare for a new year. The illustration on this card is of a man and a woman behind a large cobweb in the shadow of the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. The Sphinx, with its human (Aquarius) head and lion (Leo) body, emphasizes the power. mystery and magic encoded in the fixed signs. As the Sun enters one fixed sign today (Scorpio), the Moon moves to another (Aquarius), a nice echo of this imagery.

In this deck, the figures are “trapped” behind a cobweb–all they have to do is brush it aside in order to be free, but their fears and illusions keep them stuck in the shadows. This card also relates to addictions, manipulative behavior and bad patterning. Key concept?  It’s time to break that pattern–splatter it wide open.  And there’s no better time that when the Sun enters Scorpio. Scorpio is the depth psychologist of the zodiac and can be fearless in rooting out things that are not honest, real and true. Use this time to eliminate bad habits and to figure out what is holding you back. Especially focus on what you’re ashamed of, what you don’t want others to find out about you, and what you think is so bad about yourself that no one would like you if they found out about it. That’s where the key is–that’s what this card is telling us.
—Valerie Sylvester, October 22, 2012–

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