The Daily Astro for September 26, 2012

The Daily Astro for September 26, 2012


Another intense day! The asteroid Ceres enters Cancer today so issues of nurturing, nurturance and feeding (on the physical and on the soul level as well) come to the fore. We may reflect on the past, family history, and the way we did or did not feel safe or comforted. Be sure to take care of yourself today, go easy and do something that supports your growth and makes you feel secure. Venus and Pluto are uncomfortably joined today and this can unleash some “darker” energies related to power/control issues; jealousy and possessiveness in relationships (“The Bride Stripped Bare”–to reference both Duchamp and today’s birthday boy Bryan Ferry) may trigger strong reactions, or we could feel a sense of loss and isolation. With Mercury/Neptune together, there’s a cloud over many issues, or we could be confused or find ourselves unable to communicate our feelings–we can feel “lost at sea” for a while today due to the barrage of aspects early in the day. Fortunately, Mercury also trines Jupiter (remember yesterday’s Grand Air trine?), lifting our spirits and helping us rise above the strife. Then the Moon aspects both Venus and Mars, so the emphasis is on relationships and action–“feisty” is the word I’d use here. The Moon trines Saturn at the end of the day, stabilizing our moods and perhaps adding a tinge of melancholy. The Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces at 1:23 AM and joins with psychic Neptune at 3:00 AM, so this is one of those “keep a notepad by your bed” nights, as dreams may be particularly vivid.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A black child playing with white children .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A broken wedding-ring lying on a table ”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:Intimacy.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “ Isolation.”

The Keywords of today’s Symbols are mirror images of one another and illustrate the need for integration with “the other”. The idea of the marriage of two different people, things, ideas or situations is also emphasized, and the need for patience and understanding in order to maintain a relationship. Maintaining an open, fresh attitude (the children) is essential, in order to avoid the consequence seen in the Kozminsky Symbol–the broken wedding band. Cooperation, acceptance and avoiding prejudice and/or projecting negativity onto others is the theme. We can broaden our own understanding through relationships with others, and even if those relationships don’t last forever (the Kozminsky Symbol), we learn and grow because of our experiences. The Kozminsky Symbol seems to echo the feeling of today’s Venus/Pluto aspect, which brings in a karmic or fated feel as even a shattered or difficult relationship can teach us an important lesson. The Mercury/Neptune aspect hints that we may have been deluded or unrealistic in the first place and we needed the loss we suffered in order to bring us back “home” and set us on the right path once again.

Born on September 26:

Bryan Ferry (musician, all-around suave guy), James Caviezel (actor), Serena Williams (tennis champ), Christina Milian (singer), John Chapman, AKA “Johnny Appleseed”, Ivan Pavlov (scientist/conditioned response in dogs), Shawn Stockman (singer, Boyz II Men), Olivia Newton-John (singer), T.S. Eliot (poet), George Gershwin (composer), Linda Hamilton (actor) and her twin sister Leslie Hamilton, Anne Robinson (TV Host/”The Weakest Link”), Kent McCord (actor, “Adam-12″), Jack Lalanne (fitness guru), Edmund Gwenn (actor, played Santa in “Miracle on 34th Street”), Julie London (singer/actor), Ben Shenkman (actor), Melissa Sue Anderson (actor/”Little House on the Prairie”), Tracey Thorn (Everything But the Girl), Carlene Carter (singer/songwriter/daughter of country music legends June Cash and Carl Smith), Mary Beth Hurt (actor), Lynn Anderson (singer), Andrea Dworkin (writer/feminist), Georgie Fame (musician), Joe Bauer (Youngloods), Winnie Mandela (anti-apartheid activist), Donna Douglas (actor, “The Beverly Hillbillies”), Clifton C. Williams, Jr. (astronaut), Joyce Jameson (comedian, The Spike James show), George Chambers (Chambers Brothers), Philip Bosco (actor), Barbara Britton (actor), Marty Robbins (singer), Umberto “Albert” Anastasia (mobster), Christian X (King of Denmark), Pope Paul VI, Fay Holden (actor), Moses Mendelssohn (critic/Bible translator), Martin Heidegger (existentialist), Saint Francis of Assisi, JLA Theodore Gericault (painter), George Raft (actor), Anne of Bavaria, Queen of the Romans, Helen Guiliani (mother of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani), Patrick O’Neal (actor), Craig Chaquico (Jefferson Starship), Will Self (writer), Ronald De Feo, Jr. (murderer/”Amityville Horror”), Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India), Dev Anand (director/actor), Tracy Marks (astrologer), Gordon Michael Scallion (writer/lecturer), John Foxx (Ultravox), Maurizio Gucci (of Gucci design family), Edward Jr. Kennedy (son of Ted Kennedy), Gal Costa (singer/guitarist), Brooke Allison (singer), Sheri Moon Zombie (actor/designer/wife of Rob Zombie), Barnes Wallis (inventor/scientist-“bouncing bomb”), Achille Compagnoni (1st to reach summit of K2), Anthony Blunt (British spy/art historian), Romano Mussolini (youngest son of Benito Mussolini), Imme Dros (children’s writer), Dick Heckstall-Smith (blues and jazz saxophonist), Alexi Mordashow (Russian billionaire businessman), Cindy Herron (En Vogue), Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon), James Michael (Sixx: AM), Marty Casey (Lovehammers), Susan Smith (murdered her children), Virginia Astley (singer-songwriter), Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona).
Today’s Card Draw:
I’m going to continue using Michael Eastwood’s Crystal Oversouls cards this week.
Today’s card is: AQUA AURA
Eastwood’s keyword for this card is ”Inner Guidance”

Eastwood says that this crystal has a connection to “the primordial waters of creation” and that this crystal can help us time-travel “to the point of conception prior to incarnating on earth”. It can assist with meditation and help us develop channelling abilities, as it “connects the user with their own source. Through this process one can learn the necessary skills for trusting in one’s inner guidance and thus make the right choices for one’s path.”
He also points to a connection with Lemurian energies and says that those attracted to this stone “seek to re-connect and remember their power from Lemurian lives”.

In the midst of the barrage of aspects and energies we’ve been subjected to this week, we need to guide ourselves by our own internal compass. The blue-green rays of the Aqua Aura stone help connect us to deep inner sources of knowledge. Whether you believe in past lives or in a central knowledge source, spirit, the Akashic Records or intuition, this card draw is telling you to “go to the source”, the font of wisdom, when you’re in need of guidance, and you’ll find what you seek. This card ties in with the Moon’s entrance into Pisces and its conjunction with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. This is a double dose of psychic energy and it’s available to us, so keep an open mind and watch your dreams, daydreams or intuitive flashes for inspiration.


–Valerie Sylvester, September 26, 2012 —

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