The Daily Astro for September 25, 2012

The Daily Astro for September 25, 2012

Into the mosh pit!  Mars, the “just do it” planet of strife, restlessness and propulsive action, has been on fire lately; early this AM it formed an uncomfortable aspect to change-and-revolution provocateur-in-chief Uranus, and today it’s stomping into aspect with power & control perpetrator Pluto. We’re in the midst of a long-term Uranus-Pluto square pattern; Mars sets off this pattern (especially since it’s passing by the degree of an upcoming solar eclipse in November).

The stage is being set for explosive and unexpected activity. Note that today and this week can be seen as the trigger or seed point for possible futures. People want to run wild, run free and don’t care about the fallout, especially since Venus (a love & relationship planet), is in a shaky aspect to Uranus. The usual filters aren’t operating; chaos may ensue. No one wants to cooperate today, even if it makes sense–it’s like we’ve all turned into two-year olds, yelling “NO” whenever someone wants us to do something.

Thankfully, the Moon is in Aquarius today. It makes a smooth Grand Trine to Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Gemini, so remember, however much you want to blow it all to smithereens, sometimes it’s a good idea to detach, consider your options, see the big picture, and plan ahead. It may not be a great idea to act up/act out today, as the urge to respond without thinking or to over-react to prodding from others is extremely strong (obsessive, even). Still, you might want to avoid the karmic blowback.  Some things probably need to be exploded as they’ve outlived their due date; the trick is knowing what needs to go and what’s valuable or can be salvaged and reused in the future.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “The dawn of a new day, everything changed.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A young girl striving to escape from immaterial, but visible, cords which surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Innovation”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Involving.”

Both of today’s symbols feature references to the inexorable process of change. Astrologically this relates to the outer planets discussed in the paragraph above. The Uranus/Pluto square tells us we’re in a cycle of huge change–we’re in the process, we’re part of the process, and it’s time to let go and move on- “forward march”!  Mars today is prodding us to throw our energy into new things, to act boldly and make a new start. It’s a good opportunity for those who need to rev up the engines–it’s like pressing the reset button on areas of our lives that feel stagnant.

As Mars and Venus are both involved with the outer planets, we may also feel our relationships are changing and in some cases have become unstable or chaotic.  Things don’t seem to make sense anymore. This is not an easy process, as the ground underneath our feet seems to shift constantly. It’s tough to be fearless when scary things are happening, but this is what we’re called to do right now. Keep on going, don’t overreact or lash out at chimeras.

The Kozminsky Symbol shows some of the pitfalls of being caught in the shadows or being bound by our compulsions or obsessions. We need to be very clear now and examine where we’re tied, to people, to things, to jobs, to psychic states. On some level this is also a struggle against our own inner desires, blocks, and our shadow side. The more we struggle, the more we’re caught (as Elvis sang, “We’re caught in a trap/I can’t walk out”…).  Sometimes we need to be still and listen to the inner voice before we do things that enmesh us in further complications.
Born on September 25:

Will Smith (actor), Both Catherine Zeta-Jones (actor) and her husband Michael Douglas (actor), Christopher Reeve (actor), Mark Hamill (actor), Heather Locklear (actor), Mark Rothko (painter), Shel Silverstein (writer), Cheryl Tiegs (model), Barbara Walters (journalist/TV host), Aida Turturro (actor), Phil Rizzuto (baseball player/announcer), William Faulkner (writer), Anson Williams (actor), Bob McAdoo (NBA Hall of Fame), Glenn Gould (pianist), Juliet Prowse (dancer), Dmitri Shostakovich (composer), Keely Shaye Smith (actor, wife of Pierce Brosnan), Steven Severin (Siouxie & The Banshees), Gloria Jean Watkins (author/feminist), Pedro Almodovar (director), John Fiddler (British Lions), Felicity Kendal (actor), Owen McIntyre (Average White Band), Gary Alexander (The Association), John Locke (Spirit), John Taylor (jazz pianist), Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes (blues musician), Erik Darling (Rooftop Singers), Ian Tyson (singer/songwriter), Ronnie Barker (comedian), Norman Ayrton (opera director), Robert Muldoon (Premier, New Zealand), Sergey Bondarchak (director), Robert Bresson (director), Nahman Avigad (archeologist), Plutarco Elias Calles (Mexican revolutionary/President of Mexico 1924-28), Emmeline Pankhurst Goulden (feminist), William Le Baron Jenney (architect/ “father of the skyscraper”), Armand-Emmanuel, duc de Richelieu (French Prime Minister), Frederik Willem II of Prussia, Imre Thokoly (Hungarian patriot), Ole Romer (astronomer/first to accurately measure the speed the light), Ashkikage Yohimitsu (Japanese shogun), John-Philippe Rameau (composer), Qianlong (Emperor of China), Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot (designed and built the first automobile), Fletcher Christian (English “Bounty” mutineer), Charles Maturin (Irish playwright/novelist), Mina Kruseman (writer/feminist), Billy Hughes (Prime Minister, Australia), Evegenii Miller (Russian counter-revolutionary), Lope K. Santos (Filipino writer/labor leader), Red Smith (sportcaster/columnist), Aldo Ray (actor), Ethel Rosenberg (executed for being a communist), Kevin White (Mayor of Boston), Hubie Brown (basketball coach/broadcaster), Robert Gates (US Secretary of Defense), Zucchero (Italian singer), Patrick Walker (author/astrologer), Clea Duvall (actor), T.I. (Rapper), Burleigh Drummond (Ambosia), Hal Sparks (comedian/actor), Nino Cerruti (fashion stylist/designer), Katherine Boehrer (astrologer/writer), “Mean Joe Greene” (football player), Cecil Womack (Womack Brothers/musician), Nicholas Romonov (Prince of Russia), Jacqueline Audry (filmmaker), Tate Donovan (actor), William Michael Rosetti (writer/critic/one of 7 founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood), Kathleen Brown (politician, sister and daughter of California Governors Pat and Jerry Brown), Eduard Shevardnadze (2nd President of Georgia), Adolfo Suarez (Spain’s first democratically elected Prime Minister after Franco’s dictatorship), Dee Dee Warwick (soul singer, sister of Dionne Warwick), Joe Cotton (singer), Gordon Currie (actor/director), May Sutton (tennis champ), Robert Francis (singer-songwriter).
Today’s Card Draw:
Instead of tarot cards, I decided today was a the perfect day to mix it up and draw a card from Michael Eastwood’s Crystal Oversouls cards.

Today’s card is: EMERALD.
Eastwood’s keyword for this card is “The Wealth of Feelings.”

This card, featuring a green stone, relates to the green ray of the heart chakra.
Eastwood says: “Blockages that we allow to stand in the way of achieving our dreams are reflected back to us. Emerald takes us to the roots of any residual feelings connected to how we value ourselves.” The main task here is to “seek healing around our own attitude” rather than projecting onto others. He also states that “all healing starts with the willingness to change, and this crystal supports us in moving forward into the unknown regions of the hears, giving us courage, strength and ultimately true wealth”.

The emerald is related to Venus and The Empress in Tarot, so in order to balance the red-hot Mars energy that’s running riot today, we’re being asked to center ourselves and act from the heart, to look after others and connect to our relationship to the planet as a whole.  Radiate big waves of love in order to counteract the stress and strife of daily life (especially today!)

 –Valerie Sylvester, September 25, 2012 —

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