The Daily Astro for May 18, 2012


The Moon enters Taurus today at 6:03 AM EDT.

The Moon enters Taurus today at 6:03 AM EDT.

The Daily Astro for May 18, 2012

The Moon enters Taurus at 6:03 AM EDT today.  Today should provide an oasis of relative calm after the past few days (and prior to Sunday’s Solar Eclipse ).  With so many planets in earth signs, it’s time to ground and center.  Follow-up  is key today, as is finishing things you’ve already started—and with the Moon trine Mars and Pluto today, you can generate plenty of energy to help you plow through even the most difficult tasks.  This combination is quite sensual, too, so indulge!  It’s a perfect day for gardening or any other practical but creative activity. It’s also a good day to take a look at your financial situation, check your investments, and long-term planning related to your assets. Moon sextile Neptune may derail or distract us a little—just give yourself time to play, daydream, or play your favorite music while you take care of business today.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “Two cobblers working at a table.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “A man at a cross-road.  Above him are two spirits, one black and the other white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.”

The Sabian Symbol keyword is “Capability”.

The Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “Embarrassment”.

The Sabian Symbol today encapsulates the earth sign message—two skilled tradesmen work together at a practical task.  Since we’re now at the very end of Taurus, heading into Gemini, the image of two in tandem (Gemini is the sign of the twins) working together at the same table, talking, asking each other for advice and sharing the workload is appropriate. Combining energy to achieve a goal is a good idea today, as is joining forces with co-workers or collaborators. The Kozminsky Symbol reminds me of one of the manifestations of Hermes (Mercury), the ruler of Gemini. As a messenger to the Underworld, Hermes is associated with crossroads and important passage points. The man beset by spirits needs to find clarity within and understand the duality (another Gemini theme) of his nature.

Born on May 18:

Omar Khayyam, Nicolas II (last Czar of Russia), Ruprecht of Bavaria, Bertrand Russell, Walter Gropius, Frank Capra, Pierre Balmain, Margot Fonteyn, Pope John Paul II, Sara Miriam Peale, Jacob K. Javits,       Joe Turner, Perry Como, Richard Brooks, Bill Macy, Pernell Roberts, Barbara Goldsmith, Robert Morse, Don Martin, Dwayne Hickman, Brooks Robinson, Glen Hardin (Crickets), Reggie Jackson, Rick Wakeman, William Wallace (Guess Who), George Strait, Butch Tavares, Wreckless Eric, Yun-Fat Chow, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Toyah Wilcox, Tina Fey, Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys), Shunryn Suzuki, Meredith Wilson, Alana Stewart, Albert Hammond, Carol Highsmith, Diane McBain, Joe Bonsall.


Tarot Enhancer/Antidote:   2 of Swords/10 of Wands

This card combination seems to reflect the upcoming eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius on May 20 and June 4.  These two depict a situation where we may feel trapped or hemmed in, and there’s something we’re not willing to listen to, to hear.  We may prefer to remain in an oppressive situation because it’s familiar, even though it’s restricting and/or burdening us. It’s time to open up to new ideas and new viewpoints and to broaden our field of reference (Sagittarius) by leaving our isolated state and getting input from others (Gemini). This combination is almost hermetically sealed and needs to be broken wide open! Take a look at where you feel you need to be a martyr, to take on too much, so much that it’s having an effect on your daily life and well-being.

–Valerie Sylvester, May 18, 2012–



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