The Daily Astro for April 11, 2012

The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:02 PM EDT today.

The Daily Astro for April 11, 2012

The Moon enters Capricorn today at 1:02 PM EDT. Until then, clear the decks, tie up loose ends, finish projects, then apply yourself seriously to the business at hand. What will probably happen today is we’ll try to be the efficiency expert and feel intense pressure to get things done (we’re already feeling pressure from retrograde Mars getting ready to go direct on Friday the 13th); but with the Moon square Uranus, the sun conjunct Eris and in a stress aspect with the North Node AND also stressing with Pluto (which just went retrograde yesterday, so there’s a lot swirling in the depths of everyone’s psyche for the next few months), we might find that something, or more likely, someone, steps into our lives and messes up all our plans in a totally unexpected way. (See the Sabian and Kozminsky Symbols, below–both feature “mystery women” who aren’t quite what they seem to be.) This is also the Magician (one of the cards of the day) in serious Trickster mode, playing mind games and testing our skills. P.S.: That nice neat “to do” list you made for today? It’ll probably turn into a “WTF” list by the end of the day. Some people just don’t want to get with your program, so it’s up to you to improvise. Who knows? You might discover something you wouldn’t have found if your day had been more predictable!

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A king absorbed in the flatteries of a courtier whose mistress is stealing important documents from a drawer.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Reticence” and for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s
Cue up the New York Dolls tune, “Who Are the Mystery Girls?” for today! Both Symbols feature Mystery Women. In the Sabian Symbol, the airy pastels of her outfit imply a lighthearted feel, but the woman is carrying something weighty and hidden that is obviously important to her. This Symbol tells us to look underneath the surface to find what’s really important–don’t be fooled by the outer shell. It also carries the message that all will be unveiled at the proper time. The down side, of course, is that we’re being deceived or believe what we want to believe based on initial appearances or “cues” (remember the ending of the “Wizard of Oz?”). The Kozminsky Symbol features a king being distracted by idle flattery while his mistress nabs state secrets. Clearly, here’s a guy who needs to learn a little discernment. He’s being fooled by outward appearances on several levels, from the trivial (the courtier’s flattery) to the serious (his mistress is either working for his rivals or is otherwise trying to undermine his position).

Born on April 11:
Frederick I the Warlike (elector of Saxony), Marguerite of Navarre (wife of Henry II of Navarre), Christopher Smart, Manuel Jose Quintana, Edward Everett, Carla Ford (Henry Ford’s wife), Kasturba Gandhi (Wife of Mohandas Gandhi), Dean Acheson (U.S. Secretary of State), Adriano Olivetti (typewriter manufacturer), Leo Rosten, Anna Magnani, Oleg Cassini, Hugh Carey (former NYC mayor), Virginia O’Brien, Ethel Kennedy, Mark Strand, Ellen Goodman, John Milius, Robert Fripp, Peter Riegert, Bill Irwin, Louise Lasser, Neville Staple (The Specials), Jim Lauderdale, Paul Fox (The Ruts), Guy Verhofstadt (Prime Minister, Belgium), Chris Difford (Squeeze), Stuart Adamson (Big Country), Vincent Gallo, Lisa Stansfield, Mason Reese, Joss Stone, Jennifer Esposito, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Dale Messick (“Brenda Starr” comic), Mesach Taylor, Richard Berry (“Louie, Louie”), Nigel Pulsford (Bush), Dylan Keefe (Marcy Playground).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: Magician/King of Pentacles
Here’s an interesting combination. On the positive side, this combo of the Magician (associated with Mercury) and the King of Pentacles (Earth sign King, generally Capricornian) can mean that we have the skills to visualize what we want and bring it forth as a finished product. It emphasizes the power of “will and skill” found in successful people. On the negative side, the King of Pentacles relates to the myth of Midas–everything he touched turned to gold. Sounds like fun, but we have to be careful that we aren’t tricked by the lures of materialism, believing that money, success, the things of the earth are the only reality. Here’s where we get drawn into “easy money” schemes or become attached to the wrong things (see the Kozminsky Symbol, above) because we believe the appearance is the reality–we don’t look deep enough (see the Sabian Symbol, also above). Note that the Symbols both feature women today: the Magician/King of Pentacles combo can feel it’s a law unto itself with the Mercury emphasis on the mind and the Capricornian bent towards juggernaut-like ambition and the desire for status or authority. There’s a need to integrate the “other side”, to learn to listen to the voices of the Mystery Girls (hidden wisdom, the voice of buried deep within). This combination can also indicate that age and experience will bring this wisdom. Midas learned his lesson (you can’t nourish yourself if even your food and drink turns to gold when you touch it!)

–Valerie Sylvester, April 11, 2012–

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