The Daily Astro for February 16, 2012

The Moon is in Sagittarius today.

The Daily Astro for February 16, 2012      


Look to the wild blue yonder today.  The Moon’s still in Sagittarius and Mercury aspects both Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) and Chiron, so our minds are open to perceiving the “big picture” and making important symbolic connections that can help us “connect the dots” in relation to larger issues in our lives. Think big!  With the Moon in harmony with the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra, if we don’t get distracted (or decide to run away to a far-off realm), we may feel as though everything’s flowing and we’re right where we need to be at this moment.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A tree felled and sawed.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A spire on top of a pyramid, at the base of which is a horse with a manuscript in his mouth.”

Today I am combining these symbols and looking at the message as being the need to do whatever needs to be done, and to do it quickly and accurately, in order to reach the next step in the evolution of the spirit and the acquisition of wisdom (which comes, literally, from “the horse’s mouth”!)

“The Sabian Symbol keyword is “Immediacy” and the Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “Reformation”.

Born on February 16:

Hugh Beaumont, Edgar Bergen, Elizabeth Olsen, John McEnroe, Ice-T, Margaux Hemingway, LeVar Burton, Kim Jong-Il, Sonny Bono, Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Vera-Ellen, Patty Andrews (Andrews Sisters), Andy Taylor (hungry like the wolf), William Katt, Richard Ford, Brian Bedford, Robert Flaherty, Johann Strauss, Henry B. Adams, Giambattisti Bodoni (he of typeface fame), Lisa Loring, Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Taylor Hawkins (a Foo Fighter).

Enhancer/Antidote: 6 of Pentacles/High Priestess

Be generous; give others the benefit of your wisdom and deep understanding. Deep motivation to help and heal ourselves and others at a deep level.

6 of Pentacles and High Priestess

The cards are from the Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer.

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