The Daily Astro for March 8, 2013

  The Daily Astro for March 8, 2013 by Valerie Sylvester TODAY’S ASTRO: We’re in the aura of the Saturn/Pluto sextile (as mentioned in yesterday’s Astro), so don’t get discouraged by the enormity of the challenges ahead. It’s not just you. We’re undergoing a seismic shift and everyone’s feeling a little dislocated. Take advantage of […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for May 16, 2012

The Daily Astro for May 16, 2012 The Moon remains in Aries for the whole day. There’s a huge number of aspects, some flowing, some stressful. The Moon conjunct Uranus brings in the unexpected and accidental (I saw a car accident and a man tripping over metal bars that were for some reason projecting out […] Continue reading