The Daily Astro for August 16, 2013


The Daily Astro for August 16, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon starts the day in blithe Sagittarius, then moves into serious Capricorn at 11:25 PM EDT.  There’s a Void-of-Course period from 1:32 PM EDT until the Moon enters Capricorn, so it’s a good “follow-up Friday” kind of day.  With that Moon in Sagittarius trining the Sun at 1:32 PM EDT and Venus entering Libra, one of its power positions, at 11:37 PM EDT, the mood in the early part of the day is light and breezy and we’re in the mood to socialize. It’s easy to get distracted because so many interesting things seem to be going on. Take care of all your social obligations early in the day , since everyone will be feeling friendly.   Venus in Libra highlights relationships,  all things artistic, balanced, and beautiful, and also relates to compromise and cooperation.  Venus will be moving to fill in the “empty space” in the ongoing Cardinal sign T-square, but more on that later.  One theme will likely be fairness. Adjustments may be required for those who learned dysfunctional “people pleaser” skills earlier in their lives and are unsatisfied with their relationships or who have tired of doing the doormat dance.

Later in the day the skies darken at the Sun and Pluto semi-square-off at 7:15 PM EDT. Brush up on the charm if you have to deal with hardliners or anyone in a position of authority, as the Sun/Pluto rodeo can be a rough ride!  The Sun in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn have two very different “management styles”, and you might get caught in the crossfire if you aren’t able to nimbly negotiate the terrain.  Power struggles may ensue. The entry of the Moon into Capricorn adds to the big chill as it reiterates the “control at all costs” theme.  As the Moon squares Venus at 12:28 PM EDT, late night encounters may have a whiff of “what have you done for me lately?”  about them.  Keep an eye out for users and don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re too impaired to judge people’s motives properly.  This batch of aspects doesn’t exactly promise a free-and-easy Friday night, but there are some powerful energies at play. If you’re inclined to spend the evening investigating a mystery, taking an ongoing relationship to a deeper level, or working on an important project, man, are these the aspects for you!


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A large camel crossing the desert.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A poet reading his verses to a group of ladies in an old castle garden.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ ADEQUACY. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “PROPORTION.”


Venus enters a sign it rules, Libra, today and I ask, could the Kozminsky Symbol be more perfect for the placement of Venus in Libra?  (Answer:  No.)  Here’s a poet in a classically picturesque setting (old castle garden–can’t do better than that) reading to a group of (probably sighing) ladies.  We have an artistic dude who creates works of beauty and refinement, reading to women (Venus), in just the perfect setting. Libra likes to set the scene in order to enhance the experience. The keyword works, too. Have you ever seen a Libra freaking out because they’re hanging pictures and the space between the pictures isn’t quite right? They can’t rest until it’s in proper balance. (I have Libra rising–I’ve done this.)  Our Symbol for today relates to positive and uplifting influences in the environment and the power of the imagination and creative work to inspire others. There’s also an idea that what we create will live on in posterity. That old castle has probably been there for a l-o-n-g time.

The Kozminsky Symbol seems to pull in the energies at play early today, while the Sabian Symbol relates to the planetary picture that dominates later in the day. The camel is an animal perfectly designed for its surroundings. Camels through the desert with their own nourishment source in tow. They’re hard-working and often carry large burdens for long distances. They have a great deal of endurance even in a difficult climate. This Symbol pulls in the Sun/Pluto and Moon in Capricorn themes of extreme strength, resistance, never giving up, and being able to be self-sufficient if necessary. We may be tested, but we learn to get things done in an efficient manner, without wasting energy.  Key concepts: perseverance, reserves of strength, overcoming obstacles, beating the odds, developing survival skills, and focusing on future rewards rather than current hardships.  Today may be a day that contains a real test of endurance. Is there an area of life where you feel you just can’t keep going anymore? The down side of this Symbol relates to an inability to accommodate the needs of others or actively taking advantage of others. Flip-flopping the other way by taking on other people’s burdens to the point of harming yourself, is the other pitfall presented by this Symbol. Balance (Libra keyword) is essential. It’s not all about resting in that state, it’s about the constant movement back and forth (Libra’s a Cardinal sign, so the action principle is involved. )


Queen of Swords / The Empress 

“A Test of Love”. Here’s a couple of powerhouses, a two-headed goddess, quite appropriate for a day that sees Venus (Empress) entering into Libra (air sign, which is the element of the Queen of Swords).   The theme is balance. The Queen of Swords relates to testing, being tested, and keeping your cool in order to see things clearly. Air signs often have a great ability to detach, using mental ability to make connections and reach balanced decisions.  There may be a “history” here of love and loss, and a great deal of wisdom has been gained through these experiences. There may be a need now to “reconnect” with our body; this combination tells us there may be a split between heart and mind that needs to be resolved and healed.

The Queen of Swords has an “I can see for miles” dynamic and is alert and ready to meet the challenge. The Empress knows the importance of nurturing (yourself as well as others) and that everything moves in cycles. Powerful wisdom is available if you’re not afraid to grasp it. Don’t let past roadblocks or current difficulties stop you (remember the camel from today’s Sabian Symbol).  This pair can also be the poet, someone who finds beauty in the precise use of words to evoke a certain feeling.  Where do you feel you’re “split” or are having trouble reconciling two aspects of the same thing?  Cut yourself free in order to grow into your own beauty.


–August 16, 2013

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