The Daily Astro for August 20, 2013

AqFullMoon“…you’ve got the teeth of the Hydra upon you.” 


The Daily Astro for August 20, 2013

Full Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius


“Soul Retrieval Moon” 


 by Valerie Sylvester



It’s only Tuesday, but it feels like next week already! (Or maybe I just wish it was.)  Take a look at the degree up top, 29 Aquarius. Since today’s a Full Moon day, pop 29 degrees Leo in there too.  These are the degrees highlighted by the Full Moon in Aquarius tonight (9:45 PM EDT, to be exact), and those of you with planets or chart angles close to  29 Aquarius or 29 Leo will definitely feel this one barreling down the pike!   Those of you who are tail-end Baby Boomers will find this one hits hard, as Pluto at that time was boring through the late degrees of Leo. Since this is a generational aspect, large numbers of “lagger Boomers” may feel the sting and this can be reflected in mass events that involve this age contingent.  Late degrees of sign feel a little like occupying parallel worlds, or wandering the Underworld before you get to come up for air in a new kingdom. We feel we have one foot in the old and one in the new, and that’s not a comfortable position. Sometimes it’s an “out with a bang” scenario, as it expresses the essence of the sign one last time before it moves on.

This Moon’s called a Blue Moon by many (fitting, since electric blue is a lovely Aquarian hue), as in “once in a blue moon”, because it’s the second Full Moon in a calendar month. There are several definitions of Blue Moons that have evolved over the years, but this seems to be the most popular at the moment and it’s all you see around the internet, so what the hell, I’ll run with it.  Since our last Aquarian Full Moon (on July 22nd) was at 1 degree Aquarius, the start of the sign, we’re doing a tarot Fool number, a “back to the future” dance which encompasses both beginnings and endings.  Here’s where we can resolve long-running dramas (Sun in Leo) that have been operative in our lives recently.   That’s why I’m calling this Full Moon “Soul Retrieval Moon”.  Soul retrieval relates to the idea of soul loss, where traumas or abuse have caused part of our soul to disassociate. This keeps us from connecting with essential parts of our spirit and leaves us feeling less than whole.  Part of us is missing. Disassociation is a Uranian theme (Uranus rules Aquarius, home of the Full Moon ), and we may be required to go on a noble quest to “get our mojo back” (Sun in Leo). For more information on Soul Retrieval, Sarah Ingerman’s site is a great place to explore.

As this Full Moon also connects with fixed star Regulus, found in the constellation Leo, and one of the Royal Stars, we’re tapping into the “heart of the Hero/King” archetype. The polarity with Aquarius tells us that we’re on a journey not only to make ourselves whole, but to accelerate the progress of humanity.  With this Full Moon square Saturn in Scorpio, we may encounter obstacles or face labors that seem never-ending (cue Hercules with the Hydra), and we may also find that we need to “unplug” ourselves from ancient dysfunctional patterns that threaten to engulf us.

The Moon also conjuncts the Centaur Nessus and brings in the themes of abduction, treachery, poison, mistrust and intense/aggressive sexuality.  A brief rundown of the Nessus myth is found here.  In addition, the Sun in Leo conjuncts the dwarf planet Ceres,  Ceres, a mother/fertility/earth goddess,  was seduced by Big Daddy God Zeus and their daughter, Persephone/Demeter, was abducted by King of the Underworld, a/k/a Hades/Pluto. So you can see that some of the themes coalescing around this Full Moon are very intense and relate to a need to break free of oppressive relationships or situations in which we feel part of us has been stolen or abused.  You may see this playing out in the house of your chart that contains 29 degrees Leo.  It may be time to make the final, painful cut to remove yourself from a situation that has, on some level, stolen your soul.

The Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius pair tells us that we need to reclaim our uniqueness, our vitality, and our essential being. A Chiron/Uranus tie points the way. There’s something that only you can do, and now’s the time to set yourself free in order to do it. Maybe you’ve always been ashamed or afraid to express something due to either internal or external shaming or blockage.  Since it’s essential to your being, burying this has probably drained your energy considerably. It’s time to reclaim that lost energy and pull those lost pieces of soul together. It’s not going to be easy, since the Leo planets are uncomfortably aspecting the ongoing Cardinal T-Square. We may be afraid of speaking up and claiming what is ours, but it’s essential that we aren’t cowed by outside forces. Don’t give up, even if after hacking off one Hydra tentacle, another slimes on up.  Just keep the knife sharp and ground yourself  (don’t forget Ceres!) as you ready yourself for the next battle. That Sun/Ceres/Mercury lineup says that whatever you put your heart into, especially if relates to talking, writing or speaking up for the vulnerable, will carry you through right now.

With Mars in Cancer uncomfortably aspecting both the Sun and Moon, we may find it painful to leave the known/familiar world, or we may receive negative feedback from family members or those in our inner circle if we “break the pattern”, so this can be tricky.  Maybe our worldview has changed and is no longer in sync with former compatriots,  maybe we’re doing something that somehow threatens the “hive mind”; just look at it as growing pains.  With the Full Moon, at the very end of Aquarius, so close to Neptune in Pisces, we may see more than a few displays of “martyrism” as people’s feathers get ruffled. Watch how this plays out around you. I’ve already seen a huge increase of “scammer” behavior arising (the “pay you later/check’s in the mail/don’t worry, I’ll show up with the money tomorrow” litany).  Don’t get hornswoggled by pretty promises or a nice facade. You may want to revise that contract or check the fine points.  An Aquarius Full Moon can shine a cold and dispassionate spotlight on any dark areas so you can see what’s wriggling around under the surface.

Mighty Jupiter is in Cancer and is part of the Cardinal T-square, squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. It trines the North Node in Scorpio and also trines Chiron in Pisces.  Despite whatever craziness emerges, there’s an opening here, probably related to your finally confronting your “Achilles heel” area. Whatever you’ve been avoiding or pushing down may become an entry point to successful resolution of your problems. The Full Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries, so here comes (no, not your 19th nervous breakdown), but something so weird you just can’t imagine it now, because you haven’t revved up your engines enough yet.  Venus in Libra is gearing up to enter the Cardinal T-Square as well, and that means she’ll turn it into a Grand Cross, so anyone with planets or chart points in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) at around 4-20 degrees will be feeling the heat. Grand Crosses often represent major, structural changes.  There are other patterns being activated, but for now let’s just say that things may reach a breaking point in certain areas. Relationships (Venus) that aren’t working may split apart under the strain. This is especially pertinent if you’ve been dealing with situations that haven’t been resolved or relationships where you’ve “had it”. This is the time when people say goodbye or walk out the door. This isn’t just about love relationships, it can also mean we leave jobs where we feel taken advantage of, or we “fire” clients who are abusive and don’t pay us what we’re worth. There may be a tantrum or two thrown before all this is over. Stay away from vengeful or jealous types or those who insist that you have to be exactly the same as you were in 1999.

Tip:  It’s a good time to catch up on your mythology, particularly anything related to ancient goddesses, starting with Ceres. Don’t forget Juno and Vesta, either.

This Full Moon period is challenging, but remember, we’re trying to reconnect with what we’ve lost and what’s been stolen, beaten out of or taken away from us, so the stakes are quite high.  We need to release bad attitudes, purge the desire to blame or project our own negativity onto others, and stop falling into a reactive mode when triggered by external events. The Moon in Aquarius tells us it’s time to plug into a matrix of groups, associations or like-minded souls who move us towards the future rather than dragging us like dead weight towards the past.  The Sun is now trine the Galactic Center. The universe beckons.

P.S.:  The Moon goes Void-of-Course after the Full Moon at 9:45 PM EDT until 12:43 AM EDT, when it enters Pisces.   Give yourself a break tonight and zone out if you need to. Time to disappear from the world for a few hours!



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A mermaid.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man climbing a ladder and helping others who strive behind him. At the top, a veiled figure hold out to him a wreath of stars.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ IMPORTUNITY. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “REWARDING.”


Mermaids appear to be half-human, half sea-being, much as Centaurs are half-human and half horse. They’re in-between worlds, which has much of the feel of the 29th degree of a sign, the location of today’s Full Moon. With the Moon in Aquarius cozying up to Neptune in early Pisces, a “watery transformation” theme is in play. The water world is the world of the unconscious, of the collective, and of energies considered traditionally feminine. The mermaid emerging from the water is an image of birth, the first creation.  This Symbol relates to intuition and psychic ability, sensitivity, deep feelings, and curiosity about other worlds. Mermaids were also known for plying sailors with their siren songs and luring them to their deaths, so on another level this symbol relates to flattery, seduction, being talked into something, and a certain gullibility that ties in with today’s Moon/Neptune connection. We want to believe something so much we ignore anything that doesn’t support our conclusion.  What “siren song” are you susceptible to?  And what is the song of  your soul? Pay attention to anything that’s haunting your mind today. Mermaids are magical creatures, so don’t forget to make some magic of your own, Tap into your intuition and give birth to something amazing.

The Kozminsky Symbol reminds me of a combination of the High Priestess and the Star cards in the tarot. The Star card is associated with Aquarius, and the Full Moon invokes the High Priestess’ deep knowledge and spirituality.  The man featured in this Symbol never forgets where he came from and offers others an opportunity to progress.  The “way-shower” is an Aquarian archetype. They have the ideas and get there first, thus enabling humanity to take the next important step in its evolution. The truly evolved and successful aim to assist others achieve their potential. The prize is a wreath of stars, indicating spiritual progression and enlightenment. Take a look around and see how you can help someone who’s struggling. How can you inspire others?  Pay attention to any flashes of intuition that arrive “out of nowhere”. The universe is trying to get your attention!



Page of Cups/ Queen of Cups 



It’s Cups all the way today!  Well, that’s appropriate for this supercharged Full Moon.  Cups cards relate to emotions, psychic ability, and the depths of the psyche. With so much water in play, we may find ourselves extremely reactive or swamped by emotion today (also appropriate for a Full Moon period).  Just remember that the waters will eventually recede. Today may well be hypercharged  as people don’t know what to do with an excess of feeling. The Page of Cups shows the emergence of new  psychic and emotional patterns. It’s very similar to the emerging Mermaid of the Sabian Symbols. There’s a search for identity going on. Something’s just been born. The Mythic Tarot relates this card to the myth of Narcissus, who gazes incessantly at himself in the water.  Things are in flux right now–this can relate to the beginning of a love affair, news of a birth, or changes in the way we relate to others. This is a fragile time in the development of the psyche. It’s a time when we may need more nurturing than usual, or we become more self-absorbed.  We need to learn to love ourselves in order to love others. The Queen of Cups takes us to the depths. This combination reminds me of the Moon/Neptune combination featured in today’s Full Moon scenario. There’s a great mystery here, and great allure (remember the siren’s call)?   Is there some fantasy you have nurtured since you were a child? This is a good pair for anyone involved in children’s media or film. There’s a childlike openness, yet great depth of understanding here. If not operating at top speed, these two can indicate an extreme inner focus and some self-delusion or someone who is cut off from the outside world, isolated in their own fantasy zone.  It can also indicate a child who has inherited many tendencies and is psychically connected to his/her mother. Or perhaps a female relative is connecting to you in your dreams.  This is a call from the depths–you’re being paged! 



–August 20, 2013

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