The Daily Astro for June 6, 2013


The Daily Astro for June 6, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon remains Void-of-Course in Taurus until 11:32 PM EDT, when it enters Gemini. We’re in a balsamic moon phase and Neptune’s winding into retrograde motion (tomorrow at 4:24 AM EDT), so we may feel like official denizens of the Twilight Zone. We might not feel like rushing around or being super-productive in the outer world, but there’s certainly a lot bubbling away inside. We may be called to define ourselves in some way, or alternately, feel we need to defend our belief system to others. At 2:40 PM EDT a Jupiter/Moon connection reflects an expansive mood or a situation evolves that leads to discussions with others about our philosophy of life, but given a Venus/Mars hookup at 2:55 PM, it’s more like a friendly debate with possible flirtatious undertones.

Things get ornery later in the afternoon as the Moon makes stress aspects with Pluto (3:19 PM EDT) and Uranus (5:15 PM EDT). This lineup can trigger defensive behavior and send some off the rails if they feel unprotected or threatened. Tendencies towards stubbornness/pig-headish behavior may be noticeable around this time. Take a look at anything that gets you going and see if you can figure out what it’s hooking into. Count to 10, then be willing to compromise or see the other person’s point of view instead of raging or running out the door.

Think of the Hanged Man tarot card. It’s about seeing things from a different perspective and stepping “out of time” for a while.  Here’s where we get to see the veils drop. Since Neptune’s going retrograde, we may feel that it’s time to follow our own inner compass rather than relying on external guides. Long standing illusions may abruptly end, leaving us feeling lost in the ozone.  We may need to find a new path out of the fog. Find some time for reflection or meditation if possible, and pay attention to gut feelings, intuitive nudges, and synchronistic events. If you remember your dreams, write them down. You might be surprised at the messages you receive if you’re willing to put yourself in a receptive state.

At 11:32 PM EDT the Moon enters Gemini, so the day ends with a bustle of activity.  After you’ve caught up with everyone and everything, grab your book or the e-reader of your choice and read a bit before you zone out for the evening.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “The head of health dissolved into the head of mentality .”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A blind giant in full armour hitting out wildly with a huge battle-axe at nothing.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “DEVELOPMENT .”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “BLUNDERING.”

Both of today’s Symbols synch with the upcoming Neptune retrograde period. The Sabian Symbol uses the word “dissolve”, one of the keywords for Neptune, and the Kozminnsky Symbol, a blind giant swinging wildly at nothing (it probably dissolved!) also evokes a Neptunian mist or veil falling over the proceedings.  In both Symbols, borders have evaporated , but the Sabian Symbol shows a positive result, while the Kozminsky Symbol is more of a cautionary tale.

In the Kozminsky Symbol, the blind giant is wasting his time and energy swinging away at something that doesn’t exist. It’s about misplaced effort, putting your energy into the wrong areas, and being deluded or getting tied up with an illusion (the last is very Neptunian). It can be about making foolish or ill-timed moves. What is it we’re not seeing? Are there areas in your life where you’re throwing too much effort into activities that are not rewarding? Where are you “tilting at windmills”? Are you letting unfounded fears get the better of you? Note that the giant is heavily armed and armored, all to tangle with a great big nothing!

The Sabian Symbol is about integration and growth. The heads dissolving into one another relate to spirituality (the higher echelon of Neptune) and the merging of the body and mind as they work in tandem. Since we’re dealing with the head, it relates to vision (in the sense of seeing the future), intellect, and “where the wisdom is stored”.

This Symbol relates to integrating all aspects of ourselves as we learn and grow. Our viewpoint changes as we get more information and are able to synthesize what we’ve learned. We can step outside ourselves and see things from another point of view. The down side of this Symbol is wanting to remain in an immature state, or failing to take the next step in our evolutionary path, so here we see someone trapped in or obsessed with being or looking young. This is also the dark side of Gemini, where the Moon winds up later today–a refusal to grow up that transcends appearance and permeates the personality.


 2 of Swords / Ace of Cups

“Stuck in the Middle With You.”  We’re in a 6/6 month and day, and the Lovers is the #6 card, which is associated with Gemini. Since the Moon enters Gemini late today, we still have several planets in Gemini and both the 2 (twins/two-sides/two-faced) and the Swords (an Air card, and Gemini is an Air sign) call up the Gemini associations, what’s going on?

We’re sitting in a delicate balance, perhaps caught in the middle or a situation or disagreement that involves other people. If we move, we alter the balance, and we’re not so sure we want to do that. We may be blocking out something that we don’t really want to see/hear. We’re afraid to really open our heart and would rather live in our head.

There may be a choice to be made, unknown factors intervene, it’s a triangular situation, we’re not being 100% honest–or we’re just not ready for a mature relationship. There’s something we’re not acknowledging and it involves taking responsibility for our feelings. We may still be operating on an immature level when we’re being called to go deeper. On some level we’re blocking our own happiness or preventing ourselves from going after what we love most. We may be afraid of being overwhelmed by feelings.It’s time to make a new start, find a new home, but first we may have to work through some psychological barriers that are holding us back.

 –June 6, 2013

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