The Daily Astro for June 4, 2013




The Daily Astro for June 4, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




Yesterday’s Grand Trine featured Mercury, Saturn and Neptune and is the first of three Grand Trine configurations we’ll see this week. Next up is Venus (Friday) and then the Moon (Sunday). A Grand Trine is a flowing alignment–energy moves easily, as all three planets are in the same element. In this case, it’s water: Mercury is in Cancer, Saturn’s in Scorpio and Neptune is in Pisces. Saturn trine Neptune in this pattern is the longer-term influence, so we’re being asked to get serious and do the work that’s required to manifest whatever it is we’ve been longing to do. If you’ve been haunted by a dream or inspiration has been singing in your ear, now’s the time to take action.

Trines can be very beneficial, but trine energy needs to be harnessed. Otherwise, dissipation can set in and all dissolves into a vague, swirly pool where everything’s beautiful and full of endless possibilities–but nothing ever happens. Mercury, as gadfly, will give us the bright idea/s and provide the spark that gets communication going; when Venus joins the party it may bring in needed resources (in the form of people, partners or money). The Moon brings on the need/longing quotient. We may feel we want something from the core of our soul and won’t rest until we get it. We’ll feel plugged into the universe, into something larger than ourselves. This Water Grand Trine will also help jump start our intuition and psychic abilities and provide us with an “out” from the relentless intensity of the Uranus/Pluto square energy.  We may finally feel “washed clean” as things slip out of our grasp.

We may also feel “inundated”, and this may take physical form when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 26th. We’ve already been hearing about floods in the U.S. Midwestern region and in Central Europe. Jupiter super-sizes everything, and in Cancer, as it moves to trine Saturn and Neptune in Pisces (oceans), we may have to deal with the issue of too much water in too many places, as homes/hometowns are swamped during the upcoming hurricane season.  This will lead to an outpouring of charity as neighbors help neighbors and people at a distance are moved to donate or lend a hand to those in need. We all may be called to  help others rebuild their lives, as this may involve huge numbers of people.

Today’s aspects begin with the Sun square Chiron at 2:26 AM EDT, so our opening theme involves our comfort level. We’re feeling a little at odds with ourselves  today, uncomfortable in our own skin. We run into situations today that detonate sensitive areas. Think about your reaction and where it comes from.  See if you can find a different way to respond this time; even small changes put you on the path to major transformation.

When the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 3:09 AM EDT, we get a surge of confidence and feel that anything’s possible– if we can just figure out how to communicate it in the right way. We’re back to our earlier theme at 10:11 AM EDT as the Sun and Moon make an uneasy connection. It feels like there’s a piece missing and we just can’t achieve integration, even though we’re trying very hard.

When the Moon enters Taurus at 11:53 AM EDT we’re more grounded and ready for the hands-on approach. The Moon sextiles Venus at 4:04 PM EDT and then sextiles Neptune at 10:26 PM EDT, which could us to retreat into a happy comfy cocoon. Creative people will make good use of this time period if they can rouse themselves and get to work.  The best approach for everyone would be to promise yourself a treat or small indulgence if you get “X” amount of work done today and then keep going until you’ve reached that goal. We’re really in the mood to pamper ourselves, but also need to allow ourselves a little luxury, while we keep an eye on the bottom line.

The Moon/Saturn opposition at 11:04 PM EDT will lower the boom with a bang on those who’ve been lollygagging or overindulging as we become more aware of the cost of our habits or lifestyle.  If you’ve been goofing off or avoiding responsibility, you’ll probably regret it tonight!



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “Two Dutch children talking.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A wounded soldier drawing an arrow from his arm. A dog is howling near-by.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CLARIFICATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “RESTLESSNESS.”

Today’s Symbols remind me of some of the day’s planetary aspects. The Kozminsky Symbol shows an injured soldier, so here’s the Sun/Chiron  square as it relates to being wounded in some core area of the psyche.  He’s brave, but also restless,  and tends to rush into things without thought of the consequences. Kozminsky says that “His imagination is prolific, but apt to run into wrong groves and useless pathways.”  This is a closed energy loop which involves taking the easy way out. This can happen at times with trine energy—we flow towards whatever feels natural to us, but if those tendencies are excessive, it can be troublesome. The howling dog alerts us that something’s not right—where’s the “howling dog” in your life? Where are alarms going off for you?

The Sabian Symbol shows shared experience and is reminiscent of the current Gemini energy (there’s two children, and Gemini relates to children and  multiples, and they’re talking, one of Gemini’s favorite activities!) Since they’re speaking Dutch, not English, they’re making perfect sense to each other but most people won’t understand them. There’s an element of incomprehensibility about this Symbol—words and mystery combine. Sacred or secret language  of some sort, or “secret codes” you share with others may be highlighted today.  You may also find yourself interested in your origins, ancestry, and the things that made you who you are today.

This Symbol is about finding your compatriots, soulmates, and/or people who “speak your language”. There’s a focus on communication, exchanging information, and getting together with others who have similar backgrounds or education. When the Moon slips into Taurus, we’re seeking our comfort zone, and Venus and Mercury in Cancer can indicate ties with friends and loved ones from “the homeland”.  It also relates to discretion, passing along important information, and establishing friendships. On the down side, it can mean indulging in idle gossip, excluding others who aren’t just like you, being prejudiced against a particular group or type of people or things seen as “foreign”, being indiscreet, or being unable to communicate in a way that others can easily understand.



Ace of Wands / 10 of Wands


“Be Careful What You Wish For”.  In the Mythic Tarot, the suit of Wands relates to the myth of Jason, who seeks the Golden Fleece. The beginning of the journey is quite exciting, we’re inspired, there’s a rush of energy (all Ace of Wands attributes) as we feel the shock of the new. It’s all potential, limitless. By the time we reach the 10 of Wands, Jason’s returned and sits in front of the wreck of the Argo. He’s tired, he’s old and he’s burdened with cares. This combination tells us we’re feeling oppressed by what we thought we wanted. We’ve taken on so much that we’re suffocating the flame that initially nurtured us. Things have become too structured; we’ve lost the spark. We need to realize that the form is not the essence and we must let go and escape the traps we’ve set for ourselves.

This combination says: get back to basics, take it back to zero, begin again. It’s like someone who had a great idea and started a company. This enterprise grew to the point of calcification, adding multi-layers of staff and middlemen/women– it’s a behemoth, but it’s also lost its cutting edge. Bureaucracy, rules and rituals have sapped its essence, so it’s time for a new start-up. Push the reset button. Find the passion. Rekindle the flame.

–June 4, 2013


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