The Daily Astro for May 30, 2013



The Daily Astro for May 30, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





Today has a split personality. Early in the day, we’re graced with three trines:  the Moon, which remains in Aquarius until it moves into Pisces at 8:30 PM EDT, trines Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (all in Gemini) from 10:01 AM EDT through 7:37 PM EDT.  Trines indicate there’s an easy flow of energy and creativity. In a birth chart, trines can indicate natural or inborn talents, those skills that we seem to have been born with. Today’s first trine is between the Moon and Jupiter, creating an expansive “let’s see what happens if we try this” vibe. The mood is upbeat  and optimistic. Since we’re dealing with air signs, communication “goes big” (Jupiter). This combination reminds me of people working to disseminate information about a global relief mission of some kind. They need to get the word out so people will find out about their efforts and decide to participate.  Whatever it is we’re promoting, our enthusiasm will prove infectious.

The next trine is from the Moon to Venus, so today’s trines move from one traditional benefic (positive) planet to the next. People are open to cooperating now, and communication flows harmoniously.  This is a friendly combination, but keep it light as the heavy air sign influence indicates people don’t want to get bogged down with emotional baggage right at the moment.

All of this fraternizing may result in an explosion of inventive creativity as the Moon trines Mercury. Bat those ideas back and forth like you’re in a tennis match and see what shakes out.  In general, the earlier part of the day is perfect for collaboration, meetings, communicating ideas, and any kind of advertising, marketing and public relations. From 1:39 PM EDT to 2:39 PM EDT we run into some foreshadowing of the evening’s aspects as the Moon semisquares Pluto and Uranus. An early lunch might be a better idea today, especially if you’re going with a group. People may weird out or be excessively secretive if you inadvertently trigger their sore spots or get too close to their secrets. You may not even realize you’ve said or done something until you witness the reaction.

At 7:57PM EDT the Moon squares Mars and then enters a brief void period until it enters Pisces at 8:30 PM EDT. Think of this as the Twilight Zone. Those earlier odd rumblings may erupt now into full-blown defensiveness or anger. People are easily riled. Since Mars also aspects Neptune and Uranus, we could be dealing with some majorly bizarre passive-aggressive behavior.

I’m also wondering whether we’re going to hear more about angry people (Mars) turning into unstable isotopescommitting destructive or disruptive (Uranus) acts, particularly involving liquids or poisons that are difficult to detect  (Neptune). These are people who may have some sort of religious or martyr mentality or a rigid ideology. I was watching the news last night, and one story was about Mayor Bloomberg of New York City being targeted with a ricin-tainted envelope (the sender also targeted the group Mayors against Illegal Guns). The other story was about the growing incidence of a SARS-like illness in the Middle East:  Mars-Neptune-Uranus – with Mars going into Gemini, something fast moving or airborne, Neptune has a connection to epidemics and it’s the “no boundaries” planet, and with Uranus in Aries it may be a new strain or mutation that has unexpectedly popped up and picks up speed as it globe trots.

As the Moon enters Pisces at 8:30 PM EDT, the mood shifts decisively and we may feel like we’re suffering from information overload after this busy day.  Some will feel a need to space out for a while in order to avoid being “swamped”. It’s a good time to meditate, soak in a tub, hang out with your pets, or escape with an engrossing film or soothing music.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “An airplane falling. ”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A hospital nurse whose face expresses sympathy and sacrifice, tending a sick man.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CRISIS. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “CHERISHING.”


Well, let’s hope that today’s combination of Symbols doesn’t indicate some kind of plane crash that lands people in the hospital! Today’s Kozminsky Symbol ties in nicely with the Moon’s move to Pisces. This Symbol emphasizes the best attributes of Pisces: empathy, the desire to alleviate pain and suffering, the ability to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others, an urge to dispense charity with no thought of gaining anything from it.  It’s the light in the midst of darkness, a reverence for all life– desire to help in any way possible.

The Sabian Symbol is another of the “reversed” symbols and relates well to all the Air sign trines mentioned above. It’s about flowing with the current (trines), with an intuitive awareness that you’re on the right course. Take a chance, and if a crisis occurs, be confident that you’ll be able to handle it. There may be a “course correction” or two along the way, but don’t throw yourself into a tailspin over it. Airplane pilots are trained to stay calm and focused –if they hit turbulence, they know the right moves to get the plane out and keep the passengers safe. Evasive action may be necessary. On the down side, this Symbol can mean that we give up too soon, collapse into helplessness, or generally freak out before we’ve had a chance to assess all the options. Don’t quit before you’ve even begun.



4 of Wands / 3 of Pentacles


“Over the First Hurdle”.  Here’s a combination that reminds me of the start of a successful business. Both cards are in the initial stages of their respective suit, so these two are about establishing a foundation, building a reputation and gathering force before making the next big push. It’s important to plan, work from a stable base, take time to muster your resources (4 of Wands). You also need to make connections, get recommendations, establish credit/credibility, and offer something that others are interested in (3 of Pentacles). Creativity aligns with practicality, so find something that’s attractive but also useful, something that others value.

It’s also about getting the word out and building your reputation step by step. Both cards indicate that aligning with others or establishing a chain of connections that radiate out from your “home base” is the best way to go. Staring a home business, working with friends or relatives or finding creative ways to network or join with others in your area are indicated.



–May 30, 2013

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