The Daily Astro for April 29, 2013

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The Daily Astro for April 29, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:21 AM EDT today. The Moon makes mostly flowing aspects today, so we should be able to get things done without too many obstacles, even if it is a Monday! The Moon trine Neptune (4:32 PM EDT) helps us translate our visions and inspirations into reality. The Moon trine Mars in Taurus helps us push plans forward and adds the “oomph” factor—plus an extra boost to get us to the finish line. The day continues in this mode as the Moon sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 9:39 PM EDT. This helps us clear remaining obstacles and reduce internal struggles in order to focus our energies effectively. Take advantage of today’s aspects to clear the decks (or your desk) as much as possible, as we’re moving towards a Mars/Saturn opposition (1:12 AM EDT Wednesday) and will find it’s more of an uphill struggle to get anything done what that hits full force.

Today’s other connection features Venus joining the South Node at around 17 degrees Taurus. It also squares Juno, so we’re tuning into the relationship frequency very strongly.  There may be a fated quality to relationships today. We can find ourselves reliving or reminiscing about old relationships, or people from the past may enter our lives in an unusual fashion. If you find yourself reminiscing about old relationships, think about what qualities those relationships possessed and how that relates to your life now. We may find ourselves more willing to commit to current relationships or to take them more seriously.

It’s an excellent  time for past-life work as the South Node/Venus connection can show us ancient habit patterns and areas where we tend to get “hooked” or stuck. I recently read about experiments where they allowed lab rats to choose their poison—they could select either cocaine or saccharin drips—and over 90% chose the saccharin  over cocaine.  They’re going for the sweet stuff (Venus in Taurus/Mars in Taurus) because it revs them up and makes them feel good. They remember that feeling and are trying to replicate it, so they grab for that saccharine tube again and again. That’s what it feels like when we’re stuck at the South Node. We don’t want to let go of something that was once fulfilling but often devolves into an addiction that is slowly poisoning us.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A Red Cross Nurse.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man’s face reflected in the water.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ENLISTMENT. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “DESCRYING.”


The Kozminsky Symbol pulls in today’s Venus/Node connection. The imagery is that of “descrying” or scrying, where you see images in a reflective surface like a body of water. The woman (daintily dressed, so a very “Venusian” type), sees her future partner’s face when she gazes at the water. Nodal connections can indicate powerful connections, so she’s being given a glimpse of her future, a peek behind the veil. Psychic connections become apparent. With the Moon in Capricorn with flowing aspects plus the Venus/Node connection, relationships are serious business and can alter the course of our lives. Pay attention to the people you interact with today–each one of them is there to teach you something. Don’t miss out on the lesson/s: stay focused. Today could be a seed point that opens the doors to major change in the future.

 The Sabian Symbol relates to practical skills (the earth sign influences of Capricorn and Taurus), used to heal and comfort others (Venus). The Red Cross is an international symbol, so the emphasis is on global or worldwide healing (Venus in Taurus can also be read as a great love for the earth and all its creatures). The Keyword, “enlistment” shows that on some level we “signed up” for this and need to follow through on our commitment. This Symbol relates to charity, humanitarian work, helping others in need, and being of service in general. Small charitable gestures and simple kindness can mean a great deal to those who are suffering. On the down side it can indicate self-serving charity, or helping others only because you think it will get you something that makes you look good in front of others.



 Queen of Pentacles / Page of Pentacles


Both cards relate to Earth energies today. Here’s a representation of Venus in Taurus (Queen of Pentacles), indicating someone who is grounded, centered and comfortable in their own skin. Both cards connect with the Spring season, when the earth begins to come alive again. There’s a feeling of being reborn here, like someone with a great deal of experience who possesses perennially youthful (Page of Pentacles) attitude to life. On face value it can mean we need to get outside and reconnect with nature, take care of plants or animals, and tap into the earth’s current. It’s definitely telling us to “get it together” and begin the hard work (the Moon is in Capricorn) to take us to the next stage. There’s a playfulness here, too, and an easy sensuality that’s natural and open.

Take advantage of any new opportunities that open up. This combo can indicate a fresh start financially after we prune away the old (we need to allow space for new things). It can also indicate mentoring or teaching someone, giving them the benefit of our experience. Generosity is the key. Give of yourself and you will find it leads to unexpected opportunity or a rebirth in some area of your life.


–April 29, 2013

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