The Daily Astro for April 19, 2013


The Daily Astro for April 19, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


I’m running with a truncated version of  the Astro today due to competing demands on my time. If I get a chance, I’ll check in on Sunday.


The Moon remains in Leo all day today, and the Sun moves from Aries to Taurus at 6:03 PM EDT, where it will join Venus in that earthy sign.  This should slow the tempo down a bit as the day winds to a close. Channel that Sun/Venus creative vibe today. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. The day begins with the Moon square Saturn in Scorpio at 4:44 AM EDT, so we may have felt the weight of the world bearing down on us quite heavily this morning. It’s been a difficult and rather intense week!  The Moon and Saturn in fixed signs can create a feeling of “lead fog” that can be quite oppressive.

At 6:18 AM the Moon trines Uranus in Aries, which ups the quirky/whimsy quotient substantially and creates an opening for weird and wonderful inspiration, so nab some!  After that, the Moon inconjuncts Pluto and Chiron (9:58 AM/11:29 AM) so we’re all going to be painfully aware of where we’re wounded and what our weaknesses are. During this time here in the U.S. they are chasing the second perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombings and there’s a great deal of discussion in all media about how to protect America and keep us safe from attack. An intense door-to-door search has been going on in Watertown, a suburb of Boston, and the entire area is essentially locked down until they capture the suspect.  Asteroid Ceres trines Neptune today at 11:02 AM EDT, so people are focused on those killed and maimed in the Boston attack and in the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. This is a “take care” combination, so donations to help the victims may pour in heavily. The focus is on protecting and creating a safe haven for the vulnerable.

At 4:16 PM EDT Mercury inconjuncts Saturn, so communication can be difficult. This is a time where it might be better to hold silence than to talk. Adjustments are necessary. Be careful with your words– think before speaking. You may underestimate how serious the response may be. If something needs to be kept secret, keep it so.  This may also relate to our police forces asking people to be careful what they say, post or tweet about activities occurring in Boston area.

At 5:06 PM EDT, when the Moon sextiles Jupiter, the mood lightens and we finally feel more expansive and free, but it also opens up a Void-of-Course Moon period that lasts until 9:08 PM EDT tomorrow. And the Moon /Mars aspect at 6:45 PM EDT may re-open the floodgates or take us over the top if we let ourselves get carried away with sudden bursts of anger. Again, don’t be surprised at people overreacting.  Let’s hope the Sun’s entry into Taurus placates the fly-off-the-handle crew so we can end the day on a calmer note than it began.


Knight of Wands / 2 of Cups

“Long-Distance Alliances.”  This pair is about making connections with those at a distance. It could literally mean a trip to another country to visit a loved one. Today may feature information that comes to us from far afield or relates to foreigners/those who live far from our own location. It’s about bridging gaps by rushing into the breach with a great deal of enthusiasm. Both cards relate to beginnings and new starts. This symbolizes the journey of the heart as it begins to open.

It can also indicate we’re infatuated with someone or something to the point of distraction, or so focused on obtaining what we desire that we fail to consider the consequences.


It looks like my feeling from the chart that the Boston bombing involved people with a family connection was correct; the 2 bombers were brothers.  I also suspected a foreign origin/focus and that has turned out to be true as well. The family originally hailed from the strife-torn Caucasus region of Russia, more specifically Chechnya  and/or Kyrgyzstan.  We will no doubt hear more about what motivations prompted them to this act of terrorism. Right now the search for the younger of the two continues as I write this. 

I’m also interested in the fact that the older brother was named Tamerlan, which is a very close to ” Tamerlane”, the European cognate for the  name of the famous Central Asian conqueror, Timur-i-leng.  See the link below for more  information.

–April 19, 2013

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