(What’s Left of the) Weekend Astro, February 2 & 3, 2013



(What’s Left of the) Weekend Astro

February 2 & 3, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester 


What’s everyone been up to this weekend? I spent a good chunk of yesterday spelunking down in our   basement. We’re not talking modern-90″ TV-room-conversion renovated basement; ours is a 1930’s low-ceiling concrete floor basement, just your basic hardcore old-house cellar.  I tossed out a lot of junk that had accumulated and put up those E-Z assembly bookshelves I’ve had hanging around since forever so we’d have a place to store the items we actually need and use.  Since the Moon is in Scorpio this weekend, hanging out in the basement was probably a given, whether you did it metaphorically or actually tromped down the stairs with a big-ass garbage can. It felt good to search and destroy, right?  It’s time to eliminate, streamline and recycle. Just accept the fact that you’ll probably find some creepy-crawly stuff down there. Keep going.

Yesterday was quite an emotional day; we may have been surprised by the intensity of our feelings about things we’d thought were “dead and gone”. And early this morning the Moon/Saturn conjunction may have brought on the gloom-n-doom dreams and cast a bit of a pall over your awakening moments–talk about psychic indigestion!

It’s also the Last Quarter Sun/Moon phase, as the Sun in Aquarius squares the Moon in Scorpio (8:56 AM EST).  A fixed Last Quarter phase can mean that some resistance has built up and one part of us is at odds with the other parts. It can throw us into crisis mode, and since we’re dealing with fixed signs, the challenge is to take a look at our carved-in-stone belief systems and highlights those areas  where we’re either frozen emotionally or over-reactive (or both at once)!  Take a cold, hard look at these “hot spot” triggers.  The entire weekend has a “purge”feel to it, as we rid ourselves of anything that’s a poison to the system. We’re not content with staying on the surface. The deeper we dig, the more we find, but that’s where the buried treasure is, deep in the cave. Keep going!

The Moon aspects Uranus at 6:59 PM EST, so all kinds of upsets are possible and emotions may be oddly explosive. That intense Scorpio Moon joins with the Moon’s North Node at 9:18 PM EST; anyone we commune with at this time has a direct emotional/spiritual line on us, so pay attention to the message. We’re being told that the way forward requires us to realize that “you can’t take it with you” (South Node in Taurus). It’s time to figure out what we’re here for, what we want, what we really really want (thanks, Spice Girls!)  Go do it, and leave behind all the “props”–they’ll probably be taken away from you anyway, if you resist.

—February 3, 2013


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