The Daily Astro for February 4, 2013



The Daily Astro for February 4, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



The day starts with the Moon in Scorpio, but at 10:45 AM EST the Moon progresses into Sagittarius. With The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius today and the asteroid Ceres going direct at 3:50 AM EST, it’s a day to connect with and reach out on a global scale. Ceres is related to nurturing, food, mothering, and providing for others, and as it’s in Gemini, issues relating to the world’s children and young people may be prominent today. All this Aquarius/Sagittarius energy may make us restless; our attention wanders to future opportunities or far-away realms. The Moon squares Mars at 2:25 PM EST and we may feel frustrated when things don’t turn out as we desired; this is followed by Moon square Neptune and parallel Pluto, which intensifies our moods and makes us look for the exit door. When Mars conjuncts Neptune at 3:57 PM EST, we may decide that the only way out is to pursue our dream. Mars/Neptune can be the spiritual warrior; it can also be the fanatic who attempts to force his/her fantasy kingdom on others. It wouldn’t be too surprising to hear news about a group of religious fanatics attempting to push their belief system on others today, or some sort of mass delusion taking hold.

Another example of What Not To Do with a Mars/Neptune conjunction: burying your anger or anxiety in a bout of substance abuse. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re the victim, that no one understands you or that a group (or society in general) is against you–this is a trap to be avoided during this time.

It IS a wonderful time for those who are grounded and are attempting to “pierce the veil”–the doors will fly open for you. Since we’re operating with Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, efforts made for the purpose of deep healing and inner transformation can be very powerful, even if you don’t feel the full effects right now. With Pisces, it make take some time for it to seep into your consciousness, but let it trickle in.

Today can also be a day of “the path less traveled”. We may find that what we thought was a sideline issue proves to be extremely important, so if you feel called to wander today, follow that impulse and see where it leads, as intuition is strong.

Later in the day, as the Moon aspects Venus, then trines Uranus and opposes Jupiter, it’s a good time to connect with others socially. With the Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius, there’s an outgoing, upbeat spirit; people feel like socializing. Something said during one of today’s chats could inspire you later on as the Moon trines Uranus. This could be one of those “Eureka!” moments when it all comes together. The Moon/Jupiter opposition at 9:33 PM EST brings more lively debate-everyone has something to say–but it could also bring on a case of “big idea/chatter overload”!



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A big-business man at his desk..”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A ship running before the wind with bare poles. The sea, black and angry, is illumined by a ray of moonlight which shines through a break in the heavy clouds.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Accomplishment”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Experience”.

The Kozminsky Symbol calls forth the Mars/Neptune aspect imagery. Here’s a ship bravely pushing (Mars) through stormy seas (Neptune/Pisces), at a lucky moment in the course of its travels (Moon in Sagittarius), when a break in the clouds (Neptune/Pisces) opens up the skies. This combination speaks of faith in the eye of the storm, of someone who persists despite obstacles or problems. It’s the spiritual warrior I mentioned above in the astrology section–each experience provides a new perspective. Travel is broadening, as the old saying goes. We’re forced out of our comfort zones and have to stretch ourselves and adapt to new conditions or values.

The Sabian Symbol , a “big-business man” brings in the energies of Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Scorpio. “Big” is a Jupiter keyword, and managing any large enterprise requires organization and an understanding of how to distribute resources (Saturn in Scorpio). As in the Kozminsky Symbol, there’s a need to stay focused and deal with whatever challenges arise. It requires being able to make decisions or plans and then implement them. Priorities are an issue here. How much time do you spend on each task? Are there some that can be delegated or eliminated? Is your calendar too full? The down side here is working yourself into exhaustion or feeling that you’re the only person who can run things properly.


3 of Cups / 7 of Wands

This combination is telling me it’s time to take a risk based on an inner knowing. There’s something that wants to be created and celebrated emerging, but we have to have faith and take a chance. We may face opposition once we declare ourselves. These two cards feel to me like someone opening themselves up, making a change that will unleash creative abilities, which then leads them into unfamiliar territories. There’s an element of the unexpected here. The Three Fates beckon and whirl, pointing us to the next level, where challenges and tests await. It’s the entry point that brings us face to face with The Other.
–February 4, 2013



















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