The Daily Astro for February 10, 2012



The Moon enters Libra at 2:54 PM EST.

The Daily Astro for February 10, 2012 

Ouch!  We may get up ready to rumble today, with the Sun in aspect to retrograde Mars and Mercury at odds with both the Moon and Pluto. It’s a day to be careful to not respond to triggers, especially if they seem to be coming from outside us or from other people.  Think about why you’re reacting to things and how (or what) you might be projecting onto others. When Moon enters Libra at 2:54 PM EST today we may be more inclined to take a balanced view (and it might be a good idea to take a late lunch or fling yourself into some enjoyable or creative activities), but later when the Moon hits Neptune, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter, we may feel pulled in too many directions, and with the Moon and Uranus/Venus opposition, may begin to feel that we’re not getting what we want in relationships with others, who we perceive as being unreliable or unpredictable and blocking our desires. Again, we need to see why we’re drawing seemingly irreconcilable opposites in as in as a reflection in a funhouse mirror, illustrating that we need to integrate both qualities and find balance in our lives.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: A rug placed on a floor for children to play.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “A number of men saving volumes of books from the flames which are enveloping a library building.”

Both of these Symbols have an underlying theme of watching out for or being a custodian of the future. Both feature guardians–the Sabian Symbol illustrates guardianship and care of children (and the child within), and the Kozminsky Symbol shows people trying to preserve and protect humanity’s store of knowledge. Both are future-oriented behaviors, showing an understanding of the need for nurture or taking care of the important things in life.

“The Sabian Symbol keyword is “Refinement” and the Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “ Conserving”.

Born on February 10:

Boris Pasternak, Peter II (Russia), William Congreve, Leontyne Price, Don Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Emma Roberts, John Frankheimer, John Farrow, Jimmy Durante, Donovan Leitch, Peter Allen, Michael Apted, Boris Pickett, Roberta Flack, Richard Schickel, Robert Wagner, Alex Comfort, Stella Adler, Judith Anderson, Harold MacMillan, Laura Dean, Glenn Beck, Lenny Dykstra, Cliff Burton, George Stephanopoulos, Alexander Payne, Sharon Stone, Greg Norman, Jim Cramer, Mark Spitz.

Enhancer/Antidote:   8 of Swords/Magician (There is a way out, there’s a solution–but you have to be willing to make the first move to break yourself out of your mental rut.  Use your skills!  Both of these cards are mental/mind power cards; the 8 of Swords relates to mental patterning that needs to be broken, outdated ways of thinking that we use to keep ourselves frozen in time, and the Magician is a Mercury card. Many of our problems begin first in the mind and in our thought patterns.)

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