The Mercury Minute, early January 2012

Short takes on what Mercury’s up to

1/9/12:   Mercury recently changed signs, from freedom-loving, free-wheeling Sagittarius to bottom-line conscious Capricorn.

This happened on January 8th.  So we might think this means it’s buckle-down and get serious-stuff done time. Which isn’t a bad idea, actually, as we’ll be motivated in a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of way now.  Back to business, start the New Year off with heavy-duty resolutions, that sort of thing. However, right after Mercury entered Capricorn, it squared Uranus in Aries, which may very well have thrown a spanner into the works (or at least an “I don’t wanna do it that way,  I wanna do it MY way”) and on Friday the 13th (woo hoo!), Mercury will conjunct Pluto (also in Capricorn), so after making all those plans and maybe getting derailed a bit by something we hadn’t quite figured on (surprise!), the deeper truth of the situation may come out, and with Pluto in Capricorn, it’s likely to be whompingly intense. Maybe somebody has a secret; maybe you have a secret. Maybe it comes spilling out & alters the underpinnings of your work or life.  Prepare to have your mind changed about a few things & be ready to alter plans as necessary. Use this as a great opportunity to reset your 2012 “internal GPS system” before you travel too far off course.

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