The Daily Astro for October 30, 2013

moon over lake

The Daily Astro for October 30, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester






With the Sun , North Node and  that retrograde Mercury all conjunct (or closing in on it) in Scorpio, it’s revisionist history time! As in, maybe our memories are a bit faulty and we need to change the way we think about things.  Or admit what was REALLY going on.  With another exact hit of the Uranus/Pluto square approaching, we’re sick of repeating patterns and the status quo. Uranus inconjunct the Sun means that some of our long-held beliefs can be tested or changed in a moment’s notice as we get hijacked by  current events. So many things are already past their sell-by date! Learn to adjust! We may want to cling to the past (South Node in Taurus), but that vein is played out–time to go mining in a new location.



The Moon’s still in Virgo and forms positive, supportive aspects for most of the day. The Moon trines serious Saturn at 2:24 AM EDT, which wakes us up into a no-nonsense zone; maybe we’re  writing action plans or programming ourselves in our sleep! A Moon/Jupiter sextile at 2:29 PM EDT helps us streamline our routines so we get the big jobs done without neglecting our daily routines. We’re optimistic about how much we can accomplish.  Ask for help from co-workers, volunteers, or family members if you need it.  Be sure to express appreciation for the little things in life, too. At 6:52 PM EDT a Sun/Moon semisquare inclines us to stew over comments or criticism, especially from those people who tell you “I’m only trying to help”. A Moon-Vesta conjunction at 7:47 PM EDT helps us express deep feelings of instinctive, bonded connection with important women in our lives. The Moon/Venus square at 11:48 PM EDT may find us bitching out loved ones for their peccadilloes or philosophies; just because you’re not satisfied with yourself, it’s no reason to trash other people. The Moon’s then void-of-course until it enters Libra at 8:22 PM EDT tomorrow. Get some rest; firecracker Mars will be dumping gasoline o a lot of fires tomorrow.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “The Moon shining across a lake.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A bundle of papers floating down a dark winding river under a starlit sky.”  (Influence is:SATURN.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “RAPPORT.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: EAGERNESS.” 

Today’s Sabian Symbol evokes the Moon card in the tarot.  There’s a layer of magic, mystery and memory that imparts an otherworldly hue to this symbol. Key terms:  inspiration, healing, love, mystical or psychic experiences, appreciation for beauty, going “into the night” of the unconscious, the reflection of the soul, ability to magnetically attract (especially in a “soul mate” scenario), nostalgia, the past and past lives, and taking time out from the waking world in order to rejuvenate. Magic happens here. There’s a strong yearning for the transcendent. There can also be tendencies towards depression, sadness and dwelling on the past.  “Looking for the Magic”, or a romantic view of things. On the down side, watch for delusion/illusion as escapism, drowning in fantasies or “what if” scenarios, and becoming unbalanced, paranoid, or unduly suspicious.

The Kozminsky Symbol also takes place at night (note the “starlit sky”).  Eternal knowledge flows steadily through the collective unconscious, available to those who are willing to take the journey. It’s also about the dissemination of knowledge through the “bloodstream” of humanity. The ability to “strike a chord” and pack a powerful emotional wallop. Persevering through many twists and turns in life is also emphasized. Being carried away by your work and your devotion to your labors. It’s also related to translating ideals into reality. An inspirational path or a guided journey.  


2 of Wands / King of Wands

“Claim your kingdom”


In the Mythic Tarot, the 2 of Wands card depicts the moment when Jason (of Golden Fleece fame) is told that he’s the son of a king who’s been ousted by a usurper (in this case, his own uncle). After being let in on this secret, Jason realizes he has to claim his birthright. The stage is set. Our internal alarm has gone off, and it’s time to begin the journey. Both cards are Wands cards, so we’re learning to tap into a primal source of energy and get “fired up”. We’re also looking for others to accompany us on the quest. Who are our natural partners?  The 2 often involves a partnership.  The King of Wands shows the triumphant hero on his throne. He’s got the fleece and the crown–what’s next? The King of Wands is a true leader, gifted with vision and the strength to implement it.  Don’t be a hothead or a sore loser, though, if you hit a few obstacles, and don’t forget that follow-through is important.  It’s time to claim your kingdom. Don’t ignore who you really are or put yourself on the “back burner”.Start now.




–October 30, 2013

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