The Daily Astro for September 3, 2013



The Daily Astro for September 3, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester






Greetings and happy September!  I’m not a fan of excessive heat and humidity (asthma trigger), so August isn’t my favorite month, and in addition to dealing with the muggy weather here, I  had to travel to South Florida at the end of August.  So I decided to collapse a little and hunker down until I felt better or until Fall happened, whichever came first. I also took an “information vacation” and cut back on the amount of time I spent online. Sometimes you just need to disconnect (says she with the elevated Uranus).  But since I can smell Fall on the way (I planted some mums!), I’m happy as can be, so here’s the Astro:

Today features a Void-of-Course Moon in Leo (it’s Void from 1:52 PM EDT until it enters Virgo at 1:52 PM EDT tomorrow). This may contribute to that “out of body” feeling we have when one season ends and the other begins, especially as for many here in the US, we’re returning to work after a long weekend.  Arrange for a gentle re-entry, if possible, so you don’t fry all your circuits at once! Try to get the practical, nuts-and-bolts stuff done before the Void period. Things may float into the ether, never to be seen again, after that, and it’s better to go with the flow.

The day begins in a haze as the Moon contraparallels Neptune at 6:46 AM EDT.  I was in a hazy daze this morning and would have been happy to stay home and just hang out with the cats, but had to un-distract myself and get back into the rhythms of the workaday world.  At 11:58 AM EDT the Moon connects with Mercury, so if there’s something you’ve been meaning to say, go for it; this mind/heart meld is potent, especially since it’s followed by a Moon/Venus sextile at 1:52 PM EDT. This noon-to-2-window is just right for a leisurely lunch or some serious shopping, for yourself or your home. Moon/Venus has the soul of an artist, and with the Moon in Leo, a touch of the diva, but we’re in the mood for some sparkle and shine today.

The Sun in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces at 3:14 PM EDT, so here comes the “reality bites” segment of the day. If we’ve neglected our work, our health, or have gotten sloppy or lax in any area of life, here’s where we hit the wall and realize changes need to be made.  We also may finally realize we’ve been deluding ourselves about something but now it’s slam-bang in our face. So if you need to start an exercise program, change your diet, eliminate bad habits, or streamline your daily routine, you might get a little reminder of the areas that need improvement.  It might sting a little, but sometimes that’s the only thing that motivates us to action.  With Chiron, it’s all about healing.  Whatever rises up now is coming up for air to be examined, released and/or reintegrated.  As this is followed by a Moon/Pluto aspect at 7:17 PM EDT, it might relate to control issues or deep-seated problems, emotional minefields that are operating behind the scenes. Time for a little soul-searching to find out why we’re resisting the changes we know will only benefit us.

The Sun inconjuncts Uranus in Aries at 8:28 PM EDT. This is a jump-and-jitter aspect. Mercury-ruled Virgo can get pretty wired, especially when it collides with antsy Uranus in Aries. Someone or something may throw a curve ball today, and it may impact basic routines or or day-to-day functioning.  Count on a time-out or two today! It’s a day when things that don’t go together may collide. Take note of what happens when they do. This is an oddly inventive combination, if you can stand the strain it puts on the nervous system, of course. Maybe someone comes up with a design for an amazing machine that fills a particular niche or helps solve a nagging problem.  The Moon also connects with Uranus at 12:18 PM EDT, so whatever was triggered by the rest of today’s aspects may make us restless and unable to sleep well tonight. Something that’s haunting us gets our mind racing, as we try to process the information. It’s sometimes the price to pay for expanding the mind–we’re downloading some “hot” information now.

Today’s Theme:   Fine tune, streamline,  and address any and all weak spots. Realize that things are changing but avoid responding to chaos by losing your center. The solution will be found in a place you haven’t dared to look yet.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A bride with her veil snatched away.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A horseman holding with difficulty a rearing horse.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ INVITATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “GRAPPLING.”

Today’s Sabian Symbol tells us that all will be revealed. The stripping of the veil implies a release of hidden knowledge or information, so today’s Uranus aspects may “roll away the stone” and unearth new or shocking information.  Key concept:  REVELATION.  (This Symbol reminds me of the High Priestess card in the tarot.) The question is: what will we do with that information?  The Sun/Chiron opposition asks us to look into the depths and rebuild ourselves, starting with our “weak” spots.  We’re at the “moment of truth” where everything becomes clear. This Symbol relates to the idea that the groom is not allowed to see the bride unveiled until after the wedding ceremony. We’re being asked to embrace the mystery, and to commit to our future even if we can’t see it clearly right now. We’ve made the choice, now it’s time to “seal the deal” and follow through. On the down side, this symbol relates to refusing the invitation, not living up to our commitments, and “unmasking” someone who prefers to remain hidden. Avoid rough or abrupt actions and respect the sanctity of others’ choices.

The Kozminsky Symbol  features a rider attempting to control a bucking horse. This Symbol ties into today’s Uranus aspects–the horse is unpredictable and anything can happen. The energies are so strong we cannot control them.  A greater force is in operation. There’s also a sense of “taming the wild beast within” . We may find ourselves rashly drawn into situations that we can’t really handle, or we  find ourselves grappling with something that overwhelms us.  This also relates to the Sun/Chiron opposition as it applies to taking charge of our life by “reining in” excesses or controlling wayward appetites or destructive habit patterns.  It may take all the strength we have available, but the alternative is dealing with a “runaway horse” or being trampled, underfoot.   In some area we are facing the struggle of our lives.  



4 of Swords/Hierophant


“Heal Thyself.”   The Hierophant is a Chiron-connected card, so we’re dealing with healers/healing and inner wisdom, innate truths.  Being able to heal others because you have had the same painful experiences. The 4 of Swords relates to cloistering, retreats, “down time”, rest, recuperation and rebuilding or maintaining structural consistency (don’t forget it’s a 4 card). We need to establish a new foundation for inner healing. It’s time to examine your philosophy of life and see if it’s working for you. Where’s the fatal flaw? Don’t rely too much on rigid ideology or teachings, go within and discover what’s true for you.  Finding the divine within. Taking a sabbatical, taking leave, meditation, closing the door, exiling yourself, recharging.

It may take time and patience, but be still and you will find your answer. Learning how to listen to divine truth. The bridge between humanity and all that is sacred. Ancient rituals or prayers that still resonate. Keep the best of the structure but renovate the parts that are collapsing under their own weight or weakness. Direct experience of the divine. A teacher who inspires because of their inner calm and still center.


–September 3, 2013

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