The Daily Astro for August 21, 2013

Aboard an Ocean Liner Ship, 1920

The Daily Astro for August 21, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester



The energy level seems to be ramping down now and it’s calmer than it was in the days before last night’s Full Moon in Aquarius. The Moon progressed to Pisces at 12:43 PM EDT, ushering in an energy shift from the zap-zap-zap of Aquarius to the “let’s get lost” mode of Pisces. Dreams can be particularly vivid under this influence, or we wake up feeling between worlds, wandering the corridor between sleep and the waking world. This may be especially pronounced this morning as the Moon (in Pisces, remember) conjuncts the ruler of Pisces, Neptune at 7:30 AM EDT. This can be an extraordinary creative time–provided you aren’t too spaced out to remember the bliss!

The Jupiter/Uranus square is exact at 3:15 AM EDT-now there’s one to jolt you out of your sleep, as visions of sci-fi kingdom dance in your head. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Jupiter’s now joining the fray in the ongoing Cardinal T-Square (Jupiter’s in Cancer, Uranus is in Aries, and Pluto is in Capricorn).  This lineup has a futuristic tinge. Picture short blasts of pulsating energy. Maybe it makes funky sounds, too, like the aliens in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.  Don’t ignore the message-take  your handy-dandy decipher kit out and get to work!  Tear it down, build it up, start over when you need to, just keep the rhythm going!

At 10:22 AM EDT the Moon/Venus inconjunct, plus that sympathetic Pisces Moon, may make us a bit too eager to fall for a sob story or fall into enabler territory. The Moon trine Saturn at 11:14 AM EDT sternly warns us to draw back from emotional commitments that drain us.  The Moon contraparallels Uranus at 3:34 PM EDT, so it’s bounce-off-the-walls time, woo hoo! (especially if we feel someone’s trying to restrict our freedom in any way).

We roll merrily through the afternoon with Moon sextile Pluto at 3:56 PM EDT, so there’s a bit of “tough love” thrown into the mix, which is probably the right tactic, as the Moon clashes with Mars at 7:02 PM EDT.  Expect a few tantrums from people who feel they’ve been overlooked or slighted.  Or maybe they’re just insecure.  At 7:30 PM EDT Mercury connects with Mars, so heartfelt communication followed by fast action can save the day.  Take a break to let someone know you appreciate them–this is a “tell me something good” aspect. The Moon aspects erratic Uranus at 7:40 PM EDT, sparking some unusually creative ideas. Don’t ignore your intuitive side now, go flip your wig and see where it lands.

The Moon trines Jupiter at 8:55 PM EDT, ushering in a buoyant mood, especially in relationships with family members and those close to you.  This can open the door to healing as the Moon conjuncts Chiron at 8:39 PM EDT. Build bridges now; dissolve things that separate.  This is doubly emphasized by today’s Moon/Juno conjunction. Keep those home fires burning!   At 9:47 PM EDT, when Venus aspects Saturn, we may enjoy feeling both loved and protected by those we share our lives with. Be especially kind to and patient with older people tonight.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN “AN unsealed letter.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A ship’s steward carrying a bowl of enchanting white lilies.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ CONFIDENCE .”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:VOYAGING.”


Both of today’s Symbols relate to movement and messages, which takes us into Mercury’s kingdom.  The Sabian Symbol focuses on issues of trust, privacy, confidentiality, and discretion. The letter is unsealed, but we trust that it will make its way to its destination unharmed and unread by anyone other than the person meant to open it.  (Doesn’t it all sound ever-so- quaint now in this era of instant communication?)  If you can entrust your private communications to someone with no fear that they will read them and gossip to all their friends, then you have a relationship built on a firm foundation. This Symbol also relates to integrity and all things that need to be kept sub rosa.  We trust others until they prove untrustworthy or unethical. Today we may discover who we can trust with confidential information, and who needs to get a sealed letter!  On the down side, blabbermouthed jabberers who can’t keep a secret can cause problems, or someone betrays your trust. Respect people’s privacy, don’t read over their shoulders in the subway cars, and don’t blurt out information that should be private. Be careful with that email you’re sending–maybe you should edit it before you send it, or delete some passages. Once it’s out there, it’s out there forever!

The Kozminsky Symbol, like the letter in the Sabian Symbol, is a bit nostalgic, as it reminds me of the days when people crossed the Atlantic on huge luxury ocean liners. Every need was attended to, and stewards glided from room to room, making sure everything was just perfect and all the lilies were at the peak of their bloom.  Think: “The Lady Eve”  (Barbara Stanwyck!) with all the showy gowns, fancy jewels, and eccentric characters.  Or we can go “Now, Voyager” (Bette Davis!), as the keyword is “voyaging”, so it’s all about the journey through life, especially the journey of the soul (the white lilies).  Keep an eye out for revelations.  This Symbol can indicate that we need to expand our horizons (ocean liners were used for long journeys in the days before convenient air travel) . They’re also huge–this combination screams Jupiter, King of the Gods, larger than life and bestower of favors (and father of all sorts of gods, demigods and assorted mythic beings–the guy got around!) 

A cruise in 1920s mode was a special occasion which took people out of their normal routine and into the orbits of people they might not have met under ordinary circumstances. This Symbol can indicate that we’re about to take a voyage of discovery. We may need to step outside our ordinary routines in order to “see the world”. We’ll be well protected, taken care of (the steward) and will discover great beauty along the way (the lilies in that lovely bowl).


9 of Cups / Temperance 

“The Bridge to a Balanced Heart”.  Total acceptance and fulfillment. Opening the heart to love. Learning how to find essential stability in fluctuating (Cups = water) situations. Achieving a long-desired dream. Your wish will come true in the time of Sagittarius (Temperance). A state of harmony. “Mix and match” until it’s perfect. Emotional alchemy. Bridging the gap between heart and mind, conscious and unconscious. Finding the golden mean or true proportions.  Flux and flow or situations that are constantly morphing into something new.  Adjusting the “ingredients”. On the down side: don’t get so carried away by your enthusiasm that you become unbalanced. Don’t give it all away or feel you have to be the one who always puts more energy into a relationship.


–August 21, 2013

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