The Daily Astro for July 24, 2013


The Daily Astro for July 24, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




 We’re in the distribution phase after Monday’s Full Moon in Aquarius. This one knocked me on my ass, so it’s taken me a while to process. Without getting too technical, it filled in the empty space in a particular planetary configuration in my birth chart, which gave it extra “oomph-power”. This Full Moon also occurred on the 22nd (22/4 energy), which resonated with the 22/4 setup I came in with. It really wore me out! I spent the time reflecting on a variety of issues during this Full Moon, so it was more of an inward time for me.

Which leads me to my point:  not every Full Moon, Supermoon, or planetary happening will be felt in the same way by everyone.  This is why there are times when it seems half the planet is rushing around in hysterics, yet you feel oddly sane and centered.  If something hits, as this Full Moon did, a degree (in this case 0 degrees Aquarius/Leo), which “clicks” with your birth chart, you will feel it more intensely than others who don’t bear the imprint of that degree and sign. It can feel as though repressed memories are being released or new information is “coming up for air”.

Since Monday was a 22/4 day, and 22 is considered a Master number, the energy is that of the Master Builder or architect. Vision combines with practical skills to bring something new into the world. Since 22/4 also has a Uranus vibe, what’s pushing its way in is often  ahead of its time, visionary, or upsets the status quo. We’re channeling the future. New ideas come into manifestation, new forms arise. Foundations are built for the society of the future. If you add to the mix the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, we’re learning to balance our own need to shine and express our creative abilities, our essence (Sun in Leo) with our soul need to connect with others/work for the good of the group in a progressive and somewhat detached way (Moon in Aquarius). This is like a brainstorming session where people get together to build “The City of the Future”. Remember those old news clips where they’d show people in flying cars or with nifty jet packs attached to their backs as they whooshed around the metropolis? Well, guess what?  We’re there! (I’m still waiting for the flying cars, though. Hey, I remember “The Jetsons”!)

Venus entered Virgo a few hours before the Full Moon, and the message is “love and service”. The beauty is in the details. Taking care of others’ needs opens the heart. This combination relates to letting go of ego distractions in order to find the true meaning of service. It’s not about slavery, or abasing yourself.  The Sun is in Leo, after all—we must find the calling of the heart and do the work that’s required, is all.  Venus in Virgo reminds me of Faberge eggs. Most are small, the shape is basic (everyone knows what an egg looks like), yet they’re exquisite, due to the care and the incredible amount of detail lavished upon them. They’re inset with gold and precious stones, and most are heavily enameled. There’s usually a “surprise” inside, a tiny reward.  In order to make these, a great amount of skill, patience and attention to detail is essential. Most were commissioned as gifts for special occasions for the Czar of Russia and his family (Leo = the sign of royalty). Years ago, when I worked at Forbes Magazine, I got to see a few Faberge eggs “up close and personal” in a gallery in the Forbes building, which is the best way to see them in order to appreciate the amazing amount of detail work involved in making them. Malcolm Forbes, (unsurprisingly, a Leo), had quite a large collection at one time. I read that most of the collection was sold to a wealthy Russian industrialist a few years ago, so many of the eggs have “gone home” again.

All this thinking about Czars and eggs and incredibly wealthy industrialists leads me to ruminate on the consequences of extreme imbalance in society, and this leads me to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, and herald of revolution and extreme change (especially since it’’s in that ongoing  square to Pluto, which is no slouch at taking down empires, either). With Mars and Jupiter uniting in Cancer at the time of this Full Moon, (the Moon is symbolic of the masses), plus a T-square configuration between the Sun, Moon and Saturn, there’s  real dynamic tension here. People feel stretched, uneasy, and homeless (on all levels of the word). They want to feel better, but are frustrated. Large-scale solutions are necessary; patchwork fixes won’t hold the fort much longer. Mars keys into the Grand Trine in water that I’ve talked about previously, so we’re prodded into creative solutions that well up from deep within. We may find emotional support from “fellow travelers”.

With the Full Moon degrees at 0  of Leo and Aquarius, we’re on a whole new playing field. Aquarius and Uranus resonate to “new”, but with Uranus currently retrograde, we’re going inward for solutions. A Full Moon, which signifies release, letting go, finishing projects, harvesting, and winding down, in 0 degrees of Aquarius is like one of those “last chance/everything must go” sales frantically advertised in store windows. We’re given a glimpse of the future, a little prod that it’s time to get rid of the worn and torn, the ripped and shredded, and pick up a brand new wardrobe for our brand new life.

Issues related to what we’re willing to put up with may arise. Saturn asks us to define our boundaries, Aquarius raises the freedom flag. Where are we declaring our independence? What can’t you stand any longer?  The tension has been building as we’ve started to redefine ourselves. This is a culling moment—if a situation, or a relationship, isn’t growing, we’re more inclined to make changes or remove ourselves from the scenario entirely rather than let it drag on.


Moving on to today’s aspects, the Moon leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces at 2:22 PM EDT. Today may get off to a slow start, as the gears don’t start whirring until later on in the day and we feel a little sludgy in the earlier hours.  We feel “not quite there” or are having a temporary out-of-body experience!  A Sun/Moon inconjunct at 5:55 PM EDT ends the workday with a jolt—maybe we have to stay late to catch up or need to adjust our schedule. Someone else may have been too busy socializing or daydreaming, so we have to finish what they never started!     (Or maybe we were the culprit because we spent too much time in never-never land!)

At 7:12 PM EDT, a Moon/Venus opposition may find us tearing our hair out as some people don’t seem to get the big picture and carp about little things, but it’s good for socializing if you can find common ground.   Since the Moon conjuncts Neptune at 10:19 PM EDT, then zooms into place to hook up with the water Grand Trine, trining Saturn at 10:44 PM EDT, Jupiter at 1:12 AM EDT and Mars in Cancer at 3:29 AM EDT, if you can stay awake,  night owls will find the late hours quite interesting.  You may feel you’ve met your soul mate or find you’re connecting with others on a very deep level.  This setup is wonderful for any kind of psychic work, meditation, or sending energy to others at a distance. We feel very “tuned in”.  This is the dreams-to-reality connection, so be sure to visualize, set intentions, project—get carried by the flow rather than trying to force things. Inspiration awaits, so don’t let this slip by. Creative types may feel incredibly inspired. You may get a glimpse of the future tonight—a vision of the best path to take. Even if you sleep through this, you may wake with a memory of  vivid, Technicolor dreams—the residue will linger like perfume as tomorrow begins. Take notes/take note of important themes or images from these dreams.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:      “ An epidemic of mumps.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:    “A roll of papers having dropped from the hand of a dying scholar is eagerly caught up by an   eminent professor on whose face there is a look of triumph.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Infection. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Artifice.”

This is quite a pair of Symbols today! Both relate to transmission or relaying something from one to another, with a queasy undercurrent in operation in both. The Kozminsky Symbol features a rather unscrupulous big-shot professor essentially stealing work from one of his students and passing it off as his own to bolster his own reputation. Kozminsky says that “His triumph may last until he breathes his last breath, then he will learn what in spite of all his learning he does not know…”  Certainly a hollow triumph. Don’t be a fake!   I don’t know about you, but reading the text for this image, I was thinking, “So this guy sees his student dying, but instead of trying to help him, or call an ambulance, he grabs for the papers?” You don’t want to be this guy.  It’s also a warning that drawing from a tainted well leads to sickness.  Which leads us to our Sabian Symbol for today, where it’s all about mumps.

Epidemics are mass events, and spread from one person to another rapidly as they come into contact with “carriers” of the particular virus. Something’s getting out of control, out of bounds. Healing is necessary. What’s infecting the “body politic”?  Who’s drinking the Kool Aid?  There’s a need to take a look at what’s causing the disease and determine how to eradicate or ameliorate the situation. This can relate to conditions or trends that move rapidly as well. Something is becoming unstoppable.  Since we’re talking disease, things are out of whack. What’s going wrong that has caused this infection/infestation?  It’s time to take a serious look at areas where we’re inadequate. On a larger scale, where has society’s immune system broken down? The first people to get sick are usually babies, the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Where are we most vulnerable?

By analyzing the situation, we may be able to figure out a solution. We have to study a disease, get to know it intimately, before we can come up with an antidote. On the down side, this Symbol can indicate running away from challenges or not taking responsibility. This can indicate all kinds of avoidance behavior or a need for healing a part of your life. Since mumps affects the salivary gland area, the symbolism is related to our appetities and what we hunger for. It hurts our throat area, so it also relates to speaking out and expressing ourselves. Issues related to what we want and how willing we are to talk about our heart’s desire are highlighted. Is there something you’re afraid to ask for?  Or something you “just can’t swallow?”.



“Silent Oracle”.  A watery combination, with the High Priestess relating to the Moon,  followed by the 4 of Cups (Cups = water/emotions/psychic abilities). We’re getting information from a higher source but aren’t sure we should trust it, or we feel the well has run dry. Difficulty accessing higher knowledge at this time. Or we just don’t like the fortune in our fortune cookie. Divine discontent. People are saying things we don’t want to hear. Be your own oracle, pay attention to that inner voice. The translation and the original don’t jibe. “Suspicious minds”.  Getting in our own way due to lack of trust. Resentment and fear cloud our perceptions, making them unreliable. Gossip or bad advice that spreads like a virus (see the Symbol section above).  We know on some level what’s going on, but we don’t want to deal with the ramifications, so we sit in dissatisfaction. This Full Moon (High Priestess) may make us acutely aware of areas in which we need to restructure (4 energy) or shore up our emotional foundations.


–July 24, 2013

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