The Daily Astro for June 24, 2013

Man in drunk costume @ Venetian Carnival.

The Daily Astro for June 24, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



How did yesterday’s Full Moon (AKA the “SuperMoon”) at 7:32 AM EDT feel to you?  It tired me out and I was a little drained, but I also felt that the break from the daily grind it demanded was essential. I felt like I was downloading some essential, previously secret information that will help me better navigate the future.

The Full Moon is always about release and surrendering vestiges of the past in order to “clear the brush” and give us a better view. With Jupiter so close to the Sun in Cancer (Jupiter officially enters Cancer tomorrow, June 25), and the Moon in Capricorn (all in late degrees, so think “endings”), we may feel like the expand-contract cycle has been activated. It’s not always comfortable, as we’re being asked to stretch beyond our normal limits, while at the same time remaining on some level true to our heritage and history. The shell’s cracking and it’s time to find a new (larger) home, but while we’re scuttling around looking for shelter, we’re worried some predator may get the scent and grab us while we’re vulnerable!  This is a “ghosts of the past” combination, and combined with current retrogrades (Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are already retrograde, and Mercury joins the club on June 26th), we’re being thrown back to re-experience something we never quite managed to close the door on in the past. It’s probably been acting as a “spanner in the works”, derailing or slowing us down. In some cases, it can relate to subconscious sabotage, or being too invested in family or cultural fears that have been embedded in us like tiny tracking chips. We may finally realize what our fears and resentments have cost us.  This Full Moon magnified everything—including our fears. The Moon in Capricorn isn’t a sentimental placement, so wherever it falls in our chart is where we’re being told to “get tough/get to work”.

Since Mercury retrogrades in Cancer on June 26, we may discover we need to express our feelings related to something that occurred a while ago. We didn’t say anything then, but now it may all come pouring out.  We may feel we have a second chance to get things right.  Some may feel a need to retreat, “go dark” or talk less, rather than more.  It’s a good time for any sort of retreat.  Our thoughts may be more concerned with “home base” than usual. We finally get to the bottom of something that has been troubling us. As with all retrograde Mercury periods, build in contingency plans /extra time if you’re traveling, double-check dates, times and facts and be flexible with day-to-day activities. If you accept the fact that some things won’t go the way you want or the way you planned, you’ll be fine. Look at it as a time to be more creative in finding solutions to unexpected problems. Sometimes being bumped off the path drops us off right in front of something really interesting we might not have noticed if we were still on the “regular” path.

Remember to give yourself time to absorb things; take time to meditate or reflect. Mercury in Cancer will activate the “sea creature” side of your brain.  We’re talking primal here—taking these “time outs” get us in touch with the underwater world of our own psyche. And to repeat (a Mercury retrograde keyword), Mercury isn’t the only retrograde planet right now. We’re building from within, even if the processes aren’t readily apparent to others.

As the Sun in Cancer moves to a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the urge to express and restructure our lives under the pressures of the Uranus/Pluto square intensify.  We’ve been getting intuitive “prompts” for some time that change is coming; we’re now more able to zone in on the areas where impediments need to be washed away. Things  reach critical mass; it all wells up from deep feelings (water signs) about the issues. People realize we need to heal the “dark side” of our culture. Cancer is protective, and many feel that we need to take a stand against harmful or coercive behavior, whether it’s bullying, high school and college hazing and abuse, “slut shaming”, or promoting misogyny and  abuse of women. As behaviors become more extreme, we’re seeing more people take action in protest.

The Moon remains in Capricorn today (it enters Aquarius at 3:27 AM EDT on Tuesday the 25th); it goes Void of Course at 10:25 PM EDT tonight, so allow yourself some quiet time this evening in order to process the events of the day. The day began with the Moon inconjunct Mars at 6:41 AM EDT, so your get up and go probably got up and went—this is one of those days you might wake up and curse out the radio announcer or your coffeemaker; the little things get us crazy this morning!

A Moon/Neptune connection at 12:03 PM EDT may find us taking a stroll down Memory Lane, or we find ourselves at our desks crunching numbers while wishing we were on a private beach soaking up the sun.  Later in the day, the Moon opposes Mercury at 4:20 PM EDT and then Venus at 10:24 PM EDT, so there’s a disconnect between ambition and our need for stability and a desire to play it safe or just stick with the comfortable and familiar. We want to batten down the hatches, but we’re peeking out from behind the security gates.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A cat arguing with a mouse.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A drunken reveler in fancy costume asleep at a table, the contents of his overturned cup of red wine pouring on the floor.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “JUSTIFICATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “MISDIRECTION.”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol zeroes in on one aspect of Full Moon/Grand Trine in Water energy—dissipation.  What flows in, flows out.  The reveler has absorbed all he can take in, and the last glass splashes to the floor.  With Jupiter so close to the Sun in Cancer, the urge to celebrate, fill ourselves up and keep expanding sometimes hits a roadblock—we all have our limits! That’s where the Moon in Capricorn comes in. This Symbol is about focusing our energy properly and not wasting effort or resources. It can indicate being carried away, someone with a “let’s get the party started” mentality who doesn’t know when to quit. We may be chasing the wrong things, or diving into excess in order to escape dealing with something (as a cup is featured prominently, it’s likely to be feelings and emotions). The fancy dress brings in the idea of disguise, or hiding our true nature—pretending to be someone we’re not, or only being able to enjoy ourselves when we’re putting on a show. Or conversely, being the most true to our nature when we’re pretending to be someone else.

The Sabian Symbol is all about the cat-and-mouse game. The cat knows from the beginning what’s going to happen; arguing with the mouse only prolongs things. It’s a setup; the cat’s toying with the mouse. This Symbol reflects the need for most of us to rationalize what we do, or find some explanation for our behavior. It relates to setting up a situation to our own advantage, guaranteeing we will win. There’s an element of manipulation here; it can also indicate we’re “setting ourselves up” or someone has rigged a situation to ensure that they will win.  It shows an ability to plan, think ahead, and/or gain the approval of others by explaining our motivations in a clever fashion. On the down side, it’s cold and calculated manipulation, arguing for argument’s sake, being goaded or baited into reacting, or being pushed into doing something. Today’s a good day to take a step back if you feel you’re being lured into a trap by a silver-tongued devil. Maybe that bit of cheese sitting there so temptingly isn’t worth it!


The Tower/ The Lovers

“Paradise Lost.”  This combination reminds me of all those ideal relationships touted in the press: two super-famous, super-gorgeous people who “just adore” each other, then it turns out they haven’t even been in the same room together for years. Bad choices lead to bad relationships where people make yet more bad choices. It’s time to take a look at the ramifications of those choices. The collapse of what we thought was secure leads us towards new partnerships. Mars is in Gemini right now and if you put these two cards together it also spells Mars/Gemini.  Too much energy hits an unstable structure, and down it goes. Fire in the brain; instability.  Too much talk about small things while disaster looms (the “fiddling while Rome burns” scenario). Lightning strikes twice. Accidental relationships or “love in the ruins”.  Igniting the fire again; renewal of a stagnant relationship by seemingly drastic means.  A nasty divorce followed by remarriage or a new relationship. The end of a cycle; a need for outside intervention.

–June 24, 2013

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