The Daily Astro for May 17, 2013


The Daily Astro for May 17, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon remains in Leo today. The day starts (7:46 AM EDT) with a Moon/Neptune connection, so we’re either haunted by poignant, flickering memories of last night’s vivid dreams or we’re wandering around with two different socks, wondering why we can’t find the cup of coffee we just made (hint: try the freezer or next to the cat’s food dish). At 10:17 AM EDT, the Moon squares Mars, which is followed by the Moon sextile Jupiter at 12:18 AM EDT, so we may startle a few people when we roar into overdrive. Take your hand off the “too much” button and try to steer this bucking-bronco energy into productive pathways.

Veering off the path isn’t a great idea today, as it’s too easy to get triggered by emotional “hooks” or fall into the distraction dead-end through self-indulgent behavior.  This will become very clear this evening (after 10:06 PM EDT), as the Moon moves into stress alignment with our dynamic duo of Uranus and Pluto. Everyone wants what they want and they want it NOW, but they may not be willing to yield or bend. Think of it as our Henry VIII evening:  everybody thinks they’re the king, so they deserve special treatment & unlimited indulgence, the best mutton chops and ale, and the most amusing jesters. And if they want to send that pesky wife to the dungeon or chop off her head so they can grab a new one that’s caught their fancy, well, hey, that’s OK too. It’s good to be the King, but it does tend to send the court and commoners into a frenzy as they try to keep up with the latest edict.

We’re moving towards the First Quarter waxing square (it occurs at 12:35 AM EDT on Saturday), and since we’re in an eclipse cycle (you haven’t forgotten about those 3 eclipses in a row, have you?), this one packs a punch. Since the Moon’s in Leo and the Sun’s in Taurus, we’re dealing with a fixed-sign square , which means there’s a lot of pent-up power here waiting to be released. The First Quarter Moon is a “crisis” point where things come to a head. We’re forced to DO something as the pressure builds. It’s time to make a clean break with the past. It may require more effort than we’re used to, or roadblocks pop up and we feel like we’re playing the “whack a mole” game. Once we unleash this power, it can move mountains, so don’t give up yet! It may feel like everything’s a struggle, but keep your focus on vaporizing fears, resistance and anything that’s “stuck” or jammed up, and you’re making the best use of this energy.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A squaw selling beads.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “DETACHMENT.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “INGENUITY.”


Both of today’s Symbols involve someone using their skills to make something amazing or beautiful. The Native American woman (the Sabian Symbols were conceived at a time when the unfortunate term “squaw” was commonly used) is selling jewelry she or other members of her family  has made (often several members of a given family are artists). The inventor has paused to admire his latest invention. Both have made the best use of their natural gifts in order to bring something new into the world. The Sabian Symbol also relates to the continuity of tradition and passing down skills from one generation to the next. Since the beads are being sold, there’s an additional element here related to receiving fair value for work performed, fair exchange, and dealing with others on a one-to-one basis. Creativity, talent, skills, and doing something you love are emphasized here. It’s time to express yourself. What is it that you really love to do. It also relates to value and self-esteem. Are you undervaluing yourself and your abilities?

On the down side, this Symbol can mean a lack of self-worth or a withdrawal from the world. We may find we’re very productive today, have many interesting ideas, or have a great urge to express ourselves boldly (the Moon is in Leo today). If you come from a particular ethnic or national group, how do you express the traditions/creative heritage of that group and integrate it into your daily life? Today we may be thinking of ancestors or those who have passed and reflect upon our connection to them and how that has shaped or defined our lives.

The Kozminsky Symbol is very Uranian—an inventor who looks to the future for inspiration. He’s designed and produced something entirely new that may change the way people live their lives. This Symbol tells us that it’s not only important to have good ideas—we must also work hard to realize their potential. The inventor has produced a prototype of an engine (something that generates and distributes power), so it’s related to moving forward and using energy productively. An ingenious person is open to new ideas and is able to see connections that others may miss. Today’s a day to find answers by changing the way that you think. Be open to new concepts and ideas or new ways to use skills you already possess. Things may move quickly and into unexpected realms, so be alert. Given the nature of our two Symbols, it’s a wonderful day for artistically inclined or creative types, who may find that inspiration hits in a flash and takes them in new directions.



Page of Pentacles   / 10 of Swords


“Seeds of the Future.”   I like the “past/future collision” feel of this one, it’s like a sci-fi film where you meet a hologram of your future self as you’re struggling with planetary oblivion in the present. The seeds of the future come from a truncated past. We’ve carried something as far as it will go and there’s a massive energy release. A collapsing star or black hole sends its energy into space. This combo carries the energy of the First Quarter Square as something new struggles to find a foothold as old things collapse under their own weight.

There’s a suggestion that we’re not seeing something because at the moment is so new, so tiny, such a fledgling, that it’s operating under the radar. But it’s there, and growing. Old paradigms lose their authority and change wanders in through the section where the fence has developed a hole. Cosmic acupuncture is at work opening up the meridians.  We’ve paid our dues and all our debts, so it’s time to use the space we’ve cleared to grow something new. Things happen in cycles; spring always arrives after the harsh winter has passed.

–May 17, 2013


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