The Daily Astro for April 9, 2013



The Daily Astro for April 9, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon’s in Aries today, but it’s in the Balsamic Phase, which is essentially the Moon at the very end of its monthly cycle. (The New Moon is tomorrow).  The Sun, Mars, Venus and Uranus are also in Aries right now. So we’re in an “ending” Moon phase, but most of the planets are in the “beginning” sign, Aries. If we take a look at some of today’s aspects we can figure out how to use this energy.

Let’s start with the Moon conjunct Uranus at 7:56 AM EDT. This energizing aspect helps us start the day with a shake, rattle and roll, and it also introduces an element of volatility. Our minds are sharp, but we’re not particularly patient and may balk at anything we see as restrictive.  The Moon forms an inconjunct (adjustment) to Saturn in Scorpio at 8:47 AM EDT, which may lead us to project our fears or anger about being restricted onto others. Things may come to a head or we reach our boiling point by the time the Moon squares Pluto at 12:29 PM EDT.

Here’s something to think about:  Today we may run head-on into people or situations that reflect our past, past patterning and/or things we need to transform or leave behind entirely.  The immediate reaction is: detonate! This may make us feel better  in the short term, but the Mercury/Pluto quintile at 8:02 AM EDT is telling us to look at PATTERNS, to go “behind the scenes” and figure out why we’re being triggered in the first place. What’s pissing you off the most?  That’s where you throw your energy today. And I don’t mean having a temper tantrum. If things are going haywire, what’s not working or needs to change?  What can be fixed if you alter the way you react or look at things from a different perspective? It’s also the time to recognize that not everything can be fixed; some relationships may be irreparably broken and it’s time to move on.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter at 3:50 PM EDT and parallels Venus at 4:18 PM EDT, which can help lift spirits and smooth rough edges. Remember to apologize with a smile if you’ve gone off the deep end and offended anyone earlier in the day!  Accentuate the positive as the day winds down; count your blessings and share your resources or good fortune with others. Even small gestures like giving a little gift or telling a joke to cheer someone up will be greatly appreciated.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “ A young girl feeding birds in winter.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “HOSPITALITY.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “RESOLUTION .”


Venus and Mars are both in Aries today (and are less than a degree apart), so these two Symbols reflect the joining of the principles represented by each planet. Venus is Aries is quite proactive in expressing love, care and concern—it all about action.  In the Sabian Symbol, the girl doesn’t sit around and feel bad for the birds because it’s winter and they’re scrabbling for food, she gets some seed, goes outside, and feeds them.  It also reflects today’s Moon/Venus parallel. She feels (Moon) concern for the birds and wants to share what she has with them. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, so there’s emphasis on resources and an awareness of the needs of others. This Symbol relates to the desire to help those in need and to take the required action at the time it is needed, without delay. This is one reason Aries people are good to have around in an emergency!

The girl represents our charitable impulses properly directed. The girl is giving the birds exactly what they need at the moment they need it. She’s not putting out lawn chairs for them to sit on. We may find ourselves in a situation today where we are called upon to help someone. The needs of other people may preempt our own. Food shortages or famines in part of the world may be an issue. The down side of this Symbol is when we  give only because we think it will impress others or because we’re trying to bribe or “buy” someone’s love. There’s also a warning here to avoid letting others take advantage of your good nature. Don’t get used by others who want to dump their responsibilities on you (because you’re always “nice” and can’t say no). Establish boundaries where necessary.

The Kozminsky Symbol relates to Mars in Aries, as forging weapons and tools in red-hot fire pits the kind of thing Mars in Aries thinks is fun.   (No surprises here: Kozminsky states that this Symbol is under the influence of the planet Mars.)  I keep seeing huge Norse dudes getting ready for their next campaign: “Hey, Thor, when’s that sword going to be ready? The Berserkers are getting restless!”  The basic meaning for this Symbol is transmutation, primarily of the self. All that hammering and forging changes the shape of the base material and turns it into something stronger and better.  What’s required is strength of character, a bold spirit, and a willingness to do the work. There’s no time for slackers and you’re not allowed to give up when you’re “under fire”. (That’s where the keyword, “resolution”, comes in.)  What areas in your life are being transformed right now? Where do you need to take decisive action? Make some resolutions and follow through. Here’s your big opportunity for rebirth–don’t be shy. Grab it!



8 of Swords / King of Swords


“Cut it Out”.  In keeping with today’s astrological theme, our two Air cards show up. It all begins in the mind. We activate through our thought patterns, which have crystallized (8 of Swords). Surgery is called for—we need to cut it out, mentally or, in some cases, there may even be a physical blockage that manifests. We have a great deal of insight about what’s going on, but we’re afraid to take action to resolve the situation. We hesitate to make that first step towards freedom.

We can’t sit in fear, guilt and dread but we feel we’re in a no-win situation that’s difficult to resolve. There’s paralysis here, stasis.  Then the power player  (King of Swords) shows up and makes a decision based on the evidence presented. Someone with no horse in the race can help you free yourself from a tricky situation, but you have to stop listening to those negative voices in your head. Assess the information you receive. What’s the source? Is it fear-based or divisive? Is it true or is it a half-truth?  It’s time to release whatever ties you to a punishing philosophy or a world view based on fear and repression. If you can’t solve a problem yourself or if you’re stuck, ask for guidance from someone you trust  and can rely upon to tell you the absolute truth.


–April 9, 2013

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