The Daily Astro for March 15, 2013

The Daily Astro for March 15, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



Resources & Renovation.  That’s today’s theme, short form version. We’re a little reluctant to get moving this morning; the Sun/Moon aspect inclines toward general slug-a-bedness. The Moon’s in Taurus, so we may be acting out the Immovable Object routine early in the day. We probably will feel like “circling the wagons” and keeping things to ourselves when the Moon opposes Saturn at 11:27 AM EDT. Mercury’s retrograde, but it’s barely moving now before it makes its direct station Sunday at 4:03 PM EDT, which furthers the Snow White in suspended animation vibe. But don’t wait for the prince to show up and rouse you from your torpor; you might be waiting for a very long time.

With Chiron sextile Pluto and the Moon trine Pluto at 12:12 PM EDT, what we need to do today is work on the 2nd house (Taurus)/ 8th house (Scorpio, ruled by Pluto) polarity. This entails a tightrope walk between the desire to hold on to what we have and to push towards transformation. We need to get serious about making changes and renovating our lives. Long-held beliefs are shifting, and this can cause anxiety or alienate us from past associations and partnerships. Our relationships trigger weak or wounded spots or bring up painful memories right now. This is necessary in order to force us to pay attention to what needs an overhaul. We may need to find new support systems. Use the stubborn, stick-with-it superpowers of Taurus to drill deep into your routines, examine habit patterns, and figure out what vibrations need raising so your life runs better. Invoke the seriousness of Saturn and the shape-shifting powers of Pluto to chart a new path from the ashes of your old world.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A new moon that divides its influences.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A dowser, with a wand of hazel in his hands finding water on barren lands.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “FINESSE. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “DISCOVERY.”

Today’s Symbols, featuring the Moon, a dowser and a search for water on barren land reflect today’s Sun in Pisces and Moon in Taurus. Both Symbols relate to things that are uncertain or unclear. I picture the dowser wandering back and forth as the wand wavers in his hand, much as the Moon’s light changes depending upon the phase it enters. We’re navigating a mutable landscape here, searching for solutions. We learn to see things from varying perspectives. There’s an emphasis on intuition and psychic abilities.

The Sabian Symbol relates to the different ways people perceive the Moon. For lovers it’s a romantic image, while scientists have an entirely different perspective. The way the Moon shifts and changes reflects and influences the ebb and flow of the tides and of our emotions and moods. It’s also an indicator of timing. Since it’s a New Moon, it relates to the seed-state, beginnings and stating your intentions in order to achieve the best results. The down side of this card is similar to the challenges presented by a reversed or challenged Moon card in the tarot: fearfulness, uncertainty, feeling “haunted” by the past, being in a state of ambiguity or feeling caught in between worlds, confused mental states, anxiousness, doubt and worry, and indecisiveness or lack of good timing.

The Kozminsky Symbol tells us to use our gifts to full advantage, not only for ourselves, but for others. The land is barren, so presumably the people need water in order to survive and grow crops. The dowser uses his abilities to find a water source to sustain the population. This Symbol involves dogged searching, not giving up (the Moon in Taurus) for an essential shared resource (today’s aspects to Pluto). Since this is a life and death matter, there’s a focus on the 2nd and 8th houses, the Taurus and Scorpio houses. Incidentally, the hazel tree is considered by Celtic peoples the Tree of Knowledge, and deemed sacred, especially to poets and fairies, so the dowser’s search is also a quest for higher wisdom and otherwordly inspiration.


10 of Wands / The Moon

“Through a glass darkly.”  Here’s the Moon again! It’s already made an appearance in today’s Sabian Symbol. This combination shows a loss of vision– we can’t “see the light” right now. Something’s obscuring our view. It can mean we’re feeling overwhelmed or completely swamped with emotion. (With all those planets in Pisces, we’ve all been feeling a little submerged lately!)

We feel overburdened, incapable of “going with the flow” because there’s too much on the agenda. Since we’re not seeing clearly, we may let our fears and anxiety take over and immobilize us. This pair is like being imprisoned in a funhouse hall of mirrors. Think about what you’ve taken on and where you are in the maximum overload zone. Examine all projections and reflections–there’s something you’re not seeing. Pay attention to your dreams for clues. You may be holding on to past expectations, responsibilities or taking on karma from your mother’s side of the family. Are you carrying other people’s burdens? If so, why? Are you staying in situations that make you crazy out of a sense of misplaced obligation? Take a look at issues surrounding projection and reflection and where you feel you need to be a scapegoat or “hold” other people’s fears.

 –March 15, 2013



















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