The Daily Astro for January 30, 2013

The Daily Astro for January 30, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Jupiter turns direct today at 6:43 AM EST, which means that all major planets are “go” now–they’re all in direct motion mode. This is like taking the saddle off a stalion and letting him run free in a meadow. Of course, he can and will wear the saddle and carry a rider, but sometimes it’s more fun just to gallop freely for the unbridled joy of it!

With Jupiter and the other planets direct, we may feel like there’s more oxygen in the air, more room to breathe and grow. Jupiter’s the “supersizer” of the zodiac, and is currently in Gemini. So if you’ve been holding back or stuck in the communications arena, or if you’ve been working on a book or project that has hit a snag or two, you may find things start to flow more easily now, or at least your attitude towards things will  improve–you now see all of your options more clearly. Jupiter imbues us with optimism and reinforces our faith. Just be careful you don’t promise more than you can deliver or keep too many irons in the fire. Jupiter’s influence can prompt us to “overdo” in just about every sphere of life.

Today the Moon is in Virgo until 1:36 AM EST, when it moves into Libra. The day starts with a Moon in Virgo/Mercury in Pisces adjustment aspect. This aspect reminds me of those people who have memorized a huge number of facts about a variety of weird things and spout off about them periodically. It’s interesting, but disjointed, and you wonder what the point is!

Next, we have Big Daddy Jupiter going direct, as noted above. After that, we have a Sun/Uranus aspect, which makes us antsy and squirming to make changes–NOW. However, at 5:49 PM EST, even though we’re buoyed by all that full-bodied optimism, we nonetheless have the Sun in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio, which puts the brakes on. Remember that children’s song with the lyrics “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms?” This aspect has that feel. We can feel blocked or limited by the actions of a group or other people. The Moon/Saturn (6:45 PM EST) and Sun/Moon (6:50 PM EST) aspects that follow this don’t help much, either. People may be feeling insecure and are all too happy to take it out on someone else. It’s hard to make a connection at this time.

Later on, the skies clear as the Moon trines Venus at 8:59 PM EST and we feel all cuddly and cozy again, but after that, today’s final aspects, Moon/Mars and Mercury/Uranus, can throw us out of whack. You’ll probably be asleep for the Mercury/Uranus aspect, but if you remember your dreams you might wake up sure that you had some really brilliant ideas, but since in your dream you were speaking some language only known to natives of the planet Zork,  you’re not entirely sure what those brilliant ideas were all about!


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “ Man tete-a-tete with his inspiration.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “Flowers twined round a sceptre .”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ ECSTASY”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “TASTE”.

The Sabian Symbol seems to be hooking into the sparks-and-light-show produced by today’s Jupiter/Uranus sextile. Fire and Air signs, especially (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius), should get a nice little jolt of inspiration from this combination. The Sabian Symbols references communication with the higher self/other realms and relates to intuition, spirituality, new ideas, being inspired or excited, and feeling elated/inflated by touching the divine. This ties in with our pal Jupiter going direct today, as Jupiter can bring in a feeling of being elevated or above it all, as though we’re floating in the air like a balloon. (Jupiter also is associated with dreams, prophecy and connecting with other worlds.)  The down side here is that like tires, it’s not always a good idea to roll around overinflated all day long. This euphoria can ooze us into FantasyLand , but sometimes it’s not a good idea to move in to those castles in the air!

The Kozminsky Symbol has a poetic quality and shows a union of worldly power (the sceptre) with beauty and grace (the flowers) and points to someone who becomes known and is respected for his or her finer qualities. Everything is in balance here. This calls to mind enlightened leadership or the “Golden Age” of a country or territory, a time that is remembered fondly in the years that follow. Jupiter operating positively can relate to the benevolent ruler, one who encourages growth and expansion in all areas of his/her domain. Think about ways to make your world more beautiful as the Moon moves to Libra in the early morning hours tomorrow.


Queen of Wands/Magician

Here’s our benevolent ruler  again. This fire and air combination reflects today’s Sun/Uranus aspect and urges us to use our skills creatively. This combination is like a grounded electrical socket–everything’s set up to help the energy flow in the best way possible. There’s a very optimistic (Jupiter again) quality to these two cards. We’ve reached a point where we have the focus, ability and will in order to channel our energy in a very powerful way. This is a very future-oriented combo, very outer-directed. Think about what you are projecting into the world and if it fully reflects your skills and capabilities. Since this is a magic pair, if you don’t like what comes to mind, redirect that energy! This dynamic duo tells us it’s time to unleash all those new ideas that have been percolating inside.
–January 30, 2012

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