The Daily Astro for October 2, 2012

The Daily Astro for October 2, 2012

Today’s theme seems to be “service in healing”. The day opens with the Moon in Taurus  sextile Chiron in Pisces, which reminds me of reiki and other healing modalities that can heal body issues and complexes (Moon in Taurus) with energy release (Chiron in Pisces), thus freeing us from habitual (Taurus) patterns.

The Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn, extending this feeling of release from confinement through the collective–so what you do for yourself echoes throughout the larger world structure. With the Moon also in an adjustment aspect to the Sun in Libra today, it may be hard to move out of our comfort zone without rattling someone else’s cage, but do it anyway. Just don’t be obnoxious about it. Remember the theme is to be of service!

Venus in Leo sextile Saturn in Libra (8:05 PM EDT) reminds us to open our hearts and realize we’re in it for the long haul. Build relationships that stand the test of time. Figure out a how to keep the spark ignited even under difficult or trying situations–think long-term. Today is a bit of a “still point”, gifting us with precious moments to regroup and prepare for the shifts and changes ahead. (Early Wednesday morning Venus enters Virgo, Jupiter turns retrograde (in Gemini) on Thursday, Mercury and Saturn enter Scorpio on Friday, and finally, Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday.)
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An old hermit, in a cave, grasping a crucifix.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Competency.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Solitude.”

The Kozminsky card is reminiscent of the Hermit, the tarot card associated with Virgo. This image, of someone in service to a higher reality, is the essence of Virgo. Virgos seek the perfection in order to find the essence of things, the beauty of the inner mechanism. The hermit is living in his essence, with only what he needs, nothing extraneous, in order to reach a higher level of truth that can only be seen when all else is taken away. He has what he needs, nothing more.  There is an order to things; we’re often too busy or our lives are too cluttered with details (the shadow side of Virgo) to see it. The Sabian Symbol is about making it through a crisis by use of our skills. Before we set out on any adventure, we need to make sure we’re prepared and can handle anything that comes up. We rise to the occasion when confronted with challenges. We develop maturity and wisdom. This Symbol picks up on the Venus/Saturn theme of maturity and challenges in all our relationships–we can make it through the dangerous waters if we have a mature attitude, are willing to learn from experience, and are aware of the possible pitfalls along our path. We learn from experience and can use that knowledge to guide others who may be heading towards those same rushing waters.

Born on October 2:

Peter II (Czar of Russia), Isabella of Naples, Duchess of Milan, Saint Charles Borromeo (Italian cardinal), Francis Hopkinson (designer of the US Stars & Stripes), Nat Turner (leader of slave rebellion in US), Lal Bahadur Shastri (2nd Prime Minister of independent India), Paul von Hindenburg (German President), Mahmud of Ghazni (ruler of Ghaznavid Dynasty, Eastern Iranian area), Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, Cordell Hall (US Secretary of State), Mahatma Gandhi (nonviolence advocate, leader), Groucho Marx (comedian, Marx Brothers), Ferdinand Foch (responsible for the Allies winning WW1), Marie Anne de Bourbon (oldest legitimized daughter of Louis XIV and his mistress), Sting (musician, The Police), Tiffany (singer), Johnnie Cochran (lawyer famed for O.J. Simpson case), Kelly Ripa (talk show sidekick), Ayumi Hamasaki (“The Empress of Pop” in Japan), Donna Karan (fashion designer), George “Spanky” McFarland (member of “Our Gang” kid comedy group), Graham Greene (novelist), Lorraine Bracco (actor, “The Sopranos”), Rex Reed (movie critic), Avery Brooks (comedian), Maury Wills (baseball player), Don McLean (singer/songwriter, “American Pie”), Bud Abbott (comedian, partner in Abbott & Costello team), Djano Bates (jazz musician), Freddie Jackson (R&B singer), John Otway (odd British singer), Michael Rutherford (Genesis), Persis Khambatta (actor), Richard Hell (musician/writer, Television/Richard Hell & The Voidoids), Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Moses Gunn (actor), Clay Felker (journalist), Jan Morris (travel writer), Wallace Stevens (poet), Alexander Todd (Nobel prize in chemistry), Jack Parsons (rocket scientist), Bud Gaugh (Sublime), Robbie Neville (musician), James Root (Slipknot), Lena Nystrom (vocalist, Aqua), Kiki de Montparnasse (singer/actress/model), Michel Trudeau (son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and wife Margaret; died in avalanche while skiing), Margaret Hone (astrologer), David St. Clair (author/writer/lecturer on occult topics), John Sinclair (MC5, poet, leader of White Panther Party), Charles Ricketts (book and set designer/illustrator), Willy Ley (science writer, popularized space flight), Gianfranco Stevanin (Italian serial killer), Shinji Aramaki (anime director), Juan Ruiz de Alarcon (dramatist), Maja Ivarsson (singer, The Sounds), Efren Ramirez (actor, “Napoleon Dynamite”), Lew Temple (film director), Dia Frampton (Meg & Dia musical duo), Kate St. John (Ravishing Beauties, Dream Academy).

Today’s Card Draw:
This week I’m using the “Dreaming in Color” deck by Mindy Sommers.
Go to
Today’s card can be found in the bottom row, second from the left, if you’re interested in what the cards looks like.

Today’s card is: SIMPLICITY

This card is a call to strip things down to the bone, to unclutter, release and remove anything that takes up too much space (and that includes mental or psychic space, too)! Sommers points out that “We often make things more complicated than they need to be”. Organization is called for; we’ll feel better when we’ve simplified our routines and our lives. Sommers adds that the warning is “ not to over-analyze or read meanings into others’ words that aren’t there.”

This card ties in well with our Hermit figure in his cave (the Kozminsky Symbol). He’s removed anything extraneous that gets in the way of his devotion to his mission. He’s focused on another dimension, another reality, and in spite of hardships, he is content with his situation.

The Sabian Symbol illustrates another “strip to the essence” situation. In order to navigate the dangerous waters to safety, the person at the helm of the canoe has to be 100% focused, totally in the present, with nothing in his/her mind but reaching safe waters. Anything else would clutter his mind and become a possibly dangerous distraction. Both Symbols relate to living in the moment, honing things to their essence, existing in that still central point. The planet Saturn, in aspect today with Venus, is moving towards the sign Scorpio, and these themes of exposing what is essential, stripping down to the essence and creating structures to survive a crisis, will become more prominent in coming months.
–Valerie Sylvester, October 2, 2012 —

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