Neptune in Pisces: “I Want To Take You Higher”

Neptune in Pisces sets sail!

Neptune in Pisces: “I Want to Take You Higher”   

Neptune enters Pisces full-on, full-time on February 3, 2012.  Neptune whirled into Pisces briefly back in April 2011, so look back to see was going on at that time (if you can remember); that was a foreshadowing of the themes that will play out for you now. Neptune’s in Pisces until 2025, and as Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, it will be operating at full strength in its home sign.

During this time we will probably see an expansion in consciousness, and the feeling that we are all connected on a very deep level.  It wouldn’t be surprising if new forms of telepathy and other-worldly communications emerged.  People may be more highly “spiritualized” and have a desire to help others because they feel that we are all part of one whole. Fashion and style will no doubt reflect the watery, blurry-around-the-edges theme of Neptune and Pisces and we may see iridescent fabrics, blue and green hues, mermaid or sea imagery, and flowing, blousy styles. Shoes and jewelry are apt to be particularly whimsical, wacky and inventive in style and color. (Lady Gaga will have a field day!)

Boundaries will be erased everywhere, on all levels, and while this can be a very good thing, boundary issues and co-dependency will also arise, both in the world and on a personal level.  Expect some strange behavior at times.  Crackpot ideas and strange religious theories may also pop up their weird little heads. One of the keynote signs of Neptune in Pisces as people first acclimate to it: mass displays of paranoia, hysteria, increased belief in conspiracies and fear-based “acting out”. Concerns relating to oil and petroleum, the viability of the ocean, invisible forms of pollution and oil or chemical spills may increase. We may find out more about spying and spies or other “secret” or hidden behavior.  We’ll see more films that focus on utopian-type communities or the longing for a mystical “home” (“Avatar” was a prototype here.) Dystopian fantasy films will also flourish.  Flu epidemics and other  diseases may spring up, spread insidiously and weaken our immune or lymph systems. There will be an upsurge in spirituality and a desire to transcend the ordinary, which may lead some to drugs, alcohol and other forms of escapist behavior, including zoning out while watching TV or playing fantasy games on the computer. Homeless and refugee issues triggered by poverty, epidemics or the dissatisfaction of the populace may reach a crisis point.  Neptune in Pisces will serve to dissolve much of the old and leave us feeling like we’re “at sea.” It can also bring enlightenment and make us feel connected to the divine. Some days we’ll be blissed out and others we’ll be freaked out!

Check your rising sign below for a more-than-slightly tongue-in-cheek glimpse at the matters relating to Neptune in Pisces as it accents each house.

If you don’t know your rising sign, here’s a calculator from Cornelia Jones’ astrology website, Horoscopes Within, to try:

Neptune through the First House (Pisces rising):

Like you’re not spacy enough already! You could start dressing like a psychedelic pixie on a really intense bender– some of you may corner the market on gauze and flowy, tie-dye-y or twirly attire and begin yodeling odes to fairies and/or other obscure personages from Celtic mythology. Or you’ll just evolve into a new you approximately every twenty minutes, thus confusing the hell out of your Taurus friends. You may feel like a kaleidoscope, discovering different colors of your personality with every twist and turn.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow & morph on down the line!  Do find a Capricorn to help you buy you something tidy and tailored, especially if you’re going on a job interview, or at least a pair of shoes (you can get hurt walking barefoot on those city streets!)

Neptune through the Second House (Aquarius rising):

You may want to give all your money away to criminals or large banking institutions. (OK, that’s redundant.)  No, you didn’t win the lottery and you shouldn’t fly to Nigeria to collect that 10 million that some guy who can’t spell claims you’re due.  Not a good time to invest in Kodak or typewriter manufacturers, no matter how much someone tries to persuade you that they’re “making a comeback”. You may completely change your value system and rethink your viewpoint on the worth of any and all material objects and worldly goods  (you might as well; you won’t have any left, anyway, after giving everything away to join a fringe offshoot of some End-of-the-World cult).

Neptune through the Third House (Capricorn rising):

You’ll probably feel like you’ve lost your mind.  That’s because you have. It’s off visiting friends in other dimensions right now and will send you an intergalactic postcard in a few weeks. Your friends and neighbors make no sense; it’s like they are speaking Zorkathian. Or maybe you’re the one who’s speaking a fake alien language. It’s hard to tell. The interpreters are all MIA.  Remember to leave a trail of bread crumbs when you walk around so you can find your way back to your house. (Or beg a passing Sagittarius for directions–they’ve been everywhere!)  You probably will have some amazing breakthroughs in the mystical knowledge department or will create something breathtakingly beautiful, but you will still forget to pick up that loaf of break and carton of milk on the way home.

Neptune through the Fourth House (Sagittarius rising):

Don’t buy that house with “just a little bit of water in the basement, it’s no big deal”. I repeat, don’t buy it.  Go get a Cancer with a dowsing rod to help you find the source of the soon-to-manifest flood. And if they say, “it’s not structural”, go get an inspector–fast. Your relatives make no sense and yet you are expected to understand and accept whatever they want to do, because obviously something is wrong with you for thinking they’ve taken a long walk off a short pier. You can tell them not to marry that drug addict, but they won’t listen and will, in fact, blame you for being “ too negative”. Secrets from your past or your family’s past may come bubbling up and challenge long-held beliefs or your vision of yourself  (“I didn’t know we had any long-lost relatives in Ulan Bator!”), yet somehow it can all be oddly liberating. If it gets to be too much, pop on some headphones, listen to music and buy a nice art print to two to adorn the walls of your lair. Maybe an Impressionist watercolor or quasi-medieval Pre-Raphaelite print would be just the ticket (ask a Libra for some decorating advice).

Neptune through the Fifth House (Scorpio rising):

It might not be a good idea to bring that guy home from the bar (the one passed out on the pool table, I mean). Just because you have Scorpio rising, it doesn’t mean your radar is always accurate in these matters, especially now.  Or you could fall in love with a saint, but he/she is too busy saving the world to be concerned with the niceties of romance. But you may also open the door to your “mystery date” (anyone remember that old game?) and meet a soulmate. And I have a tip for you: Don’t bet on the ponies.  Leave that to the Sagittarians. Your horse will probably be disqualified for being pumped up with steroids, anyway. If you have children, they may want to go out and save the world, too, or else they’re Ascended Masters and will astonish you with their wisdom (but you still have to force them to eat their vegetables, even if they claim to be “breatharians”).  This is a lovely time for artists and all of those engaged in the creative arts; just reach up and grab those shiny/pretty floating ideas before they drift back  into the ozone from whence they came.

Neptune through the Sixth House (Libra rising):

You feel like you’re going to jump out a window if you have to listen to your co-worker talk to her friend about her hemorrhoid flare-up all day, although with Libra rising, you may be too polite to tell her to be quiet. (Enlist the Aries sitting across the cubicle and ask them to yell “Shut the hell up!” to the offender at the top of their lungs; they’ll enjoy it.) Work may be less than thrilling–you may feel like you’re trapped either in Scranton and/or in eternal reruns of “The Office”. Maybe it’s time to just relax a little and Zen out in your daily routine. Weirdo health problems may emerge; doctors have no clue what’s wrong with you, but toss drugs at you with wild abandon just to shut you up. The only problem is that you might be more sensitive to medication than usual, so be careful. You may feel a call to service: do some charitable work (animal or pet rescue organizations may appeal); make yourself useful. Someone, somewhere, needs you!

Neptune through the Seventh House (Virgo rising):

Don’t marry or go into business with that person with the extensive criminal record. You know, the one who meets you on the street corner and acts like their address or phone number is ultra-confidential and you somehow cannot be trusted with it–yet. Find a Scorpio private investigator and ask him/her to take at look at their background.  It’s also a good time to avoid co-dependent relationships and remember that you can’t “save” or “fix” anyone, (though you Virgo Ascendant/Pisces Descendant types may try for a while). They have to do the work themselves, so even though people may talk a good game and promise they’re reformed, or no longer consuming _____ (name addictive substance of your choice), it’s “wait and see time”, not “jump into the murky swamp water” time. On the plus side, during this time we can come into contact with people who can be a inspiring and positive influence spiritually and can open many doors for us. Existing relationships benefit from a little extra “magic”, too.

Neptune through the Eighth House (Leo rising):

Not a great time to invest with Bernie Madoff types; unfortunately you may have to dodge the snake-oil salesmen/women at this time, or for some reason you’re not thinking clearly when it comes to shared resources. Yes, we know you look great for 75; it’s still a good idea to look into a pre-nup before you marry the 25 year old who loves you for your wit and sparkling personality. If you’re interested in the occult, you may find this to be a mind-blowing time. You could be rather busy in the psychic and  communications department–Aunt Bertha who passed on recently may have quite a lot to say (of course, Aunt Bertha might turn out to be as annoying in spirit form as she was when she was corporeal!)  Find a Pisces to chat with her about chakras for a while so you can take a break from all these ectoplasmic episodes.

Neptune through the Ninth House (Cancer rising):

Running off to a yak farm in Tibet might look pretty tempting right about now–you might feel that a change of scenery & frolicking in the fields full of happy yaks doing whatever it is that happy yaks do might just be the thing to ease that slight sense of malaise that you’re suffering right now. Whether you travel far and wide or stay put in your La-Z-Boy beside the fire, you’re looking for answers to the Big Questions (though you suspect that the answer is that there IS no answer, really, Grasshopper). You might decide to go back and finish that college degree, or study a subject that fascinates you. You could meet some unusual teachers or guides along the way–they could be highly inspirational, they could be drunk or delusional…they could be yaks.

Neptune through the Tenth House (Gemini rising):

Where’s your boss?  Where’s your job? Why is your career path overgrown with dense shrubbery all of a sudden?  Why is everyone out to lunch at the same time? Who knows? You’re probably not getting the straight story anyway. Pay more attention to what’s behind the words than to the words themselves (especially all those fake-cheery inter-office memos telling you that everything’s just peachy- keen with your company).  This is one of those “what the hell am I doing with my life?” moments–it’s destiny time!  Except it’s not a bolt from the blue, it’s more of a queasy feeling in the stomach that things aren’t quite what you wanted/hoped for.  Since things are rather opaque at the moment, take it slow and try to visualize where you want your future to lead.  Don’t be surprised if it starts to manifest (but maybe not in the way you initially imagined).  And don’t be surprised if your co-workers act like they’re auditioning for the latest update of  “The Twilight Zone”.

Neptune through the Eleventh House (Taurus rising):

Right about now you’re probably thinking that online Conspiracy Theory group is getting boring (too many exclamation marks and capitalizing every word of that rant about who !!!!!! REALLY CAUSED 9/11 !!!!!!!!  will test almost anyone’s patience); you’re also getting tired of listening to all your friends whining endlessly about their problems, which were generally caused by their failure to dodge something that they should have seen coming head-on from approximately, oh, a zillion miles away. It might be time to give the boot to a few of these Psychic Vampires and start associating  with people who are more in sync with your views and vision. Dare to aim high; find some positive, thoughtful types and move on with your life. Locate an Aquarian or two; you’ll be sure to meet some interesting people if you hang around with Aquarians for more than five minutes. They may not be from our solar system, but it’s about time you expanded those horizons.

Neptune through the Twelfth House (Aries rising):

WAKE UP!  Now that I have your attention, how’s it going?  I know, you just want to be left alone.  And a certain amount of time to yourself is a great tonic now. Just don’t become so withdrawn and anti-social that your friends dispatch a herd of bloodhounds to look for you.  You may find you have very vivid dreams and suddenly feel like the Delphic Oracle. You may also discover that whatever skeletons lurk at the very bottom of your psyche unmoor themselves & float into your consciousness, waving their bony little skeletonic fingers at you. They’re just reminding you it’s time to get rid of the leftovers; they only last so long, even in the deep freeze. Just let it all go. (“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” should be your theme song right now.) When you’ve recuperated from everything, call a chatty Gemini and catch up on the latest news.  P.S.: “Well, I woke up this morning and got myself a beer” is not a lifestyle choice unless you’re Jim Morrison of the Doors, and even for him it didn’t work out so well, really.

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