The Daily Astro for January 27, 2012

The Moon enters Aries today at 1:28 PM EST

The Daily Astro for January 27, 2012

The day might start off a little gloomily, or we find we can’t get our thoughts (and therefore our act) together, due to challenging Saturn aspects, but when Mercury enters Aquarius, followed by the Moon entering Aries (which  proceeds to sextile Neptune in Aquarius and conjunct Uranus in Aries), it’s like the cosmic whoopee cushion jolts us out of our seats: we’re full of energy, transmitting amazing new ideas and possessed by a desire to take off to realms previously unexplored. We’re ready to “fly through the air with the greatest of ease”.  Just remember to place the safety net securely underneath the high wire! Be daring and original, not heedless or foolhardy.
Enhancer/Antidote: Magician, 2 of Pentacles

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