The Daily Astro for January 20, 2012

The enters Capricorn at 5:40 PM EST

The Daily Astro for January 20, 2012

The Sun enters Aquarius today; expand your focus outward to embrace the future. Emphasis is on groups, collectives, organizations and your extended network of friends and people who are in sync with your plans and dream for all your tomorrows.  Venus and Pluto connect, so it’s a bit of “what have you done for me lately?” in the relationship realm.  The Moon connects with Saturn and Neptune (there’s a bit of order in disorder and vice versa), then lands in Capricorn at 5:40 PM EST; we may feel as if we’ve thudded back into Reality Central, but it will clear our focus until a Uranus aspect throws us for a bit of a loop, which may leave us wondering “Who was that masked man?” * After 8PM EST we may feel more magnanimous & are happy to settle into relaxation mode for the duration.

Enhancer/Antidote:  Ace of Wands/Tower

*Old Timer reference:  “The Lone Ranger”:

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