The Daily Astro for January 13, 2012


After two days of (relative) calm, the universe ups the ante as we end the week! Early today Venus trines Saturn and can lend a serious tone to our communications and relationships, a theme continued by Mercury conjunct Pluto. We may uncover/unearth some interesting, revelatory and slightly sobering things today. Venus conjunct Neptune adds a bit of fog and magic to the proceedings, so while we’re absorbing all that’s floating around, we have to be careful that we’re not overlooking (or deliberately not seeing) a crucial piece of evidence. The key to the mystery may not be obvious!  Later, the Moon connects with Mars and the Sun, giving us a boost of energy (or firing our emotions up). With Venus set to enter Pisces after midnight EST tonight, the keywords are kindness, compassion, and unconditional love in the midst of  confusing circumstances.
Enhancer/Antidote: Temperance/Knight of Swords/Ace of Cups (I pulled two from one draw so added the third card to the mix as it obviously wanted to be there!)


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