The Daily Astro for September 12, 2013

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The Daily Astro for September 12, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester







The Moon remains in Sagittarius today. The day begins with a Moon/Jupiter inconjunct at 5:56 AM, so it’s full speed ahead with a rush of “too much ain’t enough”energy . With the Moon in Sagittarius aspecting its ruler, Daddy-God Jupiter, our cravings can veer out of control as we attempt to fill in the gaps and lacks in our lives.  The Moon’s in its First Quarter square to the Sun in Virgo (1:08 PM EDT), so whatever we started around the Virgo New Moon of September 5th is hitting some speedbumps on its way to manifestation now. We might find that our master plan needs some tinkering when the rubber actually hits the road.  Moon in Sagittarius is pure “big picture”, Sun in Virgo finesses the details. It’s a powerful team, if you can find the right rhythm to make it work.  Don’t overdo either the “baby, I got to roam” refrain of that Sag Moon or the propensity towards freaky detail worship of Sun in Virgo, and you’ll be fine.


The First Quarter square often brings us to an impasse or “crisis vortex” situation. There’s a sense of urgency to make a decision under extremely stressful conditions (Mars makes stress aspects to the Moon’s Nodes, Saturn and Pluto). Since the ramifications of these decisions may affect your life for years to come, don’t be goaded or prodded into reacting. Mercury’s bouncing around in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto so there’s lots more bizarrely shocking revelations to come. Expect an epidemic of speedrapping, obsessive chatter, and speaking in tongues (forked and otherwise), and check your sources closely.  The Moon is Void-of-Course until tomorrow at 5:56 AM EDT, giving us a “chill zone” to calm down and let that built-up tension dissipate. Try and take some time for yourself this afternoon.


By 6:24 PM EDT, when the Moon semisquares Saturn, we may still feel overburdened on every level, which can make us sour-n-dour.  A Sun/Uranus parallel at 7:49 PM EDT, followed by a Moon/Mars collision, make us inclined to blast ourselves out of the doldrums . If you’re seeking revelations, you will find them (or maybe they’ll find you)!  This combo: “Eureka!” moments –with a gunpowder chaser!  The aftermath might leave you a little shellshocked. Fortuately, Mars is in Leo trine Uranus and this combo has endless crazy-brave energy–like the old kids’ commercial said, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”  Be a Weeble.







Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A girls’ basketball team.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:A  man burning a will as he triumphantly looks towards another lying on a table.”  (Influence is MARS.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “EXPRESSION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  FINESSE.” 

Today’s Sabian Symbol has a bit of the rah-rah-sis-boom-bah about it, as it relates to teamwork, group dynamics, cooperation, allocation of resources, and focusing on what you do best while working within a larger framework. It echoes today’s Moon in Sagittarius/Sun in Virgo dynamic. We need to focus on the future and our ultimate goals, but at the same time we have make sure everything whirrs like clockwork if we are to achieve our aim. This symbol’s basic meaning is that life is a game and it’s a win-win situation when we pool our energies with others. This avoids duplication of effort in order to work through challenges. Since basketball is a fast-moving sport, the symbol implies flexibility and being able to move quickly when a teammate is jammed up. (Mutable signs are all about flexibility—mutable people can often shift gears easily). On the down side, it relates to in inability to separate yourself from “the Matrix”, going along with the majority even when you disagree, being part of the herd, being afraid to say no or express yourself without resorting to groupthinky-doubletalk.

The Kozminsky Symbol is connected to Mars, so of course something’s on fire. It shows a man taking action in order to safeguard his interests. It looks like someone’s drawn up a secondary or bogus will in order to cut someone out of what they’re entitled to.  This cloak-and-dagger stuff pulls in our Venus in Scorpio square Saturn/North Node theme (see yesterday’s post). Undercover actions, scams and duplicity are in the air. What’s the bottom line? Who really benefits?  I’m visualizing Barbara Stanwyck in “Double Indemnity” here. Shredding the document.  The keyword, “finesse” tells us we may have to do some fancy footwork ourselves to avoid being screwed over by people we thought we could trust. Where do you need to stand up for your rights? With Mercury in Libra, issues related to “the letter of the law”, fairness, and/or being treated equally may come to the fore. It may be time to speak up.  Read the fine print.



3 of Cups / 5 of Wands 



“After the Party’s Over.”    


–September 12, 2013

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