The Daily Astro for August 5, 2013



The Daily Astro for August  5, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester






The day begins with the Moon in Cancer, but at 12:58 PM EDT the Moon enters regal Leo. The time period from 2:49 AM EDT through 12:58 PM EDT is also a Void-of-Course period,  so it’s likely the week will begin in “catch-up” mode.    I know I’ve been going back over all the notes I made last week related to  a variety of appointments and am checking the calendar to get things set up for the rest of the week.

Given that it’s the day before the New Moon, the theme is “finishing up”, which dovetails nicely with the early-day Void-of-Course period.  Today’s first aspect, Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury, occurs at 2:49 AM EDT, when many of us are snoozing away, but if you remember your dreams you may have noted a feeling of being overwhelmed by emotions that are beyond words, or trying to defend your “homeland” against intrusive ideas. Think castles with big moats. 

When the Moon enters Leo at 12:58 PM EDT, we’re ready to roar again, especially if we’ve done our “prep work” in the morning. The next two aspects, a Moon/Venus link at 4:21 PM EDT and a Moon/Neptune connection at 8:58 PM EDT, tell us to be careful not to engage in flights of fantasy about other people’s motives or behaviors. We might be speaking from wounded pride, or else we’re basing our conclusions on flawed information. Or maybe we’re just generally dissatisfied with things today and are looking for an outlet !  Don’t play the victim or victimize others because some need hasn’t been met.

This trend may intensify later tonight, as the Moon squares Saturn at 10:54 PM EDT.  All the hard-asses will be playing hardball now.  The Moon in Leo needs to be appreciated, but with Saturn at odds, it’s more like “what have you done for me lately?”  The feeling:  SQUELCHED.  Take a look at where you’re feeling stuck or trapped –those are the areas that will be highlighted at this New Moon. With the South Node in Taurus (what needs to be released, habit patterns,  the default or “usual”, the past ) and the North Node in Scorpio (moving forward,  new openings, transformation, the path to the future), the New Moon will show us where we need to shift our emphasis or make changes.  Get some rest tonight to prepare for this New Moon –and for the Jupiter/Pluto opposition on Wednesday.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “The human soul awaiting opportunity for expression. ”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “Two men tossing coins whilst another looks on. ”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ Ingenuousness. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  Gaming.”

The Sabian Symbol is appropriate for tomorrow’s New Moon. It’s related to being on the cusp, being excited about the future/anticipating something new. There’s a childlike quality here–something’s about to be born. It also relates to timing, as in instinctively knowing the right time.  Allied concepts:  eagerness here, a desire to throw yourself into an experience. You’re  not restrained by old or limiting mindsets or expectations, as it’s not on the radar. It’s blank slate time, and we’re ready for anything. Today could be the kind of day where you’re waiting in anticipation, expecting something to happen.  Maybe you’ll find an opening, a chance to make a fresh start or show others what you can do.

The down side here is waiting too long–the timing is off. This is where you talk yourself out of doing something because you’re “not ready”, or hide your talents. Maybe you’re just feeling lazy or are too bored and dragged out to muster the energy. Missing your chance.

The Kozminsky Symbol is all about gambling (which is associatedwith Jupiter). Obviously this Symbol relates to gambling in all its forms. Sometimes we need to play the odds. It shows an awareness of patterns and the role of chance in life. It reminds me of the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot, which is also connected with Jupiter. Luck may be a factor today.  Or you may have to take a risk to win the big prize.  Kozminsky says that this Symbol shows someone who regards gambling “as the absolute unknown and to let its solution be a matter of risk”.  Trusting the universe. “Play it as it Lays”. Leaving it to chance. The idea of the unknown leads us to the Sabian Symbol with its emphasis on timing, which can also be a factor in gambling. Of course, there’s also the possibility that we can lose all just as quickly as we’ve gained it. “Easy Come, Easy Go.”  Since this Symbol is associated with Jupiter, it might be a good idea to take action to curb  excesses and addictions of all sorts (the “too much is never enough” syndrome).



Strength / 10 of Swords 



“The Last Labor of Hercules”.  A tremendous struggle comes to an end. Maybe we’re wrestling with the scourge of bad habits (as noted in the Kozminsky Symbol, above) , in a furious battle to purge ourselves of negative influences. Strength is associated with Leo, sign of tomorrow’s New Moon, and allied with the 10 of Swords, a “dark night” card (we’re in the Balsamic Moon phase today, prior to the New Moon, or “the dark of the Moon”.

We may find that what’s been hidden comes to light.  Maybe no one’s really seen or been aware of your furious internal struggle. This can indicate that solutions may come through in your dreams, so pay attention. This can also mean we’re free of something that’s been burdening us and it’s time to walk away.  This combination is about evolution and raising the vibrations. It also reminds me of my weekly chiropractic/acupuncture sessions!  It’s about getting the energy circulating properly again. Maybe something has been cut off but now begins to flow again. Opening of the heart chakra.  Being set free or released from something onerous. You’ve passed the test, paid your dues, jumped all the hoops. Transformation through testing, difficult situations, struggle. Saturn in Scorpio opposite the South Node in Taurus as a need to release from the past and break through crystallization of the mind, body and spirit.


–August 5, 2013

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