The Daily Astro for March 26, 2013


The Daily Astro for March 26, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Strange days continue, though we start the day with dynamic Mars in Aries sextile Jupiter in Gemini, (6:27 AM EDT), which brings the phrase “big plans for everybody” to mind. It’s also the title of a Mitch Easter album from the 1980s, which may or may not have relevance.  In any case, the mood is upbeat and optimistic as the day cracks open. We’re attracted to anything new, foreign, and outside our usual realm of experience. Even people who aren’t normally self-starters may feel the urge to get a move on. This aspect is part of the Yod configuration I was talking about in yesterday’s Daily Astro and brings those energies in with it, so there may be an obsessive, almost desperate feel to everyone’s desire to rush around grabbing at newness–they’re afraid they might miss out on something!

After this blast of slightly crazed optimism, our next aspects all involve the Moon as it intersects with Saturn, the Sun and Uranus from 9:37 AM EDT through 1:33 PM EDT. Here we enter the Cranky Zone. It’s like walking into your office and everyone is hiding behind their desks while wearing beanies with neon propellers on top. If you look at them, wondering “What, is it Propeller Day and no one told me?”, they’ll all glare back and tell you to “take a picture, it lasts longer.” It’s not exactly a win-win situation.

The Moon enters Libra at 5:33 PM EDT, which may take the edge off as Libra likes to play nice and all that palsy-walsy stuff, but remember this Libra Moon is almost Full. If peace, love and understanding aren’t achieved, we can wind up with a fearsomely emotional scenario on our hands. Out-of-whack Libra energy trying to achieve balance can be pretty fierce!  We’re not given much help by the Moon/Mars aspect at 7:51 PM EDT. Mars, the ruler of Libra’s opposite number, Aries, likes to ruffle feathers, which is not generally appreciated by the Moon in Libra. Temper tantrums can ensue, and they might be ephemeral if not for the next aspect, Mars square Pluto in Capricorn at 11:43 PM EDT.  This is an aspect that asks us to control our energy flow. We’re not aiming for wantonly destructive here, we’re looking for laser surgery skill, control, and accuracy. The end result is removal/transformation of something dangerous or unwanted. Any attempts at controlling situations too severely will be met with resistance, so remember the Moon’s in Libra and try to see things from the other person’s perspective (the Mars/Pluto link can be so obsessive and mono-minded that we forget other people even exist!)

The Mars/Pluto link is wonderful for those doing research, trying to solve the Mysteries of the Ages or other equally thorny problems. It’s very useful for those willing to make honest efforts to change or readjust the circumstances of their lives. It’s followed by a Jupiter/Chiron square at 2:47 AM EDT, so we’re being told to make that final push towards healing. What’s your biggest fear/worst mistake? Where are you feeling engulfed by pain, where’s the deepest wound? That’s where you focus that intense energy. Laser in and let ‘er rip! You may find that long-buried memories or feelings reemerge in a symbolic fashion in your dreams. Pay attention. I’d expect people to be having the “naked in front of a crowd” or “overflowing toilet” dreams with this combo!



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man saving himself from falling into a deep cavern by clutching a wild rose-tree. The thorns cut into his flesh, but the plant supports him.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “PROFICIENCY”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “WEAKNESS”.

Both the Sabian Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol relate to opposition, something to keep in mind as we head towards the Full Moon tomorrow. This Full Moon activates the Aries-Libra polarity, an opposition. The man in the Sabian Symbol is working with the Mars (ruler of Aries) sextile Jupiter in Gemini (twins, things in 2s, doing 2 things at once) aspect in the proper way. He’s being flexible and is comfortable with the idea of duality. This Symbol relates to being to see both sides of an issue and learning how to cooperate and communicate with others who may hail from different backgrounds. Challenges include learning how to find balance and not upset the equilibrium (Moon in Libra ), or becoming distracted because too much is going on (Jupiter in Gemini, plus Mars in Aries can be “short attention span theater”). The down side is learning when to say “no” to avoid overwhelm and to learn how to sidestep to avoid being caught in the the middle of other people’s arguments. Other dangers: being “two-faced” and/or trying so hard to keep everyone happy that you lose sight of your essential qualities.

The Kozminsky Symbol takes us into the realm of this afternoon’s Mars/Pluto square and also the Jupiter/Chiron square that follows. The man is alert to danger (he avoids falling into the cave), but winds up in a thorny situation anyway. He has to accept being hurt in order to avoid the Big Hurt– this Symbol almost illustrates the concept of a homeopathic dose!

All things prickly and thorny relate to Mars, caves and caverns are the realm of Pluto and Chiron, and the lucky break of finding a shrub to grab relates to Jupiter. This Symbol warns against getting too enmeshed with weaker things (addictions, obsessions, luxuries) because they may bring us to serious harm (cavern). There’s also a warning here that giving in to impulse sets you up for the slippery slope down to the depths of the cavern. If you’ve been lucky so far (the shrub shelters him), appreciate this and resolve to clean up your act so it doesn’t happen again. Next time the support may not be there. The emphasis on flesh-cutting (which sheds blood) and the cavern means it’s time to make a sacrifice and go deeper to determine subconscious reasons for your behavior in order to change it. Where’s your weak spot? What do you feel it’s protecting, if at the same time it’s also hurting you?



The Lovers / The Devil

“The Mirror”. These two Major Arcana cards mirror one another, with two figures together on the ground as another figure looks down upon them from a more exalted position. In the Lovers card, it’s an angel, in the Devil card, it’ is, of course, the devil. The Lovers relate to Gemini and the Devil to Capricorn. Jupiter’s in Gemini now and Pluto’s in Capricorn, so we see a real face-off between the “light side” and the “dark side”, but of course no energy is pure, and these two cards just reflect each other’s shadow sides. There’s a call for integration here. We may first become aware of a situation through polarization, but we next have to move towards cooperation and compromise in order to resolve the differences.

The Lovers card and the Devil card relate to our alliances and our partnership choices. The Lovers can refer to youthful choices made in haste or based on desire, without taking into consideration long-term consequences. The Devil card shows how those choices can enslave us or keep us tied to negative or abusive patterns. We’re being told that we need to take a look at the way we make choices. This time we meet all our demons and realize that our perspective needs to change. Here’s where we come up against our deepest fears and slam into walls of shame and self-loathing. It’s the first step to really seeing ourselves clearly. The middle ground between these two cards is a relationship based on mutual love and respect (Moon in Libra) that is fair and healthy. If we jump into things without thinking them through, the end result can be that panicked feeling that we’re trapped (remember the guy in the Kozminsky Symbol, stuck in the rose bush). But we set the trap for ourselves–now we need to figure out how to set ourselves free.
–March 26, 2013

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