Aries Full Moon: Weekend of September 29-30, 2012

by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Aries Full Moon: Weekend of September 29-30, 2012

So how the hell are all of you this weekend?  I know there have been some dire rumblings and warnings about this Full Moon, and the build-up to it has been unbelievably tense, at least by my “informal poll sample”. Last night we came home to find two police cars, lights flashing, blocking our generally peaceful street. Apparently someone had decided to race up and down the street, slamming into a car, until one of the neighbors blocked his way and called the police. I probably will get the full story later when I talk to people who were present while Mr. Road Rage was doing his thing.  During the day we drove around town on our usual Errand Quest and watched people driving as though they were the only people on the road, doing incredibly dangerous things–which meant that we had to be twice as vigilant in order to anticipate what loopy thing they might do. It certainly sharpens your reflexes!  “Who’s driving that car?”, you wonder.  Which brings me to this weekend’s Full Moon.  The Moon is in Aries (Road Warrior in extremis) conjunct “no one tells me what to do” Uranus, opposite Sun in “can’t we all get along” Libra, with the Moon/Uranus duo and the Sun both square Pluto in Capricorn.

I’ve discussed the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square before–it’s a long-term, game-changer aspect involving the breakdown of the old and the rise of the new.  This Full Moon emphasizes this larger aspect, which means that it will be reflecting, transmitting and operating under some of the “rules” of the Uranus/Pluto square (which is that there are no rules; the game is changing and nobody knows how it’ll all shake out).  Uranus and Moon together in Aries can lead to a state of High Anxiety, as both operate on a mental level–Uranus rules electricity, anything that can “zap” you, the greater nervous system, and Aries corresponds to the head/brain area.  Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Scorpio now, which adds a note of obsession and extreme drive to survive. This is not a combination that likes to be blocked and can be easily frustrated. It’s one of the reason people seem to be “acting out” more.  With the Sun in Libra and Saturn exiting Libra at 29 degrees, the emphasis on being fair, considering other people and their needs and desires and building cooperation is also strong. Uber-Libra, really, as it hits the last degree and moves on to Scorpio.  There’s also lingering resentment at having to be “nice”, do what everyone else wants to the detriment of our own wishes, and going along to go along. Mars and Venus are squaring off (Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra), doubly emphasizing this lunation that features the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra.  Mars in Scorpio conjuncts the North Node and Venus in Leo squares it. Squares are dynamic aspects and can be difficult as they often prod us into acting (or acting out). Ultimately, they’re liberating, but generally raise a ruckus in the process. Still, we often need to be booted out of our ruts. This Full Moon will dig up a lot of glop and throw it right in our faces in very dramatic fashion.  What we see in the outer world can be a reflection of what’s going on within.  Intense, dramatic, violent activity related to earthquakes, the weather, volcanic activity, or strikes and uprisings by masses of people are all possible.  We may find we need to issue our own ultimatiums and we may feel driven to make huge changes in order to free ourselves or discover who we are. We may feel trapped by our present situations and feel like we can’t stand another minute.  We need to set ourselves free, but as we do this we can’t lash out or blame others for the situations we find ourselves in (which–ahem–we chose, for one reason or another, or due to karmic debts and who knows what else).  Losing yourself in rage or acting out of a victim mentality will not get you to the other shore. We have to take the most important things with us, discover our own truths, and no matter what happens, these are things that cannot be taken away from us.  As we’re being bombarded by such strong energy, realize that some will have a difficult time and may become unmoored or lash out. It’s a fine balance and not everyone will be able to stay on that high wire, so show some compassion (Neptune/Chiron in Pisces) for those who have lost their way.

The empty space in our intense T-square configuration falls at 8 degrees Cancer. Since a T-square is a 3-legged structure, the area across from the planet that is square the two other planets becomes a focal point and shows a way out, or the energies needed to access to deal with the T-square. The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Cancer is “Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade”.  It’s a great image, rather bizarre and unique (Uranus). The rabbits are in motion, doing their thing (Moon in Aries), they’re relating to others in the outside world (Sun/Libra), and they’re cute and cuddly creatures that everyone wants to hug (Cancer). This image says “fly your freak flag” and don’t be afraid what other people think. Whatever you can imagine can be created–so don’t blinker yourself or let others’ expectations hinder you. With the empty space in Cancer, accessing our deep-felt emotions is important. We may find ourselves pondering our family history, making new discoveries about our families or relationships, and in some way this can set us free or provide those “oh, NOW I get it” moments. Saturn entering Scorpio will unearth old wounds and drag them forward–our shadows will have shadows!  But this just means it’s time to let go of the hold they have on us.  The Aries warrior archetype tells us we can change our history, set ourselves free, and find our own path.  We’re going to have to, as the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square tells us we can’t necessarily trust or follow the old leaders and paradigms, they’re rotting away in front of our eyes.  The Kozminsky Symbol for 8 Cancer, “A newspaper editor at his desk–a mass of proofs before him–parleying with a man who averts himself”, hints at this Shadowy characters trying to control how we see things or what we are presented with as truth are lurking out there.  The key word for this Symbol is “muzzling”.  Will we keep shutting ourselves up?  What are we afraid of?  Is the gain worth a loss of authenticity and autonomy?  These are the issues that will come up over and over again during this period.

This is an extraordinarily creative time of re-invention and finding what’s in harmony with our essence and core values, but like anything at a birth point (Aries), it’s an entry into a whole new world (this Full Moon is in the early degrees of Aries so the emphasis is on Mars energy, which prods us to get going and DO things).  The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Libra is: “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home” and the Kozminsky Symbol for that degree is: ” A group of people standing dejectedly outside the doors of a closed financial institution”.

I love the way these two work together to describe the larger issues (Uranus/Pluto square) that have affected all of us. It seems to relate to both the foreclosure crisis and the banking scandals and contains echoes of the Depression of the 1930s.  “Keep the home fires burning”, but where are our homes? The Sabian image is two-sided, showing a powerful spirit that warms us from within, and a gesture that while dramatic, is misplaced (the fire is warming no one as the house is empty; perhaps it belonged to one of those people hanging around the shuttered bank in the Kozminsky Symbol).  We’re being asked to keep going even though the situations may seem bleak, and to learn to kindle the spark within, to move forward and realize that our trust should be placed in organizations and people who are worthy of that trust. Both the home and the bank are abandoned–new people will have to move in to enjoy the fire, better stewards may come forward to restart the bank (or the people outside the bank will come up with their own organization in order to fill the breach).

Remember also that detachment is necessary here in the heart of the whirlpool–you can’t lose your head and panic, or you’ll be swept away.  Get enough rest, do things that ground and center you, and avoid people or situations that tend to unbalance you unless you feel you can help to ground and center these people without draining yourself unduly.  Many will find they’re a lot stronger than they thought and are able to help others who are struggling in the storm.  It’s like the airline saying–put your own oxygen mask on first and then tend to others.  Check out the image above for inspiration…lightning is striking, a whirlpool whirls, death is all around, but our hero perseveres, holding high the Truth that shelters and inspires.

–Valerie Sylvester, September 30, 2012–

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