AstroFlare for July 26, 2012


    On the days life intervenes a bit too much (hey, it happens) and I can’t get the full Daily Astro online, I will post the “Astroflare” for the day. Here’s today’s:

    The Moon’s in Scorpio today, with a slew of aspects from early AM through late afternoon. This First Quarter Square Moon (Scorpio Moon square Leo Sun) at 4:56 AM EDT today has a “crisis” feel to it, and as it’s in fixed signs we may have to deal with blockages and “stuck” areas, especially since a Mercury (remember, Mercury is retrograde)/Pluto aspect may dredge up things we don’t really want to look at. A bit of advice: watch how you say what you say, and how you’re projecting the feelings underneath the words, as others may be adept at “reading between the lines”. This also inaugurates a very long void of course Moon (the Moon doesn’t enter Sagittarius until 1:18 AM on the 28th), so it’s good for things you want to keep, banish or lose to the ozone, but it’s not so hot great for initiating–stick to basic, routine tasks during this time period.

    Other lunar aspects, including uneasy Moon/Venus, Moon/Uranus, Moon/Neptune and Moon/Jupiter connections, require that we make adjustments, adapt to surprises or changes, and learn how to control our desires. Later today a Mercury/Pluto aspect can drag us toward obsessive or compulsive thinking. Venus and Uranus aspect each other at 9:19 PM, so go do something fun, funky & creative to wind down from this intense day!

    BORN ON JULY 26:
    Ferdinand II (King of Naples), St. Stanislaw, George Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Jason Robards, Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Spacey, Roger Taylor (Queen), Kate Beckinsale, Helen Mirren, Dorothy Hamill, Taylor Momsen, Vivian Vance, Jeremy Piven, Gracie Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Aldous Huxley, Blake Edwards, Teri Nunn (Berlin), Susan George, William Shepherd and William Mc Arthur (astronauts), James Lovelock (scientist), Jan Berenstain (author), Darlene Love, Vitas Gerulaitis (tennis champ), Estes Kefauver (US politician), Peter Hyams (director), Dobie Gray (singer), Salvador Allende (President of Chile), Paul Gallico (novelist), George Grosz (German painter), Pearl S. Buck, Mary Jo Kopechne, George Caitlin (painter), John Howard (Prime Minister, Australia), Antonio Machado (poet), George Clinton (4th Vice President of the US), Mariano Arista (President, Mexico).

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