The Daily Astro for March 11, 2012



The Moon entered Scorpio at 12:24 AM EST


The Daily Astro for March 11, 2012

The Moon entered Scorpio at 12:24 AM EST and aspects all the planets and the kitchen sink, basically (Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars), so many areas of our lives will be “Scorpio-ized” today and people, especially the women in your life, might seem a little bit too intense in many areas, or you wish they’d just stop obsessing about all and sundry (they can’t, so just let it go!) However, the Sun aspects Pluto and Saturn so it’s actually not a bad time to plow through obstacles that formerly seemed daunting, as there’s a feel of the magician’s touch here, and of healing from the inside out. This is emphasized by that Moon/Chiron trine, too. Mercury’s getting ready to go retrograde in Aries tomorrow, so get things done today (and finish things you’ve started earlier) if you can, as the energies tomorrow look a tad dicey.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man bringing down the new law from Sinai.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A snake hidden in a bush of wild flowers near a bubbling stream.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Mandate ” and for the for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s “Ensnaring”.

These symbols combine to reflect the tarot cards drawn for today (see below). There’s a feeling here of knowing what the laws are but wishing to flout or undermine them, with an air of deception and temptation wafting by. The idea that we can “get away with something” or evade the laws of nature is strong and enticing (the wildflowers that hide the snake). Of course, the weight of orthodoxy can be crushing and the snake imagery may be a sign indicating a need to move to the unconscious (near the water) in order for us to access hidden wisdom. It’s best to take a break before acting, to contemplate why we’re on the path we’re on–and if any adjustments are now necessary. Are we doing things because we are genuinely inspired, or because we feel we’ve been forced to by external “laws”? Are these laws just and fair? Just be careful not to rationalize too much because you’re trying to avoid something!

Born on March 11:
Sam Donaldson, Rupert Murdoch, Albert Salmi, Ralph Abernathy, Mercer Ellington, Lawrence Welk, Dorothy Schiff, Raoul Walsh, Mike Percy, Nina Hagen, Douglas Adams, Bobby McFerrin, George Kooymans (Golden Earring), Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge), Antonin Scalia, Fredrich IX (Denmark), Robert Treat Paine, Torquato Tasso, Elias Koteas, Flaco Jimenez, Thora Birch, Joel and Benji Madden, Johnny Knoxville, Terrence Howard, Lisa Loeb, Pavel Mukhortov (cosmonaut), Peter Berg, Jerry Zucker, Harold Wilson, Lady Chablis, Vaslav Nijinski

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: Hermit/7 of Swords
Sometimes we have to go deep within to determine what’s right. Breaking away from undermining practices and people; taking time off to return with renewed force another day when we fully understand the situation. Absorbing the old ways but using them in a new fashion or with a diplomatic edge; karmic scares and snares that arise from misunderstandings or misuse of knowledge.

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