The Daily Astro for January 24, 2012

The Moon is in Aquarius all day.

The Daily Astro for January 24, 2012

The Moon’s in Aquarius all day, so it’s a good idea to take a step back and detach from personal concerns in favor of the collective or universal approach. However, this might be a challenge as the Moon is in a stress aspect to retrograde Mars in Virgo and the Sun and Pluto connect. We might be tempted to spend too much time brooding, beating ourselves up and/or obsessing about ourselves or about what’s been done to us in the past. If you feel you’re getting in too deep, talk to a trusted friend or advisor to get a fresh perspective. It’s an excellent time to take a break and figure out how we “work” (or don’t) and to reinvent and reinvigorate our patterns–it’s like running diagnostic tests on your computer to rid it of viruses that slow it down or impair functioning.

Enhancer/Antidote:  Queen of Wands/Knight of Pentacles

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