The Daily Astro for October 24, 2013


The Daily Astro for October 24, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon entered Cancer at 11:36 PM EDT last night, ending the long, yawning chasm of Void-of-Course energy that was yesterday.  It was a fine day for tarot and intuitive work, and I also found it easier to sit down and sift through mountains of old papers and to finally address some items that had been languishing on my “to do” list for eons. Staying off the radar was the best strategy yesterday!

The Moon’s very active today, beginning in the early hours. At 1:33 AM EDT, the Moon trines the Sun in Scorpio, and also moves to trine Neptune at 5:01 AM EDT, Chiron at 6:37 PM EDT, and Saturn in Scorpio at 1:22 AM EDT tomorrow morning, so we’re in the midst of a Grand Trine in water signs.  This will heighten emotions and activate healing energy. The Sun and Moon, when in trine aspect, indicate that our feelings and soul expression (the Moon) are running in sync with our core being or essence (the Sun). Since the Sun’s in Scorpio and the Moon’s in Cancer, we may also be feeling protective of those we care about. Your gut feelings are apt to be correct; pay attention to any intuitive flashes.

At 3:27 AM EDT, Mercury and Venus connect in a semi-sextile aspect. As the Romantics sing in this cheesy 80s video : “I hear the secrets that you keep/ when you’re talking in your sleep.” It’s pretty harmless mumbling, though, kinda like the Romantics in their leather (or pleather, or whatever the hell that is) jackets.

The Moon/Neptune trine has a “music of the spheres” vibe, and we may find it’s easier to connect with others on an emotional or psychic level today. It’s a creative and inspiring combination;  take advantage of any insights you channel today.  Since it hits just after 5 AM EDT, we may find it’s more difficult than usual to drag ourselves from snoozeland. I was having some interesting and intricately vivid dreams this morning. Then the alarm clock shattered the silence, scaring the cats, who jumped on my face and bleated furiously until I got up. As the next aspect is the Moon sesquisquare Mercury at 5:15 AM EDT, some extremely colorful language (that’d be Mercury in Scorpio talking) could be heard as I was blasted unceremoniously from my cozy nest (Moon in Cancer) and was forced to confront the new day.  Fortunately, the Moon sextiles Mars at 10:32 AM EDT, an “up and at ’em” aspect. We’re enthused, motivated by emotional attachments (or at least prodded by a somewhat obsessive attention to detail or fear of displeasing someone).

The Moon opposes Pluto at 6:20 PM (it squares Uranus at 7:09 PM), so we’re being led into another iteration of the ongoing cardinal sign T-square. Blockages, unexpected events, general pig-headedness and and an obstinate insistence on the “my way or the highway” theme can derail the nicey-nicey mood established earlier today. Don’t keep pushing when you see people are becoming irrational or are staggering close to the edge.  When people feel threatened, it’s not unusual for them to lash out at others. Channel Libra energy : try to see their point of view, be conciliatory, agree to disagree, and then politely excuse yourself and find a less discordant environment.   The Moon trine Chiron segment of the water Grand Trine (6:37 PM EDT) points to compassionate, nurturing behavior as one way to heal the deep-seated hurt unearthed in any early-evening clashes. We’re learning about the depth of our emotions and what our “triggers” are. A Mercury/Mars quintile (4:54 PM EDT) tells us there’s an ingenious solution to our dilemma, but it might be hidden from view or require a little finesse to extract it (like a diamond from coal).





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A broken bottle and spilled perfume.”   

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   Two men deeply engrossed in a game of chess.”  (Influence is: MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ PERMEATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “COMPREHENSION.” 

Today’s Sabian Symbol is a lovely depiction of the Grand Water Trine activation. The scent of perfume wafting from the bottle diffuses into the air (Neptune), brings forth memories (Moon in Cancer), and evokes strong and complicated emotions (Scorpio).  Many people have a “signature scent”, a particular perfume or cologne that they wear constantly. It becomes their trademark, indelibly associated with them.  We all have complex associations with particular scents, which bring forth memories of a particular person, time or place. The song “These Foolish Things”   is my musical parallel for this symbol.

The idea of a broken bottle with spilled perfume also implies that something of great worth is sacrificed, but is released to the world nonetheless. Nothing is lost. The concept of permeation shows the ability of great ideas to circulate and extend their reach. It also relates to legacies and what is left behind. Today we may be reminded of someone from the past , possibly someone who has died (quite appropriate for a day with Moon in Cancer and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio). This Symbol reminds us to remember our “base note”, or foundation, and to build from that essence. Each fragrance is unique, an amalgam of diverse elements.  Focus on what you have to give and how it reflects your own essence. On the down side, this symbol can indicate living in the past, excessive nostalgia, wasting resources or energy, or winding up a cheap imitation (like those “knock off” scents sold in drugstores) rather than an original.

The Kozminsky Symbol brings in today’s Mercury aspects (especially the Mercury/Mars quintile).  We’re pattern-processing here, working our wits and nimbly searching for a solution. Chess is a game of skill and strategy and requires concentration.  One of today’s themes is problem solving. If we make this move, what happens 3 moves later? How do we get around this obstacle? Maybe we solve an immediate problem, but what about the next hurdle? This symbol can also relate to being able to visualize what will happen in the future, so can be related to psychic abilities. Two people are playing the game, so it brings up issues related to partnership, competition, associations, and testing our skill against others of equal merit.  We’re honing our abilities each time we play, gaining new insights and new strategies.


4 of Wands / The Star  

This combination indicates that we’ve been through some challenges, we’ve done the work, and are learning to develop a foundation that’s based on optimism and hope even after we’ve struggled through some tough times. In the 4 of Wands, we’re gathering resources and taking some time to reassess the situation. We’re harvesting, reaping what we’ve sown. The 4 is associated with the Emperor card and the number itself is connected to Uranus, so it’s summoning the energies of Uranus in Aries. It’s time to lead in an innovative way, to break the mold yet retain enough structure to function. The Star card is associated with Aquarius, whose ruler is Uranus, doubly emphasizing the future focus of this combination. We’re planning for a future that’s going to be very different from anything we now know.  We’re looking for a new vision for a new world. We  take our home with us (internally) rather than relying on structures that may ultimately fail or need to be transformed for the good of humanity. This also can indicate a “protected time” or haven where we can regroup until we’re ready to move forward again. We need space and freedom right now.  It’s time to heal the fractures and open to the truth that’s revealed after chaos (the Star card follows the Tower card). We can rebuild after all is destroyed. Hope and healing are paramount.


–October 24, 2013

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