The Daily Astro for September 9, 2013




The Daily Astro for September 9, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester






We begin the day with the Moon still in Scorpio (and I began it with a headache, an occupational hazard for us Aries types).  I suppose a pounding head is an appropriate symbol, considering some of today’s aspects, particularly the Mars/Saturn square. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as the Mars-ruled tend to do (P.S.  This is NOT a  good thing to do today). Let’s go back to the beginning, 3:07 AM EDT today, when Mercury enters Libra. Mercury in Libra gives us mental finesse and an ability to act as go-between, mediator or diplomat. We may need to look at all sides of an issue or hear everyone out before we decide.  In the tarot, Mercury is associated with the Magician and Justice is connected to Libra. We’re aiming high here–we seek to create something that manifests the concepts of fairness, justice for all, and equal access to all in order for them to reach their highest goals. We’re trying to attain a state of equilibrium, and that requires some fancy footwork. And with today’s Scorpio Moon, it’s likely that there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes negotiations occurring related to the current situation in Syria.


The first major aspect today that occurs when most people are awake is Mars in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.  I’m christening this one “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero” after that annoying 70s song. Mars in Leo has a burning yearning to get a move on (and garner the recognition or praise that results), but Saturn in Scorpio is holding the line. Those of you with planets from around 6-10 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel this one more intensely. Mars/Saturn squares often create a sense of frustration because we ardently want to do something but feel that we’re blocked from doing it. Sometimes we feel the obstacles are so daunting that we give up before we finish. Having had years of experience with Mars/Saturn myself, I can tell you that the best thing to do is slow down and divide the task into “bite-sized segments”. Settle in, get started, and finish one segment, then move on to the next.  Give yourself a pep talk after completing each segment. You can tell this aspect is in force because you can’t even walk down the street without running into obstructions of all kinds. People block the road, stand in doorways, refuse to move, and in general, require “workarounds”. And that’s the key–learn to adapt to existing conditions rather than forcing your will on the situation. Drop the ego requirements and just do the work. The odds for success are also improved today by consulting with/working with others to achieve difficult goals. Keep the lines of communication open and be willing to shift perspective when necessary–do the Libra thing and see the world through someone else’s eyes. With Mars also contraparallel Pluto and square the Nodes in Scorpio, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of projecting our own restless or negative feelings onto others and being angry with the world.


Today’s a real “martial arts” kind of day.  Be Bruce Lee.  We need to direct energy appropriately, to suss out when it’s time to strike and when it’s smarter to conserve your power.  Timing is very important, as is the ability to size up challenges and calculate the risk/benefit ratio.  Any kind of focused physical activity or some kind of strength training would be beneficial today as a stress-release mechanism.


After the Mars/Saturn dustup, the Moon conjuncts Saturn and the North Node at 11:47 AM EDT, which can be a bit of a downer.  Maybe you need more resources (Moon in Scorpio) to finish your project, but they don’t materialize. Maybe you’re just worn out from the struggle, or find that current problems remind you of difficult times in the past.  Since the North Node is part of the picture, keep an eye out for a Saturnian soul (a hard worker, entrepreneur, wizardy teacher or boss type)  who can show you the way. You have to be willing to work hard and defer gratification, though.  Saturn doesn’t just give it away!


The Moon/Mars square at 11:59 PM EDT can get people fired up over perceived injustices due to wounded pride. Don’t let truculent types ruffle your feathers today. Some will be spoiling for a fight in order to avoid dealing with their own shortcomings.  Since the next two aspects are the Moon sextile Pluto at 1:48 PM EDT and the Moon trine Chiron at 5:34 PM EDT, it’s actually an excellent time for trouble-shooting. Maybe all these obstacles are popping up in your path because you need to work on a new approach. Sometimes when we’re being blocked in a major way, it’s because we didn’t take the gentler, precursor hints.  We need to decide whether the energy expended is worth the ultimate goal. If it leads to burn-out, maybe our methods need to change.


The Moon inconjuncts Uranus at 6:06 PM EDT, so unpredictable emotional explosions/implosions are possible. Disruptive people may demand attention now or add (another) dose of volatility to the situation at hand.  Fortunately, the Moon trines Jupiter at 1:17 AM EDT so we retreat to bond with loved ones or we finally find ourselves able to look back (not in anger) at the events of the day. Aim for a tone of wry, philosophical amusement.  I plan to be snoozing, enjoying some rather elaborate and uplifting dreams.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “An ouija board.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A  man, supporting a little girl, swimming towards the shore in a rough sea. ” (Influence is NEPTUNE.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ACUMEN.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SERVING.” 

With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon, Venus and Saturn trine Neptune, the Kozminsky Symbol reminds us of the need for sacred service. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of this in the midst of the daily chaos. This Symbol relates to life-saving behaviors and looking out for others who may be faltering along the way. Kozminsky says “he cannot fail, no matter how fierce the waves.” This symbol also relates to divine protection through many fluctuations (the sea never stays the same). The Virgo/Pisces axis is one of service, both practical and spiritual. We grow through our experiences when we extend ourselves to assist others.

The Sabian Symbol features a Ouija board, and as anyone who’s ever used one knows, it’s  used to obtain messages from spirit. It is associated with divination, intuition,  predicting  the future, and picking up psychic insights.  The planchette (that plastic thing that spells out the messages), strikes me as symbolic of Mercury, or the mind, which is also a receiver /transmitter of messages of all kinds.  Since people often use the Ouija board in groups, it can also indicate that we’re in the presence of like-minded souls (or maybe it’s time to find other people who are interested in developing their psychic abilities). This Symbol is about patterns of communication and the ability to discern hazy or  hidden messages. It relates to tapping into our “sixth sense”, our psychic abilities. We may be looking for an answer to an important question now. Be open to receiving messages from many different sources; be aware of synchronicity, notice patterns. On the down side, it can be associated with becoming so obsessed with “hidden meanings” that we lose sight of the bigger picture, or descend into superstitious actions and belief systems.  Sometimes the answer isn’t hidden–it’s right under your nose.



7 of Cups / 3 of Swords



“Painful Choices”.  We’re between the rock and the Hades place today!  This is definitely mirroring Mars in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio.  Note the heart in the 3 of Swords (the body part associated with the sign Leo is the heart).  A heart-rending scenario. The 7 of Cups is swirling with possibilities, but it looks like all the choices take us somewhere we really don’t want to go. Themes today can involve obsession, betrayal, and the need to define our position even though it may exact a huge cost. If we do nothing, we don’t have to confront the tough stuff, but we don’t make progress, either. So we can remain in suspended animation and choose not to choose, or decide to take the plunge. This combination is like having surgery done to excise our illusions.  Our filtering systems break down.  Whatever has been buried floods to the surface and it’s time to confront it (Saturn in Scorpio).  Mars often acts like a trigger, so something that opens the heart (Mars in Leo), releases what’s been building up in the depths (Saturn in Scorpio).  It’s like a swamp that needs to be drained. We need to hear something even if it shatters our world. Fantasies are destroyed here. The re-opening of what’s been dead and buried.  We may hear of a painful or upsetting situation involving three people that’s full of tabloid-level intrigue. These two also remind me of a crime or mystery writer who can turn bizarre, twisted scenarios into riveting stories. The detachment of the 7 plus the dynamic tension of the 3 combine to produce something creative and unique.


–September 9, 2013

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