The Daily Astro for July 18, 2013

The Daily Astro for July 18, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester










The day begins with the Moon in Scorpio, but it enters its Void-of-Course zone at 7:13 AM EDT, which lasts until 1:54 PM EDT when the Moon shifts to Sagittarius. Since we’re also fresh from the Uranus retrograde and floating around in the midst of the Water Grand Trine (see yesterday’s Daily Astro for more information), it might be best to use the earlier part of the day to play catch-up, take a break or just hang out and lick our wounds. That Moon/Venus square at 5:35 AM EDT, plus a Venus/Pluto clash, can bring on the grouch vibe. Maybe we have money worries, maybe it’s a shaky relationship, or we’re just holding on to a grudge. Coupled with all those planets in water, we can feel like we’re trying to breathe underwater with no gills right now. Let’s just say the humidity level is cranked up to “Unbearable”. Try not to get too bogged down in all that soupiness.


The Moon’s entry into Sagittarius at 1:54 PM EDT may feel like we’ve drawn the “get out of jail free card”  and we may want to make a break for the border. We may find, though, that  our energy’s all over the place and it’s hard to get focused, or efforts are misdirected. (The Moon inconjuncts Mars at 8:00 PM EDT, squares Neptune at 10:05 PM EDT, and inconjuncts Jupiter at 10:31 PM EDT.)  Mercury is still in its slowdown phase prior to going direct on Saturday, and combined with the Sagittarius influence and everything else in play, we need to be careful about  foot-in-mouth disease this afternoon. In general, it can be a wobby time on the teeter-totter, or we may wildly overestimate how much we can accomplish in a given period. Finding the proper balance is key—think of the Temperance card in the tarot, which is associated with Sagittarius. We need to find the right mix, so a little bit of alchemical derring-do is called for. Maybe it’s time to make some substitutions to an old recipe.  





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A storm in a canyon.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A moth circling round a flame.”  

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Intensification. “

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Glitter.”



The Sabian Symbol has a crisis/catharsis theme. A storm is intensifying in a relatively enclosed space (a canyon).  Something has been building up and it will soon unleash its fury. When we see a storm coming, we take steps to “batten down the hatches” and get out of the way. We hope it doesn’t cause too much damage, but when we see it ramping up to full velocity, we’re not sure what the results will be.  A storm clears the air and washes away the humidity which has been plaguing us.

On a global level this Symbol can refer to earth changes which spawn superstorms that cause major damage. On a personal level, it relates to a life crisis that tests our abilities to cope. Something that’s been building up may finally “break” or reach the boiling point.  We may be invigorated by the release and later see it as a turning point in our life. Dramatic events can shape our future. On the down side, this Symbol can indicate chaotic situations or those who incite them. Watch your words and your temper, even if you’re ready to explode. If someone is agitated, it may not be the best time to confront them with your list of grievances. Don’t fly into the heart of the storm unless you’re prepared to be bounced around. Fear may run rampant , causing heightened reactions that land people in the panic zone.


The Kozminsky Symbol relates to being mesmerized or hypnotized by all that glitters. We’ve all seen moths circling around a fire. They have moth-y OCD—they just won’t leave that flame alone. Round and round they go, until they’re consumed by it. It just looks so good to them they can’t stop circling. What is so attractive to you, what do you desire so much that you can’t stay away from it, even though it could hurt you?  A candle provides light and heat but it also burns. This Symbol is a warning that you’re getting too close to something dangerous. It’s also a warning not to be consumed by a desire for power or a spot in the limelight.

Look underneath the glitz and glitter; don’t be blinded by the light.







King of Wands / 6 of Pentacles


“Royal Dispensation”.   Inspiration leads to manifestation. A generosity of spirit that seeks a practical outlet.  A mentor or guide who shares resources with you. Funding comes through for a charitable project. Large-scale relief organizations. An idealistic person sets up a trust or fund for the general public. A very generous offer materializes. Being rewarded for a job well done.  Setting up a foundation. Being fired up about sharing the wealth. Inspired leadership = prosperity and social awareness. A sugar daddy! Stepping up to the challenge. Royalty shows up to support their favorite cause.  



–July 18, 2013


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