The Daily Astro for January 8, 2013

The Daily Astro for January 8, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester

Yesterday I wrote about one of the day’s noteworthy astrological aspects, Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio. Since the Moon (women/the masses/publicity) was also involved in aspects with Mars and Pluto, and Venus was aspecting Vesta (currently retrograde and in Gemini), I expected the news of the day would feature stories related to women, and more particularly, to the (mis)treatment of women. I was not disappointed. Two of the main stories related to the rape and mistreatment of women. The first story gave more details about the horrendous rape/murder of a 23-year old student in India. She had been out with a male friend to see a movie, and they were attacked on a bus. She was brutally gang-raped and savaged so horribly with an iron bar that she was essentially eviscerated; she ultimately died from her injuries. Her companion was beaten unconscious and both were thrown from the bus onto the street after having also been stripped and robbed. Women in India frequently travel with male relatives or companions, especially at night, but what has been happening is that gangs of men simply overpower the man and then attack the woman. This friend pointed out that at all stages of the attack, no one helped them. The bus driver is being brought in for his part in this crime (the attack lasted for hours as the bus drove round and round), and when they were thrown from the bus, many passed by but no one called for help for almost an hour. When the police arrived, they wasted time arguing over whose jurisdiction was involved, and then when they finally got to a hospital, the hospital staff was not helpful. This case has sparked huge outrage in India. Men, women and children have taken to the streets in protest. Some had to be driven back by authorities wielding water cannons. Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio can be the signature for a sadistic predator. Mars in Aquarius can indicate a detached nature, a coldness that can take someone “out of body”, and in square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, can indicate that repression, feelings of being obstructed and bottled up rage can combine to produce a volatile brew. Abuse of power and sexual sadism can result, especially when a culture of misogyny and devaluing of women is rampant and effectively encourages or does not punish this behavior.

Those in the U.S. who think this kind of thing only happens in other countries only needed to stay tuned for the next story, which updated viewers on the rape and abuse of an intoxicated, unconscious 16-year-old girl at a party in Steubenville, Ohio by various members of the local football team. They showed a photograph which featured two men carrying a young girl by her ankles and arms as though she was a sack of potatoes. Some character representing one of the football players made the statement that there was a question whether the girl had posed for/faked this photo, essentially as a prank. I think at that point I dropped my drink on the table. “He said WHAT?”  There have also been protests in Steubenville. Roseanne Barr (a Scorpio!) has been vocal on this issue, and respresentatives from the group Anonymous have stepped in as well. There’s a question that the “old-boy network”, connections which local police and authorities have with the high school football team, and just-plain local reverence for the football program in general are preventing the alleged perpetrators from being properly tried and/or sentenced.

What these two cases have in common is, of course, is that rape and abuse of women is “business as usual”. It’s built into the structure of our society and culture. Whether it’s the police force in India not only not helping victims of sex crimes but sexually abusing the victims AGAIN when they appeal for help, or the “rape squad” of a high school football team laughing at the idea of sexual assault, the message is the same. Structural change is needed and old systems that perpetuate abuse need to be destroyed. The Mars/Saturn square shows us that there’s a need for group action (Mars in Aquarius) to fight against abuse of power and the covert (or not-so covert) endorsement of rape and sexual abuse (Saturn in Scorpio) that’s been encoded into the very structure of society as a means to instill fear and to control women and prevent them from achieving their full potential as human beings.

The third story related to women was a piece on Hilary Clinton (a Scorpio!) returning to work after an unexpected fall resulted in a concussion (Mars in Aquarius–Mars rules the head and face, and Aquarius relates to all things sudden and unexpected), and with the square to Saturn in Scorpio, her fall and injury not only caused a concussion, but later resulted in a blood clot in her head (Mars/Saturn as a “collision”, in Scorpio, related to life-and-death events, and with both Mars and Saturn in fixed signs, this can show something that’s “stuck”, that solidifies or is related to some sort of built-in or inherited tendency, so this was serious indeed). Her staff presented her with a football helmet, meant to provide a barrier (Saturn) to protect her head (Mars) from future injury!



The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:28 AM EST today, and proceeds to square Neptune in Pisces, trine Uranus in Aries, and then later moves to square Chiron in Pisces, oppose Jupiter in Gemini and sextile Mars in Aquarius. When the Moon contacts Mars, we start a long void-of-course cycle (9:28 p.m. EST tonight until the Moon enters Capricorn at 3:54 AM EST on Thursday January 10.) Void periods are often better for cleaning up old business and holding off on new starts, although with the Moon in Sagittarius connecting with all those other planets, we may not want to be held back. We’re feeling a little antsy and want to get a move on. Wanderlust can strike. It’s a good day to do some research if planing a long-distance vacation. Be sure to keep track of any and all inspirations, ideas and psychic flashes winging your way today. A sense of optimism and a desire to move forward into the future is almost palpable today. At 11:11 PM EST tonight, Venus enters Capricorn and we get serious about relationships and discovering our core values. We’re looking for security and stability now, and aren’t going to appreciate flimsy or whimsy.  This combo also can make us hold back from expressing ourselves due to fear or other internal restrictions (Saturn/limitations and fear on its down side, rules Capricorn.) We need to learn what we’re worth. We may gravitate to whatever is time-tested, established or traditional. If you want a visual for the way this combo presents itself, think of an understated dark-colored Chanel suit with expensive (but not ostentatious) gold jewelry and classic accessories (and maybe a flash of color in an accompanying scarf or shoes).


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:   “ The Union Jack.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “A silver-hued garment lying in the mud. Overhead are the dark clouds of an approaching storm.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:   “Supervision”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:    “Changes”.

This combination makes me think we might hear some news today about something that influences or besmirches Great Britain’s image in the world (I’m combing the imagery of the two symbols.)   The Sabian Symbol, featuring the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain, symbolizes the greatness of empire, loyalty to a particular set of ideals, issues related to patriotism, government and protection. There’s also that issue of colonialism and the old saying “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” On the high side, it shows a group of people coming together under the same banner to solve problems while presenting a united front, even if they come from different regions or have disparate backgrounds–there’s an understanding that for things to work, everyone has  to cooperate. On the dark side we have the abuses of colonialism, lording it over others, being set in old ways, adhering to a code that no longer has meaning, or indulging in empty rituals or habitual acts because that’s the way we’ve “always done it”.

The Kozminsky Symbol also relates to group endeavors but warns against being dragged “through the mud” by others (or other ideologies) against your better judgment. This Symbol reminds us to keep shining (silver) even through periods when hope seems lost (the mud/dark clouds). This Symbol shows Venus (the silver garment), being tested and brought to earth (mud–Capricorn’s an earth sign) in order to help us determine what we really value when times get tough. We’re being told to aim higher (Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat, always climbing) and avoid rolling around in muddy or ethically ambiguous zones of life.


7 of Pentacles/Ace of Pentacles

This is an earthy combo, as befits Venus entering Capricorn today. As I write this, three planets and the asteroid Juno are in Capricorn. As Capricorn is a cardinal sign, we desire to start something that will eventually provide measurable results and rewards.

These two cards are telling us to take a chance, plant a seed, and take advantage of any unusual opportunities that may come our way, as the time is right to make a new start. Aces are always very powerful, and the Ace of Pentacles shows the moment in time when the roots take hold and the growth process begins. What was once an idea is morphing into existence. Opportunities abound; it’s time to make those ideas manifest in the world. Make the hard decision, take a risk, make the change, even if it’s difficult. Make the hard choices now; later on you’ll realize the benefits.

–January 8, 2012



















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