The Daily Astro for June 25, 2012

“49ers” rounding Cape Horn on their way to prospect for gold.

The Daily Astro for June 25, 2012

Today’s a shift day. The Moon remains in Virgo. Jupiter in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 3:56 AM EDT, followed at 4:00 AM by Saturn turns direct, leaving its retograde status behind. Add in a few more aspects, throw in more aspects to a variety of asteroids, and things can get a little complicated. I’m sure quite a few of you just didn’t want to get up this morning–sleep seemed like a much better option! However, Saturn direct calls for learning about timing, focus, keeping “with the program” (especially when it involves other people–it’s in Libra, so we need to do our work so others can do theirs) and getting back to work without distractions. The Moon in Virgo, standing there with the stopwatch, seconds that motion!  Of course, then we have the powerful Jupiter/Neptune square luring us, siren-like, into the ozone. The best use of these energies is to make manifest something that previously existed only in your thoughts or dreams. Channel the inspiration, catch it before it dissipates, and use it as a template for future activities. People may have a tendency to exaggerate or bend the truth a bit, so take that into consideration if you hear anything that sounds too good to be true. Know where to “draw the line”. Mercury enters Leo at 10:24 PM EDT, giving us an added boost in the creative thoughts department and adding yet more emotional fire and drama to the current landscape.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An automobile wrecked by a train. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man seated on a rock on a newly boomed goldfield, a new pick and shovel beside him, looking gloomily at a newspaper containing reports of rich finds in the locality .”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Dispersion”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Pitfalls”.

The Kozminsky Symbol image reflects the Jupiter/Neptune square, which can be a dreamer/gamber aspect. Jupiter in Gemini can relate to “big talk” about something, or over-exaggeration, and Neptune in Pisces can signify boom-and-bust cycles that are fueled by illusion; the man sitting in the gold field worried about his “prospects” is an illustration of someone who puts too much stock in what others say, in rumors and half-truths,who rushes into something without proper preparation or backing. The text for this symbol says that this behavior can lead to “a land of famine instead of a land of plenty”. The Sabian Symbol brings in the Saturn influence, as it points out the need to learn to learn limits–and when to stop. The original symbol featured a man in a car trying to race  a train and losing, leading to his death. Stop and think about anything you’re obsessed with or “need” to do; remember one of the keywords for Saturn is control, and self-control is key here. Also remember you are responsible for yourself; don’t let situations or other people push you into hasty actions, and don’t push yourself so hard that it results in ill-health or injury. The Jupiter/Neptune square can inflate expectations beyond our carrying capacity.

Born on June 25:

Prince Chichibu (Japan), Johanna II, Queen of Naples, Antonio Gaudi, Robert Six (CEO, Continental Airlines), Sonia Sotomayor (US Supreme Court Judge), George Orwell, Carly Simon, George Michael, June Lockhart, Jimmie Walker (“Dynomite!” guy), Ricky Gervais, Phyllis George, Sidney Lumet, Robert Henri, George Abbott, Basil Radford, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Arthur Tracy, Clifton Chenier, Robert Venturi, Eric Carle, James Meredith, Harold Melvin, Mirabel Morgan, Clint Warwick (Moody Blues), Willis Reed, Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult), Ian McDonald (King Crimson), Karisma Kapoor (Indian movie star), Lauren Bush, Leonid Georiyevich (Cosmonaut), Tim Finn (Split Enz, Crowded House), Anthony Bourdain, Mike Myers, “La La” Vasquez, Busy Philipps, Edna Pallard, Peyo (created Smurf comic strip), Boris Trajkowski (President of Macedonia), Katherine DeJersey, Gary David Goldberg, Milton Shapp, Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon), Carlos Delgado, Ken Hodge.

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: 7 of Cups/ 2 of Cups

“The Choice”. Two Cups cards give a highly emotional tinge to the day and tell us that we may react intensely to anything that touches us deeply, especially love and relationship matters. We’re confronted with a choice today, and there seem to be so many options that we can become confused (Note comments on the Jupiter/Neptune aspect, above). Once we make our choice, things will become clear. We need to decide what’s most important to us; even though several other options may seem desirable, it’s time to select the one that will open our heart. We’re seeking to connect with the “other”, to begin the journey of discovery, to fulfill the promise inherent in our choice. Sometimes limits (Saturn in Libra) and giving up other options to dedicate ourselves entirely to one path allow us to discover our boundaries and to “fill in the blanks” of who we are.
–Valerie Sylvester, June 25, 2012–

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