The Daily Astro for May 25, 2012




The Moon enters Leo at 6:11 PM EDT.

The Moon enters Leo at 6:11 PM EDT.

The Daily Astro for May 25, 2012


The day begins with Moon in Cancer, which forms a pleasant sextile to Jupiter. We start with high hopes and are open to inspiration.  The trick today is not to get bogged down or confused as Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This combination can be fascinatingly kaleidoscopic—we can see all kinds of reflections and color combinations as we shift the lens—but we can also get lost in possibility.      The Moon enters take-charge Leo at 6:11 PM EDT, which adds some fixed energy which will direct us out of the fog. This evening is a wonderful time for anyone involved in the arts, particularly photography or film. Later on both the Sun and Moon aspect Mercury, so our mind is in tune with our essence and our emotions—a great combination for expressing ourselves creatively.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A radical magazine.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “Little children playing near and old wrecked ship on the seashore.”

The Sabian Symbol keyword is Tangency.”

The Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “Concord.”

The Sabian Symbol ties in with the “be who you are” them found in today’s aspects.  Magazines fall under Gemini, and with several planets in that sign, communication and “getting the word out” is emphasized here. The boldness required to express an alternative viewpoint can be seen as an aspect of Leo, today’s Moon sign (radicalism in general falls into the domain of Leo’s opposite number, Aquarius, and its ruler Uranus).  In the Kozminsky Symbol, we see the mutable influence—young children (Gemini/Mercury) play near a wrecked ship at the seashore (Pisces/Neptune). There’s also a feeling here that time passes, things fall to ruin, but life goes on and pleasure can be found in the simple things of life and through accessing our ability to play (Leo/5th house energies) like children do, for the joy of it.

Born on May 25:

Emperor Shenzong (China), Ralph Waldo Emerson, Princess Helen (Great Britain), Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Igor Sikorsky (aviation), Bennett Cerf, Gene Tunney (boxing heavyweight champ 1926-30), Binnie Barnes, Rachel Carson (“Silent Spring”), Un Nu (Premier, Burma), David Lean (“Lawrence of Arabia”), Theodore Roethke, Eddie Maxwell, Princess Dukhye (Korea), Daniel Wolf, Steve Cochran, Hal David, John Weitz, Jeanne Crain, Claude Akins, Kitty Kellen, Robert Ludlum, Beverly Sills, Tom T. Hall, Ian McKellen, Raymond Carver, Dixie Carter, Leslie Uggams, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jessi Colter, Frank Oz (Muppets), Karen Valentine, Klaus Meine (Scorpions), Eve Ensler, Jamaica Kinkaid, Alison Stern (Howard Stern’s ex-wife), Paul Weller (Jam/Style Council), Mike Myers, Anne Heche, Stacy London, Lauryn Hill, Cillian Murphy, Margaret Forster, John Gregory Dunne, Miles Davis, A.J. Foyt IV, Cathryn Harrison (Noel’s daughter; Rex’s granddaughter), Bobby Slayton, Connie Sellecca, Drew Carey, Poppy Z. Brite, Barbara Luddy (voice of Lady in “Lady and the Tramp”).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote:   Temperance/King of Cups

This combination could be titled “It’s Time to Heal”.  With the King of Cups, there’s a certain vulnerability and lack of trust underlying all, and the Temperance card says it’s time to heal the heart and through that, learn to open up and trust your heart and your feelings, even if you’ve been in denial or have buried those feelings for a long time.  The Temperance card is associated with Sagittarius and so to fire energy (opposite sign to the current Gemini planets, which brings in a connection with the recent Gemini eclipse, which seemed to break open/break into some very difficult issues). So even though it’s not easy, the time is right to look at anyplace we’re disconnected, anywhere we don’t trust enough, and look at the ways we try to over-control in order to avoid being hurt.


–Valerie Sylvester, May 25, 2012–

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